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"Everyday Alchemist: someone who practices the art of transforming daily challenges into higher awareness - their personal lead into gold". - Natalie FeeZoë Foster - Life Alchemist at Raw Yoga


  • Conversations with Spirit Seekers: Meet Camille Wu

    09/09/2015 Duração: 46min

    Join me as I interview inspiring modern pilgrims, heroines and pioneers who have overcome huge adversity in their lives and are here to share with YOU just how they did this, and what vital lessons they learned along the way. Today we’re in conversation with a woman whose journey took her from early-onset MS to successful and passionate entrepreneur working with women to transform their mindset around what is truly possible for them in their lives. Meet Camille Wu of camisiology.com. Camille shares her own health journey and discusses with me the importance of expressing your emotions, and how this can help you heal. She also tells us how she ended up working with shamans in Peru, and what that taught her, and give us her top 3 tips for a successful healing journey. If you love this episode please do subscribe to The Alchemist's Notebook on iTunes, leave a review and share with your friends!

  • Are you holding on too tight? (episode 3)

    06/07/2015 Duração: 09min

    Have you ever noticed when you want something SO badly that your whole body tenses up? Whether it's a cookie, or a friendship with someone you admire, or earning the money you really want - or having ALL the energy in the world available to you, whatever the wealth at stake, your DESIRE is actually blocking it! Find out how on the podcast today as we discuss SCARCITY mindset (and cookies). And if you LOVE this, I'd be thrilled for you to join my free community, the Secret Sorority of Life Alchemists, over on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/groups/thesecretsorority/ Come and join in the conversation!