MindTrip music, Founded by Pfirter 2006. Reinvented and relaunched in 2012 under the new name MindTrip.MindTrip Music was the creation of Buenos Aires born Juan Pablo Pfirter in 2006. The digital-only label acted as a springboard for upcoming Argentinian artists and of course, Pfirter himself, introducing those talents to the rest of the world. Over the years, the fledgling label allowed Juan Pablo the ability to experiment and play with music, sounds and textures and develop his own sense of direction and focus. Collaborating and drawing influence and experience from fellow MindTrip Music artists like Jonas Kopp, Flug, Markus Suckut, Psyk and Monoloc, both the label and Pfirter grew in symbiotic proportion. But after 6 years and 48 releases, Pfirter felt the need for change.Having released on CLR, Stockholm LTD, Stroboscopic Artefacts & Figure, Pfirters brand of hypnotic music has touched dancers and listeners the world over. Not only limited to the clubs, Pfirters productions have delved deep into the experimental side too. This is the focus and framework of the new label. Juan Pablo reinvented and relaunched the MindTrip imprint, showcasing the full degree of his sound. The label changed its name from MindTrip Music tojust MindTrip, releasing vinyl as well as digital utilising a bespoke artwork profile.This is MindTrip music!


  • MindTrip Podcast 073 - Decka

    01/08/2022 Duração: 03h10min

    Decka - Live @ RSO Berlin [10.07.22] Bristol-born, Berlin-based DJ, producer & label owner Decka is August's guest on the MindTrip podcast with an exclusive 3-hour session that showcases his signature techno sound, loaded with hypnotic polyrhythmic patterns and groovy, high-energy basslines. Jack is a vinyl enthusiast and this vinyl-only recording at RSO in Berlin, earlier in July, is explicit proof of his love for wax on stage as well as with his own releases on Token's Fuga compilation, Darwin's SPE:C imprint and his co-own label Unterwegs. Enjoy this energetic, fast-paced journey by Decka. This is MindTrip! Follow MindTrip: www.mindtripmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/MindTripRec https://twitter.com/MindTripRec https://www.instagram.com/mindtrip_music More info about Decka: https://soundcloud.com/decka-music https://www.facebook.com/deckaUK/ https://twitter.com/DeckaUK https://ra.co/dj/decka https://www.instagram.com/deckauk/

  • MindTrip Podcast 072 - JRD

    04/07/2022 Duração: 01h27min

    As we are heading towards the heart of this summer we are pleased to share a new episode of the MindTrip Podcast with you. This month Pfirter invites Netherlands-born and Belgium-based DJ and producer JRD. Real name Jordy Roelands he started as a founding member of the Dutch Resistance concept in Antwerp (electro and techno) and later became one of the resident powers at Technoir (techno). Recently he took his first steps into producing his original music, as he did by releasing the track 'Purple Blades' on the Token 97 compilation 'Fuga II' as well as 'The Chaser' on MindTrip's Mutable Minds V compilation. Stay tuned for more new music by JRD on MindTrip and enjoy the exclusive 90min mix he prepared for us. This is the sound of JRD, on the MindTrip Podcast. This is MindTrip! 01.Rhomb - System C01d [Modularz] 02.Pulso - Neckless [Illegal Alien Records] 03.Ocktawian - Frame 423 [Orbe Records] 04.JRD - Purple Blades [Token] 05.Border One - Spheric [Token] 06.Ignez - Sahasrara [SK Eleven] 07.EQD - EQD009A [

