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My new EP ; "Mandarin Dreams" is out now on Beatport.Purchase the release here: can listen my guestshow for Frisky Radio via guestmix requests or guestmix offers, please send a DM or E-Mail : [email protected]


  • Primus 191 "Borusan Special" Mix #BeraberAsacagiz

    05/05/2020 Duração: 58min

    Here is a special set for my colleaques who suffered from Coronovirus pandemic and have been working under severe conditions. I tried to build up a fairly easy listening set even for the people who may not be that much familiar with electronic music. Hope everyone will enjoy and dance. Stay safe!

  • Primus 190 Back to the Classics "Stay Home" Remix

    12/04/2020 Duração: 01h56min

    A big hug to MyPrimus Records fans(surely with a social distancing)! In these quarantine days, I have had time to review my track archive and realized that the sounds changed dramatically in the last few years. I have so many gems that I wanted to make a classic set from tracks released in 2016/2017 mostly. Hope you enjoy it while staying at home in these days! Best, Zafer Atabey

  • Primus 189 "Tranquilizer" Mix

    25/01/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    Tracklist : 1. With You (Acid Version) - Deniz Bul [FCKNG SERIOUS] 2. Alternate Paths (Teenage Mutants Remix) - DeVante [LW Recordings] 3. Desperate Moods (Zafer Atabey's 2020 Remake) - Zafer Atabey [MyPrimus Records] 4. Gravity (Original Mix) - Can Durmus [Movement Recordings] 5. Transmit (Teenage Mutants & Heerhorst Remix) - Luca Marchese [Tronic] 6. Dark Frecuency (Original Mix) - Lautaro Gabioud [Future Techno Records] 7. Tranquilizer (Christian Craken Remix) - Oliver Huntemann [Senso Sounds] 8. Connected (Original Mix) - Zafer Atabey [MyPrimus Records] Classics : 9. The Never Ending Story (Original Mix) - Taras Van De Voorde [Suara] 10. Don't Be Afraid feat. Benji (Original Mix) - Nick Devon [Steyoyoke Black] 11. Like It or Not (Joris Voorn Remix) - Bob Moses [Domino]

  • Primus 188 Progressive House "Revolution" Mix

    12/12/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Primus 188 Progressive House "Revolution" Mix by Zafer Atabey

  • Primus 186 Progressive House "Infinity" Mix

    24/08/2019 Duração: 01h58min

    Tracklist : Deep Inside (Original Mix) - Monastetiq [OKO Recordings] Dance Alone (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) - Tone Of Arc, 8Kays [Eleatics Records] Masai (Original Mix) - Two Ninjas [MyPrimus Records] Resistance (Side A) - One Release [MyPrimus Records] Subliminal (Zafer Atabey Remix) - Zibe [MyPrimus Records] Duke (Township Rebellion Remix) - Marcus Meinhardt [Future Soundz Bundles] Aeons (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix) - GMJ [Droid9] Eidothea (Original Mix) - Matan Caspi, E'sh [Outta Limits] Exodus (Original Mix) - Aaryon [Parquet Recordings] Bloooom (Paul Hazendonk & Forniva Remix) - Frank Sonic [MNL] Infinity (Original Mix) - Zafer Atabey [Sonusfield] Chamaniac (Original Mix) - Damon Jee [Correspondant] The IB (Original Mix) - Ab Jacobs [Intellect Black] Babylon (Original Mix) - Roy Lebens, R3cycle [Bonzai Progressive] Drifter (Original Mix) - Damon Jee [Correspondant] Kismet (Original Mix) - Lunar Plane [Stil Vor Talent] FM (Original Mix) - Brigado Crew, Crisstiano [Sincopat] E Ke Keq Aty (Mon

  • Venom (Original Mix) - Deniz Karadag [MyPrimus Records]

    16/08/2019 Duração: 06min

    MyPrimus Records welcomes the debut EP of a young DJ/Producer from Istanbul. More than being a drummer and a DJ/producer; Deniz Karadag is simply an electronic music enthusiast who has been in music production since he was 12. His three tracker debut EP oozes energy and pulses with emotion.

