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  • Four Four Premiere: Sjush - Cataclysm [TTIDM]

    12/08/2022 Duração: 05min

    We have the pleasure of premiering some more slamming Irish techno, this time courtesy of Ireland’s next industrial prodigy, Sjush. The young producer features on TTIDM for a four track EP on 12 inch, today we premiere ‘Cataclysm’ a slamming rave anthem that lyes on authoritative stabs, breakbeats, and blitzing kick drums. Sjush, a relatively fresh name in the realm of hard as nails techno, made his mark in 21′ with a spate of self-released EPs and an appearance on SPEED’s free download series. The young up and coming artist’s love for raw, seductive techno paired with a penchant for rave has left fans in hypnotic pleasure, making him one to watch and receiving praise from Manni Dee, Yasmin Gardezi, Pelin Vedis, RiotCode, and others. Sjush now arrives on Techno Is The Devil’s Music with a quartet of hard edged rave tools. The EP is ripe with stabby grooves, hammering low end and crunching percussion. This is the perfect depiction of Sjush’s priduction journey. Cataclysm is a rugged rave anthem that sounds

  • Four Four Premiere: Jack Jennings - Subconscious Triggers [Syncopated Records]

    09/08/2022 Duração: 05min

    Today we premiere a track from promising Irish techno producer, Jack Jennings as he features on newly born Irish techno label Syncopated Records. Jack has contributed a deep and winding club tool, as the youngster leans on rolling low end that’s matched with meandering synth lines and hazy atmospheres. Syncopated made their mark on Irish techno earlier this year, as they burst out the rafters with a commanding 10 track debut various artist release. The label now stretches its legs for their second release, and yet again another 10 track VA release comprised of rhythmic techno grooves. The second release entitled Liminality is defined as the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete. Jack Jennings has been busy in the studio and is proving to be one of the most auspicious young techno producers that Ireland ha

  • Local Selection 172: HOOLIGAN

    03/08/2022 Duração: 01h03min

    HOOLIGAN (aka Liam Chambers) is this weeks entry to the Four Four Local Selection Mix Series. The talented Cork DJ and producer completes the 172nd edition to the series, comprising of a groove infused, hypnotically driven recording from start to finish. Boasting releases on Sonic Intel, SPEED and Disintegrated, it is clear that HOOLIGAN is no stranger to Ireland’s and more notably, Cork’s underground dance scene. Having played in ‘An Spalpín Fánach’ and ‘Crack Jenny’s’, coupling this with his involvement in Kriptik, a collective running private events in unique locations around Cork, solidifies this fact even more. Kriptik looks to have gained a very strong reputation in quite a short period of time and are definitely a party to keep an eye on in future. It looks to be another positive contribution to the reignition of Cork city’s party scene that is badly needed. Bravo. HOOLIGAN’s approach to Techno reflects images and soundscapes of the dark basements of Berlin. His love for rolling basslines and heavy

  • Four Four Premiere: Klaudia Gawlas & Gary Beck - Sakura [BEK AUDIO]

    03/08/2022 Duração: 05min

    Today we premiere some relentless techno on the fabled Glaswegian label BEK Audio, as Gary Beck teams up with Klaudia Gawlas for a perpetual floor filler. The pair keep their feet very much on the accelerator, driving the tracks tension through gyrating synth hooks and hammering snare rolls. BEK Audio was established in 2009 by Glasgow Producer and DJ Gary Beck. The label was initially set up as platform for releasing his own music, however this quickly changed after receiving outstanding material from colleagues such as Mark Broom and Slam. The label sound is often described as raw and energetic Techno. Gary Beck, a Glasgow-born producer and DJ, has long been recognised as a key figure in techno. He has received support from some of the industry’s biggest stars and released music on some of the genre’s most prestigious labels, including Soma, Cocoon, and Drumcode, as well as his own BEK Audio imprint. Beck has amassed an astounding array of accomplishments since breaking into the scene in 2007. A BBC Radio

  • Four Four Premiere: Intruder - Lockjaw [Free Download]

    02/08/2022 Duração: 05min

    Starting our week off with a bang, as Galway based producer Intruder joins our ever growing premiere series, with a jittering broken beat thriller. This is straight power, as reverb drenched atmospheres meet pounding bass drums to great effect. Intruder burst into the Galway techno community in 2019 where he formed his identity of texture heavy and broken industrial sounds. Intruder’s name was quickly associated with high octane distorted rhythms, pushing off kilter sounds, raw aggression and dynamic tension. His productions have appeared on labels such as Occult Rhythm’s, Pure Hate and Crusade. Intruder’s track have a comprehensive identity as his music is drenched in chewy kicks and clattering percussion while continually being moulded by his love for rhythm and power. Intruder is half of the brains of Galway’s Sync Collective along with Elliot, who are pushing the Galway techno to tougher and darker territories. Constantly keeping a niche sound for the label and controlling the high caliber of artists t