  • MindTrip Podcast 071 - Ricardo Garduno

    13/06/2022 Duração: 01h01min

    Pfirter welcomes to MindTrip Podcast episode 71 Mexican DJ & producer Ricardo Garduno. Ricardo is the label boss at Illegal Alien Records, a record label established in 2007 broadcasting techno talents from around the globe. As a producer, he has countless releases on his own platform plus new music coming out soon on Denise Rabe's new label, as well as on MindTrip, where he will release his debut'Drag Me' EP in just a few more weeks. In this mix he brings us a selection of his favorite music as a dj selector consisting of fast, dark, groovy beats. Enjoy Ricardo Garduno's exclusive 60 min mix! This is MindTrip! 01.Crime As Service - Unlocked [Koryo Budo] 02.Joton - Phase 2 [Newrhythmic records] 03.Blovk - Media Noise 04.Linear System - Infinite Circle [Illegal Alien] 05.USAW - Diagnostik 06.Chontane - Chrome Foil [Arts] 07.DisX3 - Shattered Part 2 [Out of Place] 08.A.Paul & Dj Dextro - Escorbuto [Disturb] 09.Chontane - Tiama [Arts] 10.Elias the Prophet - Masochist [Prophecy Recs] 11.Joton - Phase 3 [Newrhy

  • MindTrip Podcast 070 - The Lady Machine

    02/05/2022 Duração: 01h32s

    On the 70th episode of the MindTrip podcast, we welcome one of Brazil's finest techno exports, The Lady Machine. Born in Rio de Janeiro and based in Berlin, Camilla has been involved in the electronic music scene for the last 20 years mainly as a purist vinyl DJ. Her sound is based on a complex structure of rhythms with dark synth lines and rich textures, while her versatile sets are characterized by her precise mixing technique and exceptional track selection. She is a resident DJ at Berlin's famous Pornceptual nights and you will probably enjoy her sets at a club somewhere close to you if you haven't already. As a producer, you can find her on labels such as Mote Evolver, Token, Symbolism as well as on Unterwegs, her own record label along with Decka. We are pleased to share with you her exclusive mix for us featuring tracks by Decka, Kaiser, Diego Amura, Jeroen Search and more. This is MindTrip! 01.Jeroen Search - 33 [Rudiment 001] 02.Kerrie - Raw Regimen [Blueprint] 03.Decka - Strings for Ukraine [SUA

  • MindTrip Podcast 069 - Dustin Zahn

    04/04/2022 Duração: 01h16min

    April's episode on the MindTrip Podcast features an exclusive mix by Dustin Zahn. Born and raised in the USA, Dustin spent most of the past decade living and touring in Europe while releasing on labels like Rekids and Blueprint and at the same time he's been pushing his own label, Enemy Records. He has some new music coming out early this summer on Rekids and soon he will host another edition of his U.S Techno festival called The Great beyond featuring artists like PAS, DVS1, DJ Nobu, himself, and many more. Until then his 77min mix will help you cope with today's Monday blues and will definitely put you in a festival mood. This is MindTrip! Follow MindTrip: www.mindtripmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/MindTripRec https://twitter.com/MindTripRec https://www.instagram.com/mindtrip_music More info about Dustin Zahn: https://soundcloud.com/dustin-zahn https://www.enemyrecords.com/ https://www.discogs.com/artist/114710-Dustin-Zahn https://ra.co/dj/dustinzahn

  • MindTrip Podcast 068 - Leiras

    07/03/2022 Duração: 01h01min

    Living in a world where everything seems to be falling apart, music is our only 'weapon' to fight our internal & external 'enemies'. And although every episode of the MindTrip podcast is special to us, this month's episode is dedicated to those truly amazing, brave & strong people who use their voices, their minds, their bodies to protect our most valuable thing: Peace. We are pleased to have Spanish producer, DJ and live act Leiras, contributing his exclusive, powerful mix on MindTrip Podcast episode 68 as a reminder that music will always be the answer. In this mix Leiras showcases his fast mixing skills, blending breaks & raw beats with dark & hypnotic anthems. It's a set that requires you to close your eyes and let its sounds drift your body to another musical dimension. This is MindTrip! Follow MindTrip: www.mindtripmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/MindTripRec https://twitter.com/MindTripRec https://www.instagram.com/mindtrip_music More info about Leiras: https://soundcloud.com/theownlife https://ww