  • Acta Non Verba (Original Mix) - Deniz Karadag [MyPrimus Records]

    16/08/2019 Duração: 07min

    MyPrimus Records welcomes the debut EP of a young DJ/Producer from Istanbul. More than being a drummer and a DJ/producer; Deniz Karadag is simply an electronic music enthusiast who has been in music production since he was 12. His three tracker debut EP oozes energy and pulses with emotion.

  • Echoes (Original Mix) - Deniz Karadag [MyPrimus Records]

    16/08/2019 Duração: 06min

    MyPrimus Records welcomes the debut EP of a young DJ/Producer from Istanbul. More than being a drummer and a DJ/producer; Deniz Karadag is simply an electronic music enthusiast who has been in music production since he was 12. His three tracker debut EP oozes energy and pulses with emotion.

  • Primus 185 "So Good" Techno Mix

    28/07/2019 Duração: 01h37min

    Happy to come back with a new techno set of "Zafer Atabey" including his new and unsigned tracks. Tracklist: Gort (Original Mix)- Hybrasil Tribal Hole (Original Mix)- Highestpoint A Different Day (Original Mix) - Oscar L, Matt Sassari What I Mean (Original Mix) - Dimi Mechero Dada (Original Mix) - Heerhorst Data Point (Original Mix)- Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, Layton Giordani Monolith (Original Mix) - SUDO Out Of Love (Original Mix) - William Kiss Triangle (Original Mix) - Superstrobe, Dominik Vaillant Sektor 01 (Original Mix) - Avoid Acid Advisor (Original Mix) - Manuel Di Martino Vibe With Me (Dominik Schwarz Remix) - Lewis Delay Zafer Atabey - Infinity (Nico Rinaldi Remix) [Sonusfield] #KICK (Original Mix) - Bass Dance With Me - Zafer Atabey (Unreleased) 100mna (Original Mix) - Peppou, Martin Stoilkov Acid Conduct (Original Mix) -Zafer Atabey (Unreleased) Man On Moon (Original Mix) - Rino Cerrone The Game Again (Original Mix) - Zafer Atabey Mercy - Zafer Atabey (Unreleased) So Good (Original Mix) - Anfis

  • Primus 183 Progressive House "The Dark Pines" Mix

    22/09/2018 Duração: 02h04min

    Primus 183 Progressive House "The Dark Pines" Mix by Zafer Atabey

  • Primus 182 Progressive House "Mirror Walk" Mix

    03/06/2018 Duração: 01h05min

    Primus 182 Progressive House "Mirror Walk" Mix by Zafer Atabey

  • Primus 181 Progressive House "Nightwalk" Mix

    17/02/2018 Duração: 02h05min

    Hey There, I am back with a 2 hr-long set after some time. Hope you enjoy these fresh sounds from the mega talent artists. Best, /Zafer Atabey Tracklist : Fountayne Road (Original Mix) - Simao [fryhide] Hang (Original Mix) - DAVI, Definition [DELYSID] Protocol (Original Mix) - Arude, Binaryh [Steyoyoke] Way Out (Original Mix) - Jiggler [Ballroom Records] Ariola (Original Mix) - Rafael Cerato & Sezer Uysal Life Without You (Starkato Remix) - Coyu [MetaPop] Dependence (Original Mix) - EdOne [Stil Vor Talent] Trust (Original Mix) - Niko Schwind [Stil Vor Talent] Polarized (Original Mix) - Matan Caspi [Outta Limits] Devir (Original Mix) - Dizharmonia [Movement Recordings] Drago (Original Mix) - Rafael Cerato & Sezer Uysal Nightwalk (D-Formation Remix) - Jonas Saalbach, Amber Long, Hacker & Miethig [Einmusika Recordings] Trigonon (Original Mix) - Dizharmonia [Movement Recordings] We Didn't Talk For A While (Original Mix) - Tim Engelhardt [fryhide] Wir reiten durch die Nacht (Adriatique Remix) - DJ Hell [Inte