  • Local Selection 171: Iva Mechkarova

    27/07/2022 Duração: 01h47s

    This week’s Local Selection comes from Iva Mechakarova who has provided an hour of high octane bouncy techno, for those who like their beats fast, euphoric and trance infused. Iva show’s exactly what she’s about through razor sharp mixing and eagle eyed track selection. Iva Mechkarova is a Dublin-based DJ who focuses on the faster ends of electronic music. Her sound ranges from industrial techno, trance and EBM and everything that fall’s in the middle. Iva’s mixes are an almagamation o her experineces on the dance floor as she blends hard kicks and dark synths to euphoric melodies and uplifting vocals. Her years spent as a clubbing enthusiast have moulded her into the DJ she is today. Iva first spread her wings in Dublin’s club circuit in February of 2020, she has been bursting through the scene and now holds a residency with Manifest. She has played gigs in Dublin and Cork, as well as internationally in Glasgow and Berlin. Iva has recently graced Cellar Club, The Soundhouse, Here and Now Club, Spailpin Fa

  • Four Four Premiere: Controlled Weirdness - Corona Acid [Cultivated Electronics LTD]

    25/07/2022 Duração: 06min

    Today we host a stellar premiere from one of the most illustrious producers within the electro scene, Controlled Weirdness. The South London bass merchant arrives on the coveted imprint, Cultivated Electronics with a four track EP that screams vintage electro. Controlled Weirdness has remained somewhat in the shadow’s of the electro scene, known best for his monthly radio show on Threads, his Presence Unknown label and Electric Sweat events. The DJ and producer is very much intwined in the London scene, yet remains to some degree on the fringes, making the EP name In The Shadows impeccably fitting. The Londoner has been rocking the decks and perfecting his craft since the mid-’80s when as a youngster, Electro and early ’80s pirate radio started his obsession with electronic music and he played his first gig at “The House of Dolls” in Farringdon where he soon became resident. After a stint in New York from 1989 he met Joel Bevacqua aka DJ Deadly Buda, who after returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh invited

  • Local Selection 170: James Cherry

    20/07/2022 Duração: 56min

    The Local Selection Mix returns for it’s 170th edition courtesy of one of the most promising techno act’s on our emerald isle, James Cherry. The young DJ & producer has provided an hour long expedition into deep and winding soundscapes, equipped rippling synth lines and dazzling textures. James Cherry has been loitering around the fringes of the Irish techno scene for some time, with multiple stand out performances in the seminal Hangar club and some recent show’s in Dublin’s newest techno fortress, Cellar. The young DJ offers a divergent sound to the rumbling kicks and screeches that often inhabit Dublin’s sound systems from week to week. James Cherry delves into deeper territories with trippy melodies, metallic percussive grooves, pulsating modulations and direct techno power. Having recently released on coveted label’s such as Berlin’s Corpus, Dublins Delinquent Delivery and most notably an album on the fabled Subsist Records which has been home to instrumental techno figures such as Stanislav Tolkachev

  • Four Four Premiere: Dagga - Floor Seats [Molekül Records]

    19/07/2022 Duração: 04min

    The first premiere of the week comes from Venezuela DJ and producer Dagga, who releases his track entitled ‘Floor Seats’ with Molekül, as they re-launch their sublabel ‘Perfusion’. Hailing from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Dagga spent his younger years going to his older brother’s raves, absorbing raw techno sounds and futuristic electro from labels of the time, such as Gigolo records. Dagga showcases his razor-sharp ability to slice and dice a variety of flavours like electro, funk carioca, breaks and techno with perfect precision. In 2020 he released his first EP, House of Flying Daggers, on Jensen Interceptor’s ‘International Chrome’. A very well received album to this date, it combines classic electro and ghetto tech, inspired by the early days of dopplerefekt and D.I.E. ‘Floor Seats’ is laced with energetic stabs and vocals, thunderous low end and pulsating basslines throughout. All of this together results in a rich production that would satiate any electro, ghetto or techno fan in search of a rich, unique

