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  • T Is For Tears For Fears


    Steve and Doug go back to one of the most successful bands out of the 80's that defined an era, and possibly therapy: Tears For Fears. The band went from a group of teens in the post-punk scene to some of the most innovative pop songs, but what slowed down their momentum? Along the way, they also chat about solo acts, perfect cover songs (again), CD's on eBay, and Steve's weird encounter with Terry David Mulligan.Six Degrees From King Crimson:Tears For Fears -> Peter Gabriel -> Ro [...]

  • S Is For Stars


    It's the band we've spoken about the most that haven't done an episode on yet: here it is! Canadian band Stars, and their constantly evolving sound. From pop hits to experimental electronica, Stars constantly strives to mature their sound. The fellas also talk about Taylor Swift dishing on her exes, pop hooks, and helping out your fellow bands.Music featured this week:Take Me To The Riot - In Our Bedroom After The WarWe Don't Want Your Body - The Five GhostsElevator Love Letter - HeartI [...]

  • R Is For The Rosebuds


    From North Carolina comes The Rosebuds, made up of duo Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp. The band goes from beach rock to cheesy synths to contemplative melancholia, all within one remarkable decade. Steve and Doug also chat about this year's Polaris Music Prize, Christmas albums, and the dynamics of breaking up your relationship when in a band together.Music featured this week:​Life Like - Life LikeGet Up, Get Out - Night Of The FuriesWoods - Loud Planes Fly Low​Night Of The Fur [...]

  • Q Is For Qirsh


    Coming across the world from Savona, Italy, are prog rock masters Qirsh! Steve and Doug also take the time to chat about perfecting your art, cheesy settings on a keyboard, and why Pink Floyd is still one of the best bands in the world.Music featured this week:Notizie dalla citt​à (News From The City) - Una Città Per Noi (A City For Us)Rianimazione (Resuscitation) - Sola Andata (One Way)Rumors - Aspera Tempora Parte 1 (Rough Times Part 1) qqq5.mp3File Size: 12852 [...]

  • P Is For Papadosio


    We're back with an all new episode on the boys from North Carolina, Papadosio! Steve and Doug catch you up on what's been going on the last couple years, chat about geography, muse about copyright (again), and how to nail a double album.Music featured this week:Unparalyzer - By The Light Of The Stars EPGarden - T.E.T.I.O.S.All I Knew - Observations​Mr. Turtle's Cloud Kingdom - Pattern Integrities ppp5.mp3File Size: 203266 kbFile Type: mp3Download File 6:04 - Around h [...]

  • O Is For Our Lady Peace


    Doug and Steve look at Canadian rock legends Our Lady Peace. The fellas also discuss advertising, teenage rebellion, and commercial versus critical success.​Music featured this week:Thief - Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can CatchSomewhere Out There - Gravity​Clumsy - ClumsyIf You Believe - Spiritual Machines ooo5.mp3File Size: 175590 kbFile Type: mp3Download File 3:00 - Hi Past Steve!​6:51 - If you're interested, here's a story on Rob Ford and his v [...]

  • N Is For New Order


    *Originally released March 21st 2019*Doug and Steve come barreling back with the follow-up to their Joy Division episode, looking at the off-shoot band New Order. The boys talk about the evolution of pop music, Rhino Entertainment, and the rise of the Lizard People.Six Degrees From King Crimson:New Order -> Stephen Hague -> Pet Shop Boys -> Andy Mackay -> Roxy Music -> Brian Eno / Bryan Ferry -> King CrimsonNew Order -> Flood -> U2 -> Brian Eno -> Robert Fr [...]

  • M Is For M83


    *Originally released January 19th 2019*This episode, Steve and Doug tackle French act M83, from their humble electronica roots up through soundtracks, rock ballads, 70's infomercial themes, and haunting car chases in the middle of the night. Do it, try it!Music featured this week:Midnight City - Hurry Up, We're DreamingOblivion - Oblivion [soundtrack]Don't Save Us From The Flames - Before The Dawn Heals UsWhere The Boats Go - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming mmm5.mp3File Size: 154331 kbFile [...]

  • L Is For Lydia


    *Originally released December 22nd 2018*Doug and Steve look at a special request this week with Gilbert, Arizona, band Lydia! The guys chat about line up changes, preserving a band's image, forming a distinct voice, and whatever emo skaters are up to these days. Also, Steve discovers new ways to sleep.Music featured this week:Goodside - LiquorSmile, You've Won - This December; It's One More And I'm FreeHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [sing [...]

  • K Is For Kasabian


    *Originally released October 18th 2018*Steve and Doug are back to tackle the UK electronic rock band Kasabian. What does visual aesthetic have to do with an album? Where does politics end and the club begin? What does production work really do for an album's sound? And how awesome can facial hair truly be? Believe it or not, the guys manage to chat about it all!Music featured this week:​Empire - EmpireGoodbye Kiss - Velociraptor!You're In Love With A Psycho - For Crying Out LoudU- [...]