  • MindTrip Podcast 067 - Inigo Kennedy

    07/02/2022 Duração: 01h44s

    February comes with a very special episode on the MindTrip Podcast. Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ who has been crafting he signature sound for the last two decades. He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work - not least to his recently relaunched label Asymmetric which freely criss-crossed the electronic music landscape. He is responsible for countless releases and amazing projects on highly respected labels like Token, Soma, Missile Records. In this mix he showcases not only his musical taste and preferences but also his flawless mixing skills. Enjoy for the next 1hr Inigo Kennedy on a special MindTrip mix. This is MindTrip! 01.Lunatik - Olympus [ipne002] 02.Inigo Kennedy - Yellow Leaf [asyd-04] 03.CNCPT - Exit Track 2 [olympian26] 04.Diego Oroquieta - Relevance [utchep0037] 05.Developer - Charm Them With Sonics [modularz53] 06.Elektrabel - Lost Rattle [wu71d] 07.FLAWS - Circumstances [mt42] 08.Lake

  • MindTrip Podcast 066 - Slight Function

    03/01/2022 Duração: 01h59min

    We are kicking off 2022 with a special 2hr episode on the MindTrip Podcast by Slight Function. The duo introduced itself to our MindTrip world last month with their track ‘Mistaken Identity’ released on Mutable Minds V compilation. Slight Function was created in 2020 and is a completely new project between the German Krenzlin and the Argentinian Rhombic. Their debut release came out as 12" vinyl at 770-output on February 2021 and their sound can be identified as dark, straight, raw techno. We hope you enjoy this special mix and we wish you a Happy New Year! This is MindTrip! 01.Gronotek - Fabrica De Inhumanos [Dosis Records] 02.Drucal and Untrex - Birth of Light [Dosis Records] 03.Diego Oroquieta - Stat [NewRhythmic Recs] 04.Farceb - Kuant [Tremsix] 05.Cassulle - Crasso I [Krad Collective] 06.Ruptura - When The End Comes [Corpus Black] 07.Aicrag - Elbow [Newrhythmic Recs] 08._asstnt &Roll Dann - Drunkenness of the Deep [Mindtrip] 09.Oscar Rey - Unknown [Alleanza] 10.Divide - Declassato [Faut Section] 11.For

  • MindTrip Podcast 065 - FLAWS

    06/12/2021 Duração: 01h01min

    On the very last episode of the MindTrip Podcast for 2021 we welcome UK-based DJ, producer, and label owner FLAWS for an exclusive mix. FLAWS is already receiving attention for his music in the wider techno scene, resident of Eerste Communie (Netherlands) while steadily gaining support from respected DJs and appearing with slots himself at club events in London, Marrakech, Manchester, Berlin and beyond. In this mix, you will find something for your mind as well as for the dancefloor featuring tracks by Inigo Kennedy, Stefan Vincent, Black Lotus, James Bong, and some of his unreleased yet projects. Another year comes to its end and that was definitely an interesting ride we took together so we would like to thank all artists who have contributed with their music and mixes to MindTrip's projects and also to our listeners who continue to support every single episode. Stay safe and have a Happy Trippy Different New Year! This is MindTrip! 01.Myles Serge - Conceptual Objects 02.Ben Gibson - My Ethics Are Crucia

  • MindTrip Podcast 064 - VIL

    01/11/2021 Duração: 01h01min

    One of Portugal's finest techno exports, VIL, takes over this month's episode on the MindTrip podcast with an exclusive recording. Founding member of HAYES Collective, an imprint focused on releasing quality music on both vinyl and digital formats, aiming to showcase the distinct sound of its own artists featuring Autrane, Cravo, Enkō, Nørbak, Temudo and VIL himself. In this 60min mix get ready to drift yourself into the grooviness of his sound selection ranging from funky techno and breaks to house beats. VIL's music has been put out on labels such as Klockworks, Faut Section, Be As One and Hayes of course while his next release is coming out soon on stranger's label, Self Reflektion. MindTrip podcast episode 64 is already here but question is; are you ready to dance? This is MindTrip! 01.Aubrey - Lose Yourself [Solid Groove] 02.Damon Wild - Downtown World pt3 [Kanzleramt] 03.Diego Amura - Sonic [Etruria Beat] 04.Sathurnus - Unreleased 05.Hardcell - Mankind b2 [Mankind] 06.Gaetano Parisio - Quake [Conform]