  • Local Selection 169: NiKi K

    13/07/2022 Duração: 57min

    The 169th Local Selection comes highly anticipated as we welcome Irish native and Berlin resident NiKi K. Previously from the ranks of Limerick’s legendary Macronite crew, Niki has gone on to hone her skills and her sound while in Berlin. Niki has been representing the Irish massive in Berlin for 10 years now, and has honed her skills since her early days as resident with Limerick’s Micronite/Macronite. At the time in Limerick, she was a key influence in developing the sound there, booking a legendary programme of acts across their club nights. These nights have gone on to influence the sounds and bookings coming out of Limerick to this day. She’s kept busy in Berlin across all elements of music, from working as project manager on Krake Festival for their impressive week long festival which focuses on platforming left-of-kilter electronic music, to being a resident and promoter at the legendary KilleKill club night and label. All this while hosting a show on the fantastic Refugee Worldwide radio! This mix

  • Four Four Premiere: Ismael - Faster [IRSH]

    08/07/2022 Duração: 04min

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  • Four Four Premiere: Richie Corrigan - Executioner [Purgatory]

    07/07/2022 Duração: 05min

    Today we premiere some nail biting techno from a new Irish label Puragtory. Their first VA features an amalgamation of both Irish and international talent and today we host ‘Executioner’ by Richie Corrigan which lyes on pulverising bass drums, textured distortion and metallic percussion. Irish techno party Purgatory launches its first chapter as a label with a hard hitting VA of angry techno. Purgatory was born in Berlin with the aim of hosting tough as nails techno parties with avant-garde acts from across Europe and Ireland. Purgatory has hosted heavy hitters Dave Clarke, Chlär, Echoes Of October, Illnurse, Cailín, Jamie Behan & more across Berlin, Manchester & Galway. The party & label celebrates its year anniversary of ferocious techno, with the birth of the label which features act’s from Ireland and further ashore, which keeps in line with labels ethos. Among the bill of producers on the VA is Cailín, Richie Corrigan, D. Carbone, Aero, Myler, Felix6ood & Pet Duo. Today we host a ‘Executioner’ from la

  • Four Four Premiere: Petduo - New Way Of Life [Purgatory]

    07/07/2022 Duração: 06min

    Our first premiere of the week starts off with a thump as PETDuo feature on Purgatory’s first release with a high octane hard techno techno anthem. The Brazilian duo have supplied a rapacious peak time track, with slamming low end, tortuous synth lines and crisped looping grooves. Irish techno party Purgatory launches its first chapter as a label with a hard hitting VA of angry techno. Purgatory was born in Berlin with the aim of hosting tough as nails techno parties with avant-garde acts from across Europe and Ireland. Purgatory has hosted heavy hitters Dave Clarke, Chlär, Echoes Of October, Illnurse, Cailín, Jamie Behan & more across Berlin, Manchester & Galway. The party & label celebrates its year anniversary of ferocious techno, with the birth of the label which features act’s from Ireland and further ashore, which keeps in line with labels ethos. Among the bill of producers on the VA is Cailín, Richie Corrigan, D. Carbone, Aero, Myler, Felix6ood & Pet Duo. Our second feature of the VA comes from Braz

  • Local Selection 168: LYNDZ

    06/07/2022 Duração: 01h59min

    Turn your speakers to 10, this next Local Selection is one for the techno heads. We're delighted to welcome Dublin DJ and absolute powerhouse Lyndz as she takes the reigns for number 168 of the series. Resident on Power FM and key player with the mighty New Moon Sessions collective, Lyndz has earned a reputation for playing dark, loopy techno, full of grit and personality. Nodding to industrial while keeping it interesting at the same time, no easy feat. Lyndz is a self taught, Inner City Dublin DJ with a big love for heavy-hitting, hard, uplifting and hypnotic techno. She has a real ear for selecting obscure tracks that grab her audience's attention. Her journey started when she began working at an underground radio station in her early 20's, where she eventually got her own weekly show. Since the closure of the radio station, Lyndz has slowly began moving up the ranks, finding her sound and perfecting her mixing. She has played in some of Dublin's most iconic clubs and after parties. With influences in

  • Four Four Premiere: RAVETRX - Shebeen [CHEEKY005]

    01/07/2022 Duração: 05min

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  • Danielle Ciuro - Do It Like That [KHAVA04]

    01/07/2022 Duração: 05min

    We’ve got some hard-bitten techno coming straight from the UK, as Danielle Ciuro contributes some a high-octane industrial tool to Khazad’s fourth VA. The young producer has no holds barred approach to techno, calling on thunderous kick drums, glitchy synths and a catchy vocal on ‘Do It Like That’. Khazad Records presents the fourth instalment of their Various Artists compilation series compiled with some of Europe most exciting names in industrial and hard techno. 24 tracks of powerful groove-ridden industrial techno from Khazad regulars and new additions to the label. Danielle Ciuro is a techno producer & DJ from the UK. It was back in 2015 when Danielle first discovered Techno after attending many underground raves and festivals. A short while later Danielle decided to take the next step in her musical journey and took up DJing, firstly experimenting with minimal which slowly progressed into harder and faster sounds. After playing at various parties and events she took the next step and learnt productio