  • Primus 180 Deep House "Vertigo" Mix

    03/12/2017 Duração: 01h01min

    Hey There, I am happy to come back with a new set after a while. Hope you enjoy this special session where I used very recent melodic, emotional, dark and deep sounds. This episode has a well balanced mixture of deep, progressive and techno genres. Best, / Zafer Atabey Songes de Manea (Vocal Mix) - Pandhora Pensees (Original Mix) - Soul Button, Mashk Hard to Love (Voices of Valley Remix) - Erly Tepshi Vertigo (Original Mix) - Affkt Dismantle (Just Her Remix) - Mattia Pompeo, Haptic Utopia (Colonization) (Thorin Remix) - Cortex Thrill Desole (Original Mix) - DAVI, Definition Desert Storms (Joris Voorn Remix) - WoodS (NL) Merging Souls (Original Mix) - Blancah, Clawz SG Round & Round (THe WHite SHadow (FR) Remix) - Apollo's Messengers, EKDK Empyreum (Original Mix) - Persya

  • Primus 179 "Mandarin Dreams" Mix

    15/10/2017 Duração: 01h14min

    I am so excited to be back with a new mixtape including two tracks of my upcoming EP; "Mandarin Dreams". The sound is dashing and gleaming all the way in 'Mandarin Dreams'; ecstatic melodic sequences, synth stabs, deep bassline grooves infused with drumcode and a female vox that just makes your day go perfect. Second track, 'A Kernel of Hope' unveils a classic progressive arp line since its start just flows flawless around the kick based groove. Hope you enjoy the mixtape as well as my new babies. You can grab your copies since Mandarin Dreams EP is now available for Pre-Order on Beatport. You can purchase the release here: Love Song(Feat. Ofra Haza) (Quivver Remix) - Ofra Haza, Saraga [Sudbeat Music] Seeya (Definition Remix) - Ron Flatter [Definition:Music] Sonorous (Dole & Kom Remix) - Framewerk [Capital Heaven] A Kernel of Hope (Original Mix) - Zafer Atabey [Aethereal] Clav (Solemn Eye Remix) - T.M.A [Atmosphere Records] Mandarin Dreams (Original Mi

  • Primus 178 Progressive House "Monument" Mix

    04/09/2017 Duração: 01h20min

    I am happy to be back with a fresh set after summer holidays. Hope you will enjoy the mixtape with 15 very recent tracks from amazing artists. Best, /Zafer Atabey Here is the tracklist: Monument (Original Mix) - Tale Of Us, Vaal [Afterlife Records] Distant Smoke (Lake Avalon Remix) - EN0S [Click Records] Doggy Bag (Solemn Eye Remix) - Glance Off [Doppelgaenger] The Other Side (Original Mix) - Jobe [Global Underground] Going Backwards (Solomun Club Remix) - Depeche Mode Hypernova (Original Mix) - Woo York [Afterlife Records] Kurt (Original Mix) - Innellea [URSL] Paranoid (Thomas Gandey Feat. Vanita Remix) - Sascha Sonido [Keno Records] Superfresh (Solomun Remix) - Jamiroquai Vibrance (Quivver Remix) - Rafael Cerato [Eleatics Records] Concorde (Original Mix) - Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants [Stil Vor Talent] Palais (Original Mix) - Teenage Mutants [Stil Vor Talent] The Hangar (Original Mix) - Tale Of Us, Vaal [Afterlife Records] Constant Changes (Dizharmonia Remix) - V-Cious [KDB] I Don't Know (Fur Coat Remix) -

  • Primus 177 Progressive House Live Guestmix by Baris

    04/08/2017 Duração: 01h36min

    A big hug to MyPrimus Project Followers! After a week of posting my own mixtape, I am proud to present a very special and exclusive live guestmix by a talented name; Baris. By end of 2000’s, Baris was introduced with Spanish acoustic and classic Rodrigues melodies and made amateur studio records. At his late teenager ages, he had been musically inclined to Flamenco folk arts Soleares and Alegrias. At beginning of his 20's, during his holiday to Netherland, he was influenced by Armin van Buuren’s trance melodies. After this spark, nothing was going to be in the same way. He started to follow "A State of Trance" series for years. As Baris was getting older, higher than 130 bpm melodies started hassling him. He was in search of something performed in slower bpm. Meanwhile, he was also familiarized the world of music recording, software instruments and professional music production. After his bachelor's degree, he decided to dive into the amazing world of progressive and deep house together with melodic techno.