  • MindTrip Podcast 063 - Nørbak

    04/10/2021 Duração: 59min

    MindTrip podcast returns with a new episode welcoming high prolific artist from Portugal, Nørbak, for an exclusive 60min mix. Real name Artur, is no stranger to our MindTrip world since he has released several productions including his debut 'Praying to Silence EP' and a shared release with Pfirter. His music has been also released on several labels such as Mord, Warm Up Recordings, Soma as well as his own platform Hayes and Jeff Mills' Axis Records where he released his latest album ''Flor Do Fatalismo''. Nørbak's intensive production and mixing skills brought him to the forefront of the electronic music scene from his very early steps and today he continues to evolve his knowledge of classic techno mixed with modern sound design and that's exactly what you are about to enjoy in this mix. This is MindTrip! Subscribe on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mindtriprec/id993702363?mt=2 Follow MindTrip: www.mindtripmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/MindTripRec https://twitter.com/MindTripRec https:/

  • MindTrip Podcast 062 - _asstnt & Roll Dann

    07/09/2021 Duração: 01h30min

    MindTrip podcast episode 62 welcomes two Spanish artists on an B2B set. _asstnt & Roll Dan have shared quite a few releases in the past on labels like Mord, Involve as well as on their own platform Opera 2000, and in October we are pleased to welcome them on MindTrip music with their 'Emergency Break' a 4-track vinyl release. In this exclusive 90min mix they will take you to a fast, groovy trip showcasing their remarkable mixing skills and unique sound. Definitely not a mix for faint-hearted. This is MindTrip! 01.Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – One Being, One Orientatino, One Power [Ostgut Ton] 02._asstnt & Roll Dann – Red Rythms [MindTrip] 03.Planetary Assault Systems – Bang Wap [Token] 04.Force Reaction - Definition 3 [K S R] 05.Endplate – Inferus [Faut Section] 06._asstnt & Roll Dann – Coalescence [Opera 2000] 07.Symmetrical Behaviour – Falcon 9 [MORD] 08.Temudo - Bully’s Dead [HAYES] 09.Sterac – Lost Track 22 [Mote Evolver] 10.Cravo & VIL - Caxias [HAYES] 11.Cleric – Fujiwara [Planet X Society] 12._asstnt &

  • MindTrip Podcast 061 - Wrong Assessment

    02/08/2021 Duração: 01h01min

    Pfirter welcomes Wrong Assessment to the MindTrip Podcast. The dj, producer and label manager from Milan takes over August's episode with his 60min mix showcasing his deep, hypnotic and minimalistic signature Techno sound. Having released on labels such as M_REC, Planet Rhythm, Pole Group, MORD and Clergy, Marco is considered among the very respected artists in the scene while successfully running his own platform called AWRY, where he releases his own productions as well as other artists music. This mix by Wrong Assessment is the perfect soundtrack for your summer holiday. UV50+ needed. This is MindTrip! 01.Oisel - R [EVD035] 02.Lõn - Fragile Movement [FAUT035] 03.Patricia Gurband - Invisible Dancer [FLOAT052] 04.Deluka - Infrared [NOSIGNAL001] 05.Giri - Catalyst Chamber [ASD034] 06.Nørbak - Collective Disbelief [WU66LP] 07.Oscar Mulero - Ultra [PX099] 08.Ritzi Lee - The First Bytes [MORD076.1] 09.ASEC - Taking Turns [OCSDGTL003] 10.Crime as Service - Graphene's Dream [MODULARZ50] 11.Falling Echoes - X33

