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  • Hyperblasts: Curse of the Chilis

    29/07/2022 Duração: 29min

    A heavy rock band are actually up for the Mercury Music Prize for once, we pick the best riffs of 2022 and the best songs to test your headphones with, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are back at it again.Releases:Ithaca - They Fear UsDune Rats - Real Rare WhaleStick to Your Guns - SpectreBastions - Majestic DesolationDance Gavin Dance - Jackpot JuicerBeach Rats - Rat BeatUnwritten Law - The HumAnberlin - SilverlineFuneral Chic - Roman CandleKrisiun - Mortem SolisTriumvir Foul - Onslaught to Seraphim

  • Hyperblasts: The Bedazzled Knot

    22/07/2022 Duração: 56min

    It's time for one of modern metal's great traditions, the lowdown on a full new Slipknot era with reactions to new album, new songs and new masks. There's also a contentious new A Day to Remember single coming out of the You're Welcome cycle, as well as heavy discussion on what rising ticket prices at Download Festival could mean, and remembrance of one of heavy metal's great modern painters Mariusz Lewandowski.Releases:Deaf Havana - The Present is a Foreign LandSenses Fail - Hell is in Your Head…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead - XI: Bleed Here NowThe Ever Living - Artificial DevicesMantar - Pain is Forever and This is the EndHaunt - Windows of Your HeartFellowship - The Saberlight ChroniclesBehold! The Monolith - From the Fathomless DeepInhuman Condition - FearsickMolder - Engrossed In DecayMaul - Seraphic PunishmentHissing - Hypervirulence ArchitectureTombs - Ex OblivionImperial Triumphant - Spirit of EcstasyOceans of Slumber - Starlight and AshWitchery - NightsidePalisades - Reaching Hypercri

  • Album Club Pack January 2022

    19/07/2022 Duração: 02h30min

    Album Club has a brand new home, giving you a month's worth of classic records in one swoop as our first episode positions Enter Shikari's A Flash Flood of Colour as the springboard for their next ten years, unearths Porcupine Tree's information age prog dystopia Fear of a Blank Planet, considers the untapped potential of Black Peaks' All That Divides, and tries to do justice to the profound heartbreaker that is Woods of Ypres' Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light.This episode was originally published January 2022 on

  • TNP (That's Not Pantera)

    15/07/2022 Duração: 02h58min

    Incredibly dense and rich albums populate reviews with a returning Porcupine Tree, Conjurer, Greg Puciato, Ithaca, Imperial Triumphant, Blood Command, Wormrot, and Oceans of Slumber, but news that Pantera are "reuniting" seems maddest of all.Porcupine Tree 38:16Conjurer 56:05Greg Puciato 1:18:49Ithaca 1:32:35Imperial Triumphant 1:46:25Blood Command 2:07:12Wormrot 2:26:20Oceans of Slumber 2:44:10

  • Hyperblasts: The Munson Effect

    08/07/2022 Duração: 37min

    Having made Kate Bush the most popular artist on planet Earth, we talk about the Stranger Things train lifting Metallica's Master of Puppets to similar heights, as well as the best metalhead character in popular media in years.Releases:Wormrot - HissVomit Forth - Seething MalevolenceAltars - Ascetic ReflectionBlind Channel - Lifestyles of the Sick & DangerousThe Machinist - All is Not WellTelekinetic Yeti - Primordial

  • Hyperblasts: Outbreak Festival 2022 Review

    01/07/2022 Duração: 01h51min

    This week's Hyperblasts also sees a full review of last weekend's Outbreak Festival, where an arena-sized crowd signed mosh waivers to leap off stages for the likes of Turnstile, Knocked Loose, Deafheaven, & in what turned out to be a landmark year.Releases:Conjurer - PáthosGreg Puciato - MirrorcellBlood Command - Praise ArmageddonismMunicipal Waste - Electrified BrainShinedown - Planet ZeroFrayle - Skin & SorrowThirteen Goats - Servants of the Outer DarkBlack Cilice - Esoteric AtavismHulder - The Eternal FanfareMassacre - MythosFresh - Raise Hell Camp Trash - The Long Way, The Slow Way Chief State - Waiting For Your Colours