  • J Is For Joy Division


    *Originally released September 22nd 2018*Let's kick off the fall with a look at the short-lived but acclaimed career of Joy Division. Steve and Doug talk about the punk scene in blue-collar UK, destroying stages and manic dancing, and the effects of a fast-paced musician's lifestyle. Stay tuned for part 2 in a few months when we continue the story with New Order!Music featured this week:Atmosphere - Licht Und Blindheit [single]Love Will Tear Us Apart - Love Will Tear Us Apart [single]Sh [...]

  • I Is For Incubus


    *Originally released August 29th 2018*​This episode, Doug and Steve look at California alternative rock band Incubus, known for their high energy anthems and beach-vibe guitar. Steve muses on lead singer Brandon Boyd's vocal mixing, Doug reflects on the film Stealth (or, as he calls it, "Danger Danger Death Plane"), and the two talk about album certifications, in case you aren't sure what platinum sales are - here's a hint: it depends on the country.Music featured this week:Wish Y [...]

  • H Is For The Helio Sequence


    *Originally released July 2nd 2018*This episode, Steve and Doug look at Beaverton, Oregon, band The Helio Sequence! The fellas also chat about the rise of Modest Mouse, and working in a record shop, while Doug continually tries to sidetrack Steve with Menamena.Music featured this week:Don't Look Away - Love And DistanceJust Mary Jane (Calypso) - Com PlexRed Shifting - The Helio Sequence hhh5.mp3File Size: 193383 kbFile Type: mp3Download File 35:07 - Modest Mouse had a huge [...]

  • G Is For Grand Hallway


    *Originally released June 7th 2018*The fellas take a jump over to Seattle to look at Grand Hallway, the chamber pop project spearheaded by Tomo Nakayama. The guys talk a bit about Spotify, Sasquatch Music Festival, and doing chores.Music featured this week:​Blessed Be, Honey Bee - PromenadeLittle Sister - Winter CreaturesPiano Room - Yes Is The Answer ggg5.mp3File Size: 154467 kbFile Type: mp3Download File 2:00 - As of April 9th 2020, "Allie Hasn't Seen The Lion King [...]

  • F Is For First Aid Kit


    *Originally released May 11th 2018*We're back after a quick April break and looking at Swedish sisters First Aid Kit. Steve and Doug talk about musical families, the resurgence of folk into the pop world, and the return of ABBA!Music featured this week:​It's A Shame - RuinsThe Lion's Roar - The Lion's RoarThe Bell - Stay Gold fff5.mp3File Size: 115574 kbFile Type: mp3Download File 7:14 - I'm sure we've all seen it, but just in case you haven't here's "This Is America [...]

  • E Is For Elliott Smith


    *Originally released April 1st 2018*A! What is ‘E up to?”, said A to Z.  Long story short, Z replied “Elliott Smith”, and then the fun began.  Join us as we take on the influential indie / lo-fi darling of the 1990s, and chat about songwriting tactics, substance abuse, experimentation, and the ever-controversial “posthumous release.”Music A To Z says: "Hi."Music featured this week:Everything Means Nothing To Me - Figure 8Condor Ave - Roman C [...]

  • D Is For De Lux


    *Originally released March 20th 2018*From sunny Los Angeles, Doug and Steve look at New Wave (new New Wave? Newest Wave?) duo De Lux, and chat about awesome videos, observational lyrics, and how track length effects an album. It's hard not to show your influences, but while some bands are derivative, De Lux excels at keeping their voice.Music featured this week:Better At Making Time - VoyageSomeday Now - Generation875 Dollars - More Disco Songs About Love ddd5.mp3File Size: 127672 k [...]

  • C Is For Chairlift


    *Originally released March 6th 2018*Doug and Steve tackle another long-awaited request this week with Chairlift. The guys chat about the influence of Beyoncé, the power of singles, and visually awesome music videos, while Sidewalk Safari plays on repeat in their heads.Music featured this week:Bruises - Does You Inspire YouMet Before - Something​Ch-Ching - Moth ccc5.mp3File Size: 75317 kbFile Type: mp3Download File 7:13 - No, your YouTube isn't broken. This is [...]

  • B Is For Bee Gees


    *Originally released February 3rd 2018*​Steve and Doug tackle one of the biggest challenges of their podcast history: the monstrous discography of pop act Bee Gees. The duo cover five decades worth of album releases and weigh the different eras of Bee Gees music against each other. They also chat about soulful love ballads, the evolution of cover art, and the Night Disco Died.Six Degrees From King Crimson:Bee Gees -> Arif Mardin -> Hall & Oates -> Robert Fripp -> K [...]

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