  • MindTrip Podcast 060 - Pfirter

    05/07/2021 Duração: 01h03min

    MindTrip Podcast welcomes head honcho Pfirter to its 60th episode. In this 60min mix he featured tracks by SHDW & Obscure Shape, Oscar Mulero, TWR72, Nørbak, Amotik, the upcoming MindTrip release by _asstnt & Roll Dann as well as his own unreleased tracks. We hope you enjoy it! This is MindTrip! 01.Amotik - Chappan 02.Oscar Mulero - Straight Line [Faut Section] 03.Nørbak - By His Own Hands [Mord] 04.Talismann - Loadyng Phase [Talismann Records] 05.Kalter Ende - Cascading Steps [Mord] 06.Temudo - 2023 [Klockworks] 07.SHDW & Obscure Shape - Blick Des Bösen (Exium Version) [From Another Mind] 08.Oliver Rosemann - Chinese Water Torture [Recorded Things] 09.Hektor Legion - Bruto Cursus (Kessell Remix) [Illegal Alien LTD] 10._asstnt & Roll Dann - Emergency Break [MindTrip] 11.Pfirter - A Future in Chaos 12.Yan Cook - Lunar Orbiter (Thanos Hana Remix) [[R]3volution] 13.Ichizo - Vale Zero [OOM Records] 14.Kaiser - Practical Application [Inguma] 15.SHDW & Obscure Shape - Verlorene Seelen (Phase Remix) [From Another

  • MindTrip Podcast 059 - Mary Yuzovskaya

    07/06/2021 Duração: 01h03min

    June's episode on the MindTrip Podcast welcomes Moscow's Mary Yuzovskaya for an exclusive mix. Back in 2013 she relocated to NYC where she became a key figure in the US scene, performing regularly at different venues while she was also working as a vinyl distribution manager at renowned Brooklyn-based record shop Halcyon. Since 2020 she is based in Berlin where she runs her imprint called Monday Off, releasing work from artists that explore Techno's trippier side. Enjoy her deep, hypnotic 60min exclusive mix. This is MindTrip! 01.Luigi Tozzi - Yavin [Hypnus] 02.Kaczmarek - 6666 (Iori Remix) [KCZMRK] 03.Viels - Five Feet Under [Non Series] 04.Michal Wolski - Xeioa Claipha [Monday Off] 05.Mod21 - Still Breathing [Mental Modern] 06.Svreca - Nida (Adriana Lopez Remix) [Semantica] 07.Lewis Fautzi - Another Try [Mord] 08.Oxygeno - Agony [Edit Select] 09.Oscar Mulero - Perlora [Evod] 10.Blazej Malinowski - At the End [Inner Tension] 11.Refracted - Shuffle Transmit [Sublunar] 12.Wata Igarashi - Death Orange [Semant

  • MindTrip Podcast 058 - Border One

    03/05/2021 Duração: 01h21min

    MindTrip Podcast episode 58th welcomes Steven Petit aka Border One for his debut mix. The Belgian artist has amassed an irrefutable reputation in his home country and beyond since the release of his first 12-inch record in 2015. SInce then he released several EPs on labels such as Knowledge Imprint, Setaoc Mass’ SK-eleven, Freddy K’s KEY vinyl imprint, the infamous Token Records as well as his own Border One Records. In his 80min mix he is showcasing his signature sound as a DJ featuring tracks from the likes of Planetary Assault Systems, Rene Wise, Kr!z, Translate, Desroi and more. This mix can easily be considered the definition of Trippiness so make sure you enjoy responsibly. This is MindTrip! 01.Nørbak - Genese [Warm Up] 02.Desroi - Vessel [Voltage[ 03.Translate - Usat Major [Edit Select] 04.Border One - Catalyst [KEY] 05.Rene Wise - Hollow [SK_eleven] 06.Skjöld - Infinitum [Edit Select] 07.Staffan Linzatti - Revolving worlds [Modularz] 08.Planetary Assault Systems - Kamani [Ostgut Ton] 09.Planetary