  • Four Four Premiere: Alt8 - Cairo At Night [Aero Remix]

    27/06/2022 Duração: 06min

    Today's premiere features a standout remix from Aero, as he does a remarkable job at providing a fresh take on Alt8's 'Cairo at Night'. The remix is coupled with Alt8's single release on Dense & Pika's highly regarded Kneaded Pains label. Give this a spin. Both Alt8 and Aero are knocking their releases out of the park as of late. They have shown that their productions are highly regarded across the entire underground music industry. Having gained a heap of support from artists such as Amelie Lens, DJ Bone, Dax J, Marcell Dettmann, Luke Slater, Paula Temple, Slam and more. So seeing both of them on a release together on Kneaded Pains is no surprise for both of these artists. Alt8's variation of 'Cairo at Night' showcases some Arabic inspiration, as it contains spiritually charged vocals, bouncing tom toms and throbbing bass for quite a unique and transcendental techno vibe. Aero's fresh approach embodies some remnants of the original, but at the same time provides a more raw flavour, really honing into his

  • Four Four Premiere: SHDW & Obscure Shape - Set It Off (Original Mix)[Mutual Rytm]

    24/06/2022 Duração: 04min

    Our first premiere of the day comes from one of the most illustrious techno duo’s in the world right now, SHDW & Obscure Shape. ‘Set It Off’ comes from the third release on the duo’s imprint, Mutual Rytm, and acts the pairs debut EP on the label. Tribal rhythms meet dub chords and vigorous synth lines, to make for a 90’s inspired techno anthem. SHDW & Obscure Shape have risen to become leading names within today’s techno landscape, and continue to grow and evolve while shaping their own unique sound intertwining classic influences with a modern touch. Their latest project saw the birth of Mutual Rytm – a new imprint launched in early 2022 set to showcase a deep dive into the duo’s musical roots via their own productions alongside material from the label’s close family of likeminded artists. Following the label’s opening multi-artist VA and the first solo EP from Berlin’s Lars Huismann, June welcomes the first solo instalment from the label founders themselves as they ready a killer five-tracker set to make

  • Four Four Premiere: Alt8 - Cairo At Night [Kneaded Pains]

    23/06/2022 Duração: 06min

    Drawing tangible inspiration from the early 2000s hard techno and groove hiatus, Evan Marshall’s artistry continues to blossom, as the DJ is fast becoming a regular on the DJ circuit, plus one of the most prolific releaser of tunes in the whole country. Today we premiere his latest release entitled 'Cairo At Night'. Arabic inspirations permeate through the whole single from Alt8, dropping on @denseandpika's Kneaded Pains label, backed with a remix from fellow rising Irish artist, Aero. In its original mix, ‘Cairo At Night’ pummels its way through spiritually charged vocals, bouncing tom toms and throbbing bass for quite the unique and transcendental techno vibe! Dublin based Aero slots in a remix that yields an alternate and raw take, rattling and grimy basement beats underpinning the divine mood. Early support on the release has received great feedback from; Amelie Lens, DJ Bone, Dax J, Nicole Moudaber, Coyu and many more. Alt8 has been producing since 2019, drawing influence from old school hard tech

  • Four Four Premiere: Darzack & Oposition - 3 Things [Airfono Records]

    17/06/2022 Duração: 05min

    We’ve got some more 90’s inspired techno to kick off our first premiere of the day. Young techno spearheads Darzack & Oposition team up to bring the funk back to French techno with their collaboration ‘3 Things’, which is jam packed with rolling basslines, tribal percussion and blasting brass samples. Théo Rocca, better known as Darzack, is a pioneer in a new generation of techno producers in France. He has previously has released on Take Hit Records, VOLPHONIE, and his Maison Beryl imprint. The young artist’s debut full-length record sees the DJ/producer consolidate his musical vision across a double LP after making appearances at festivals Panoramas and Les Transmusicales and enjoying a residency at Rex Club in Paris. Across ‘Rhizom’, Darzack delivers ten tracks, each created with a different collaborator, with Electric Rescue, 14Anger, ZPKF, Öspiel, Mmork and more contributing to the release. Each track displays a common theme of irresistible rhythmic grooves and intricate, detailed textures underpinned

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