  • Hyperblasts: The Fast Volta

    24/06/2022 Duração: 48min

    Reports from the first Nine Inch Nails UK shows in 4 years as well as SeeYouSpaceCowboy..., the first new music in a decade from The Mars Volta, new Megadeth, and a surprise Spiritbox banger heading up a wealth of new music, and one of the most overwhelming release weeks of the year.Releases:Alexisonfire - OthernessCoheed & Cambria - Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking MindFinal Light - Final LightNervus - The Evil OnePorcupine Tree - Closure/ContinuationCandy - Heaven is HereDune Rats - Real Rare WhalePetrol Girls - BabyGraywave - RebirthSaor - OriginsKhold - SvartsynEntrails - An Eternal Time of DecayDarkane - Inhuman SpiritsWerewolves - From the Cave to the GraveCalderum - Mystical Fortress of Iberian LandsVicious Blade - Siege of Cruelty

  • Hyperblasts: What's the Point of Steve Aoki?

    17/06/2022 Duração: 46min

    Perran and Mark consider the news of a four day Download next year, the loss of The Pit/Lock Up stage at Reading & Leeds, the pros and cons of growling kids on talent shows, and a bunch of new tracks including a return to form In Flames and Steve Aoki putting his fingers in some rock music pies again.Releases:D.R.U.G.S. - Destroy RebuildLit - Tastes Like GoldNova Twins - SupernovaCivil War - InvadersEsoctrilihum - Consecration of the Spiritus FleshWhite Ward - False LightWeezer - SZNS: Summer

  • On & On & On & On

    10/06/2022 Duração: 02h03min

    Returning from Slam Dunk weekend, Alexisonfire's comeback album and another stormer from Kreator head up reviews with Bleed From Within, Coheed and Cambria, Joyce Manor, Final Light, Astronoid, & Nervus.Alexisonfire 22:31Kreator 41:38Bleed From Within 56:31Coheed and Cambria 1:09:07Joyce Manor 1:19:48Final Light 1:30:01Astronoid 1:41:17Nervus 1:52:15

  • Hyperblasts: The Autopsy Pit

    03/06/2022 Duração: 37min

    Perran's joined by guest Mark Sandison to talk about the feral action going down at Maryland Deathfest, Bring Me the Horizon's throwback Malta set, new tunes from Amon Amarth and Panic! At the Disco, but mainly the feral action going down at Maryland Deathfest. Good grief.Releases:The Chasm - The Scars of a Lost Reflective ShadowKreator - Hate Uber AllesBleed From Within - ShrineAstronoid - Radiant BloomGwar - The New Dark AgesThe Algorithm - Data RenaissanceArtificial Brain - Artificial BrainOrigin - ChaosmosCrobot - Feel ThisMemphis May Fire - Remade In MiseryNo Pressure - No PressureTemple of Void - Summoning the SlayerKillswitch Engage - Live at the Palladium

  • Hyperblasts: Go Forth and Furby Flip

    26/05/2022 Duração: 44min

    Milton Keynes' transport network is sent into meltdown by a bunch of emos as My Chemical Romance, Mayhem, and Elton John (not on the same bill) saw a crazy Saturday night. With this episode though we salute Alec Chillingworth, who takes his leave from TNM. Cheers for your love everybody, one and all.Releases:Decapitated - Cancer CultureDef Leppard - Diamond Star HalosTremonti - Tremonti Sings SinatraLiam Gallagher - C’mon You KnowbigLOVE - Crusaders of JoyBesvärjelsen - AtlasLord Belial - RaptureSacrifizer - Le diamant de LuciferBlack Void - AntithesisSpiter - Bathe the Babe in Bat’s BloodMournful Congregation - The Exuviae of Gods Part IBaest - Justitia

