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Our goal at Empowerment Sanctuary is to assist you on your path to Self Empowerment by combining education & straight talk with motivation, inspiration & loving support. Within the Sanctuary you will find a variety of tools designed to assist you with your personal & spiritual growth and development. It is our hope that you will feel free to explore what we have to offer and join us on the journey through this magnificent thing we call life.


  • Frederic Delarue: Symphony of Light

    11/09/2009 Duração: 01h58min

    The words "author" and "composer" don't do Frederic Delarue justice. His creations must be experienced to be truly appreciated!Since his Near Death Experience at the age of 12, Frederic has been able to play, in real time no less, the music that the Angels play in his heart.Come spend two of the most glorious hours of your life with Frederic! We'll be talking about his Near Death Experience, what he learned, and the messages he brought back with him.We'll also be talking about what his NDE taught him about interacting with those in a state of deep coma, how to approach them and what not to do.Finally, we'll be talking about new book and companion music CD The Eyes of Your Heart, which are based on his NDE, and playing lots of clips from each of his 7 angelically beautiful CDs.There are just so many reasons that you don't want to miss this show!

  • Tomorrow is Created Today - The Power of the Present Moment

    03/09/2009 Duração: 01h29min

    Each moment of our physical lifetime provides us with a powerful opportunity to create on the physical plane. The question we must always ask ourselves is What do I choose to create in this moment?Questions to Ponder:Why go to a psychic to find out what's going to happen tomorrow when I can instead choose for myself by creating it today?Why would I choose to place my power in the hands of another and allow them to tell me how it's going to be for me?What is the best that could happen if I instead chose to retain and use my power to create the tomorrow of my choice?With love and gratitude to Michael, I quote: "Every day create your history. Every path you take you're leaving your legacy".What will you create today that will make a brighter tomorrow? What legacy will you leave behind? What kind of life will you create for yourself and how will it change the world around you?Please join us in the co-creation of magnificence.

  • The Soulful Laura Berman

    13/08/2009 Duração: 02h02s

    Join us for a chat with musician Laura Berman!Laura Berman writes and performs uplifting, soulful and poignantly powerful songs, which she sings in a stunning alto, straight from her heart. She has released three critically acclaimed albums, filled with deeply inspiring songs reflecting themes of beauty, empowerment and embracing ones dreams and life purpose. Laura currently tours nationwide with her husband, songwriter and producer Craig Benelli, and the two have performed alongside such well-known authors as Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch.You won't want to miss this incredible show featuring Laura's life-altering and gorgeous music!

  • Recognizing Divine Guidance

    06/08/2009 Duração: 01h29min

    Tonight we'll be talking about recognizing Divine Guidance in the midst of chaos.Do you ever feel that your prayers aren't being heard or answered? That your pleas for guidance are met with silence? That your guides are tight-lipped and you feel like you're talking to thin air?You're not alone - this is a common experience that we all go through. The result is feeling disconnected from Spirit, alone in the world, and confused by the chaos that can sometimes whirl around us or within us.Join us as we discuss the following topics:What is Dark Night of the Soul?What Lessons Does it Teach Us?Surviving a Time of SilenceLearning to Listen to StillnessRecognizing Guidance Among ChaosLearning to Trust SelfGuidance From Unexpected SourcesWe hope you'll join us for this very special episode of Empowerment Radio!

  • Channeled Messages With Kayite Ashcraft

    30/07/2009 Duração: 01h58min

    Join us for a conversation with Author Kayite Ashcraft about her refreshingly honest, deeply insightful, and tremendously inspiring book, Awakening to the EXTRAORDINARY You!Framed around her own journey of growth and self discovery, every page is packed with comforting insights into the spiritual reality of who we are, what we’re doing here, and how embracing bliss and living in a state of joy is so much easier than we think it is. The insights in Kayite's book were gained through her channeled communications with a group of energies called Jacob.This book is a must read - it helps readers release fear, guilt, self loathing, uncertainty - really anything that doesn’t serve us - just by reading it. How easy is that?!?After reading the first few chapters, my feedback to Kayite was:“I'm LOVING this book! Hands DOWN one of the BEST I've read in the history of Empowerment Radio! The entire book is changing me somehow. I can feel a slow but steady transformation taking place within me and around me as I read the wo

  • Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary & Using it to Transform Your Life

    23/07/2009 Duração: 01h04s

    How can we discover the extraordinary within the ordinary, and more importantly, how can we use those discoveries to change our lives for the better?That's what we'll be talking about tonight on Empowerment Radio. Topics include:Discerning between significance & insignificanceFinding hidden blessingsObserving through spiritual eyesMaking the Ordinary Extraordinary& More!

  • New Thought Musical Artist Karen Drucker

    09/07/2009 Duração: 02h01min

    Join us for a chat with Karen Drucker about her awesome music, transformational workshops, and life renewing retreats. Bring your headphones, because we'll be playing lots of music clips!Karen's music is quite unique in that she pairs new thought, inspirational, and uplifting lyrics with music spanning many of the genres: gospel, jazz, blues, country twang, romantic melody, and so on.Karen's personality is upbeat, playful, and unapologetically wild. In a word, she is a delightful experience that is not to be missed!

  • From Victim to Victor: How to Break the Cycle & Step Into Your Greatness

    02/07/2009 Duração: 01h59min

    Join us for a discussion on the psychological effects specific to having been victimized, how to heal & overcome, and how to empower yourself so that you win and the victimizer doesn't. Specifically, we will be focusing on:Traits of the victim & why they leave you vulnerable for moreTraits of the victor & seeing them within yourselfTips for healing & moving forwardTools for moving from victim to victorWe hope you'll join us for this very important show!

  • Jody Kessler: A Modern Day Joan Baez!

    11/06/2009 Duração: 02h24s

    If you like Joan Baez, then you're going to love Jody Kessler! Her stunningly beautiful voice is similar enough to Joan's to bring back wonderful memories of an earlier time, yet different enough to stand out in a world full of loud and angry music.Jody's writes wonderful folk song lyrics based upon her interfaith spirituality and designed to reach the hearts and souls of listeners.Join us as we chat with Jody about her music, her spirituality, and her interfaith music ministry. Be sure to bring your headphones, because we'll be playing lots of clips during the show!

  • Journey From The Heart Author Betty Sawtelle

    14/05/2009 Duração: 01h35s

    Journey From The Heart is a wonderful book filled with channeled messages and poetry, inspirational stories, and Divine Guidance.While the channeled messages contained within its pages are universal in nature, Journey From The Heart is written from the Christian perspective.Join us as we chat with author Betty Sawtelle about her new book Journey From The Heart. If you loved Betty when she joined us to discuss her last book, The Light Within, then you don't want to miss hearing about her newest book!