  • MindTrip Podcast 057 - Truncate

    05/04/2021 Duração: 01h06s

    April's episode on the MindTrip Podcast welcomes Los Angeles techno flag-bearer David Flores aka Truncate. David was introduced to the electronic music world at a very young age, DJing across Southern California. His producer career started a few years later with his first records under his David F and Audio Injection monikers on labels like Monoid, Stimulus, 4 Track & LA label Droid Recordings while in 2011 he launched his own imprint, also named Truncate. Since then, he had countless EPs and singles on platforms like Token, Hotflush Recordings and Blue Hour. His latest works are two collaborations: HYD, with Dotdat on Truncate Records, and an upcoming shared work with James Ruskin on Blueprint. His sound moves around deep, raw and jackin' techno and that's exactly what you are about to enjoy on this exclusive 60 minutes mix featuring a great surprise on the closing with a smooth jazzy track from 1991. This is MindTrip! 01.Truncate & Ruskin - Sketch 3 [Blueprint] 02.RoogUnit - Edge 1 [Mote-Evolver] 03.Rove

  • MindTrip Podcast 056 - TWR72

    08/03/2021 Duração: 01h02min

    March's episode of the MindTrip podcast welcomes Amsterdam-based DJ, producer, and label owner TWR72 for an exclusive 1-hour mix. In 2014 he launched his own platform Float Records, one of the leading labels for raw and though Techno. This month marks the 50th release on Float, featuring TWR72's EP 'VOID'. Furthermore, he will soon become part of our MindTrip family with a fantastic debut release on our label. Watch out for TWR72's upcoming music projects and until then, make sure to enjoy his signature groove on the MindTrip Podcast. This is MindTrip! 01.Hanton - Interstellar [Platform 22] 02.Staffan Linzatti - The Simplifying Man [Modularz] 03.Jeroen Search - Animate [Search] 04.Jeremdam - Plantex [ABsense] 05.TWR72 - Mono [MindTrip] 06.TWR72 - Total [Float Records] 07.AINT.S - 477 [Platform 22] 08.P.E.A.R.L. - Station 1 [End of Dayz] 09.TWR72 - Zero [Float Records] 10.TWR72 - Fibre [MindTrip] 11.Jeroen Search - Thin [Search] 12.Jeroen Search - Oscuros [OOM Records] 13.Cari Lekebusch - Endorse [OOM Recor

  • MindTrip Podcast 055 - Drumcell

    08/02/2021 Duração: 01h02min

    The 55th edition of the MindTrip Podcast, comes from the west coast of USA and it's courtesy of Drumcell. Real name Moe Espinosa, he has was born in San Gabriel Valley, a culturally diverse neighborhood that still breeds inspiration for his work. San Gabriel Valley is also where he and the Raíz brothers, Vangelis and Vidal, met and founded Droid Behavior in the early 2000s which lead to the infamous Interface warehouse series and launch of the techno label Droid Recordings. He has a long history as a dj and producer of original and remixed tracks on his own label Droid as well as on CLR, Electric Deluxe, Dystopian, Torque, Detroit Underground, and much more. In 2016, Drumcell debuted his ambient project HYPOXIA on his experimental label BL_K NOISE. Inspired by science fiction soundtracks and the sounds of artists like John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos, Goblin and Vangelis. Hypoxia was created to step away from the dance floor and into a broader space of contemplative drama. Drumcell explores and discovers the ana

  • MindTrip Podcast 054 - Tadeo

    04/01/2021 Duração: 01h11min

    New year, new month, new episode on the MindTrip Podcast. On this very first episode for 2021 Pfirter welcomes Spanish DJ, producer & label owner Tadeo for an exclusive 70 min mix. Based in Madrid, Tadeo, real name Miguel Sar, shares an amazing recording consisting of tracks by Phara, A Thousand Details, Antigone, Seleccion Natural, Oliver Rosemann as well as some of his own productions. Miguel has been producing music over the last two decades and his brilliant work has been released on labels like Token, Non Series, Semantica, and his own platforms Cyclical Tracks and Another Intelligence. His releases have more always proven the significance of his visionary sound which he perfectly expressed on his most recent project, his LP, Faces And Mirrors, on Jeff Mills' label Axis. Enjoy this exclusive mix by Tadeo and Happy New Year! This is MindTrip! 01.Mind Machines - Vertigo [Sigma5] 02.Responder - Season [The Third Room] 03.Johari Window - Blind Spot [6dimensions] 04.Tadeo - Hypnotize [Axis Records] 05.30dr

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