  • Hyperblasts: MCR Did It The Madmen

    20/05/2022 Duração: 46min

    As My Chemical Romance surprise us with their first new song, there's more talk of deathcore bands sneaking in Euro-metal with Lorna Shore's new track, charlatans selling the wrong rock artists at the Eurovision Song Contest, attempts to dodge flying setlist spoilers, and a general weird gig trip to Oranssi Pazuzu.Releases:Pkew Pkew Pkew - Open BarState Champs - Kings of the New AgeMoon Tooth - PhototrophVisions of Atlantis - PiratesMisery Index - Complete ControlJungle Rot - A Call to ArmsPrimitive Man - InsurmountableFamyne - II: The Ground BelowMalevolence - Malicious IntentStatic Dress - Rouge Carpet DisasterCave In - Heavy PendulumSepticflesh - Modern PrimitiveCasket Feeder - Servants of ViolenceAnvil - Impact is ImminentJames LaBrie - Beautiful Shade of GreyEvergrey - A Heartless Portrait: The Orphean TestamentBlut Aus Nord - Disharmonium: Undreamable AbyssesPredatory Light - Death and the Twilight HoursLuminous Vault - Animate the EmptinessCome to Grief - When the World DiesUnbowed - Colour the SoulBe

  • Try to Be As Cool As Trevor Strnad Was

    13/05/2022 Duração: 02h17min

    Some potential break-out records and long-awaited works populate May reviews with Ibaraki, Malevolence, Static Dress, Cave In, Puppy, Septicflesh, and Casket Feeder, but first, after the heartbreaking news we remember the wonderful Trevor Strnad.Ibaraki 26:53Malevolence 58:15Static Dress 1:13:28Cave In 1:25:46Puppy 1:42:36Septicflesh 1:55:56Casket Feeder 2:08:51

  • Hyperblasts: Literal Tool Watching

    06/05/2022 Duração: 42min

    The mystery of Rammstein's possible fake tour dates has us scratching our heads, Suicide Silence make a blast return to their roots, and we talk about versatile vocalists, our personal most important hardcore bands, and question what it could take to knock some of the big league bands off the top, as well as live reports from Tool's Fear Inoculum tour and Helloween's returning run.Releases:Halestorm - Back from the DeadFozzy - BoomboxThree Days Grace - ExplosionsSilverstein - Misery Made MeSimple Plan - Harder Than It LooksStand Atlantic - F.E.A.R.Upon a Burning Body - FuryIbaraki - RashomonTerror - Pain Into PowerPuppy - Pure EvilGod Mother - ObevekligChamber - Carved In StoneUfomammut - FeniceWo Fat - The SingularityCosmic Putrefaction - Crepuscular Dirge for the Blessed OnesTómarúm - Ash In Realms of Stone IconsHaunter - Discarnate AlisMalthusian / Suffering Hour - Time's Withering ShadowNegative Plane - The Pact

  • Hyperblasts: Rammstein Zeit Review

    28/04/2022 Duração: 01h40s

    This week's Hyperblasts sees our review of Rammstein's dramatic and diverse new album Zeit swiftly coming through the pandemic with more actual music, along with all the usual news antics. Releases:Watain - The Agony & Ecstasy of WatainDevil Master - Ecstasies of Never Ending NightMizmor & Thou - MyopiaThe Gathering - Beautiful DistortionDälek - PrecipiceHelms Alee - Keep This Be the WayThe Lord - Forest NocturneDischordia - TriptychAl-Namrood - Worship the DegenerateNo/Más - Consume/Deny/RepentThrowe - ForfaldSkull Fist - Paid In FullUdo Dirkschneider - My WayBeachdog - BeachdogJames and the Cold Gun - False StartHeriot - Profound MoralityRammstein - Zeit