  • Primus 176 Progressive House "The Age of Love" Mix

    29/07/2017 Duração: 01h21s

    Hello Everyone, I am pleased to be back with my own mixtape after some time. Hope you enjoy the set where I motivated to do after having the copy of the recent hit; The Age of Love (Solomun Renaissance Remix) which I believe the best ever remix of this legendary track. Thanks for your strong support to my debut release ; "Touch My Senses" and let me inform you that some more tracks are on the way. Have a wonderful weekend. Best, /Zafer Atabey (Primus) Tracklist : 1- Paramour (Original Mix) - Soul Button [Steyoyoke] 2- Identity (Original Mix) - Binaryh [Steyoyoke Black] 3- Dreamcatcher (Original Mix) - Khen [Vivrant] 4- Fat Analog (Stan Kolev Remix) - Iga Dep [Progressive] 5-Curved (Original Mix) - Hatzler [Set About] 6- Your Silent Cries (Original Mix) - Manu Riga [Bonzai Progressive] 7- The Age of Love (Solomun Renaissance Remix) - Age Of Love [Renaissance Records] 8- Four Colours (Original Mix) -Jobe [Manual Music] 9- You Gotta Feel (Original Mix) - NekliFF [KDB] 10- Momentum (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)

  • Primus 175 Live Guest Mix by Steve Finney

    23/06/2017 Duração: 59min

    Enjoy the beautiful guestmix by Steve Finney. Tracklist : Tim Penner - Goodbye (Forerunners Remix) John Digweed, Darren Emerson, Nick Muir - Fanfare (Marc Romboy Moving Atoms Mix) ANNA - Odd Behaviour (Original Mix) Derek Howell - Interstellar Homecoming (Cream Remix) Jeremy Olander & Cristoph - Last Dance (Original Mix) FREE.D - Thinking Fast & Slow (Mario Aureo Remix) Pedro Mercado & Karada - Back To Earth (Scott James Remix) Sezer Uysal - One of Us (Original Mix) Jeremy Olander - Hanover (Original Mix) Trulyors - Small Ships feat Luciole (Original Mix) Steve has been listening to electronic music since the 90’s and uses that history and experience to create mixes that take the listener on emotional and nostalgic journeys. For more mixes visit his profile at @steve-finney-1

  • Primus 174 Live Guest Mix by ABLEKID

    16/06/2017 Duração: 01h08min

    Have a nice weekend. In this episode, I am so happy to share a masterwork by Daniel Moore/Ablekid. Not long after a move to the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas in 2009, the Ablekid moniker had seen success in various forms. Various tracks signed to Kindred Recordings (Paris) and Rapid Fire Records (Miami) in 2009 put his production style on the map. Daniel has also fostered relationships with many promo services by becoming part of the esteemed Release Promo roster in 2014. In late 2015 Daniel started his radio show on DNA Radio FM, “Pineal Sessions with Ablekid” showcasing his finest picks for the enlightened listeners he hopes to reach. Daniel’s newly released music can be found on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music where he has made the USA’s sole appearance on the esteemed label’s first “Elements” series, an ongoing venture that sees the label highlight talent from across the world. The release also saw a write up and 12 Questions interview from legend Mitch Alexander and Change Underground, making it a true

  • Primus 173 Deep House "Zero Sum" Mix

    06/06/2017 Duração: 01h54min

    Hey Friends, I am so happy to announce that I just signed a contract for my first track with a young label (Hands in the Air Records) who is the sub-label of Abstract Space Records. Hopefully the release will be sometime in July-August. I am so honored to have my own track after playing so many hundreds of awesome tracks under my Soundcloud account project. Hope you will support my track as you have always supported my mixtapes. To celebrate the good news, I made a 2 hrs special set for your pleasure. There are so many fresh gems inside and this is one of the sets that I had utmost pleasure while recording and listening. Hope you enjoy, too. Best, Zafer Atabey / Primus 1. Wear Out (Mees Dierdorp Remix) - Hydrogen Sea 2. Haru (Original Mix) - Marc Grabber 3. Zero Sum (Magnetic Brothers Remix) - Audioglider 4. Grass Is Greener (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) - Phonique, Antonia Vai 5. Man In The Tree (Original Mix) - GHEIST 6. Stimulate (Tvardovsky & Alex Kaspersky Remix) - Robert Babicz 7. Closer (Robert Mason Rem

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