  • Hyperblasts: Leave Madelyn Alone

    22/04/2022 Duração: 36min

    Architects, While She Sleeps, The Wonder Years and Tribulation lead a barrage of tracks, and we cast our minds over ill-fitting collaborations.Releases:Darkher - The Buried StormPrince Daddy & the Hyena - Prince Daddy & the HyenaSpanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Etc.Rope Sect - Metanoia SessionsThe Troops of Doom - Antichrist RebornThese Arms are Snakes - Duct Tapes & Shivering CrowsGreyhaven - This Bright and Beautiful WorldMonuments - In StasisAnalepsy - QuiescenceEgregore - The Word of His LawIncandescence - Le Couer De L'HommeMånegarm - Ynglingaättens ödeUndeath - It's Time... To Rise from the GraveBob Vylan - Bob Vylan Presents the Price of LifeNorthlane - ObsidianOcean Grove - Up in the Air ForeverBodysnatcher - Bleed-AbidePrimus - ConspiranoidAudrey Horne - Devil's BellAmenra / Cave In / Marissa Nadler - Songs of Townes van Zandt Vol. IIIVanum - LegendCorpsessed - Succumb to RotArchgoat - All Christianity EndsStatic Abyss - Labyrinth of VeinsMirror - The Day Bastard Leaders DieCaliban - Dyst

  • Unravelled & Immuted

    15/04/2022 Duração: 02h45min

    Divisive picks and party tricks lead April's reviews on TNM of new Meshuggah, PUP, Watain, Carpenter Brut, Undeath, Devil Master, Cancer Bats, and The Good, The Bad and the Zugly, as well as a first trip to Ghost's Imperatour.Meshuggah 24:27PUP 57:13Watain 1:15:40Carpenter Brut 1:43:26Undeath 1:58:31Devil Master 2:10:36Cancer Bats 2:22:40The Good, The Bad and the Zugly 2:34:43

  • Hyperblasts: Tubbytronic Superdome

    08/04/2022 Duração: 40min

    The yearly Grammys sigh comes from bizarre decision of metal winner, Clutch hit us with the first taste of their next album (mystic), and Rammstein get misshapen in the Zick Zack video.Releases:Papa Roach - Ego TripThe Good, The Bad and the Zugly - Research and DestroyHealth - Disco 4: Part IIDestruction - DiabolicalHällas - Isle of WisdomMors Principium Est - Liberate the Unborn InhumanityTome of the Unreplenished - EarthboundTerzij de Horde - In One of These, I am Your EnemySignals Midwest - DentOceanator - Nothing's Ever FineHeart to Gold - Tom

  • Hyperblasts: Werewolves At Sea

    31/03/2022 Duração: 49min

    Returning by popular demand after last week's launch, our new news and questions show takes a moment to celebrate the life of Taylor Hawkins, before turning to The Gaslight Anthem returning as an active band and the potential of a remixed The Blackest Beautiful edition. Alec hears of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen for the first time.Releases:Meshuggah - ImmutablePUP - THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBANDRed Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited LoveCarpenter Brut - Leather TerrorThe Hellacopters - Eyes of OblivionSatan - Earth InfernalGGGOLDDD - This Shame Should Not Be MineBlack Death Cult - DiasporaBlood Countess - Occulta TenebraisKublai Khan - The Lowest Form of AnimalDevon Kay & the Solutions - Grieving ExpectationEvil Invaders - Shattering ReflectionNite - Voices of the Kronian MoonIgnite - Ignite

  • Hyperblasts: The Cobra Flap

    25/03/2022 Duração: 48min

    We debut our much-requested weekly news and questions show, dissecting Ghost's chart performance for Impera, the bands who've done best and worst during the pandemic, and lay out our first release calendar.RELEASES:Soul Glo - Diaspora ProblemsCamp Cope - Running With the HurricaneHelpless - Caged In GoldDream Widow - Dream WidowPlacebo - Never Let Me GoAbbath - Dread ReaverSakis Tolis - Among the Fires of HellAbsent In Body - Plague GodEmma Ruth Rundle - Orpheus Looking BackKilling Joke - Lord of ChaosAnimals As Leaders - ParrhesiaPort Noir - CutsArchitects - For Those That Wish to Exist At Abbey RoadBâ'a - EgrégoreFalls of Rauros - Keys to a Vanishing FutureDesolate Shrine - Fires of the Dying WorldFather Befouled - Crowned In VeneficumKanonenfieber - Yankee Division / Stop the WarMWWB - The HarvestReckless Love - Turborider

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