Downtown Hq (radio Show With Dj Ramon Baron)



The Downtown HQ radio show with the finest and hottest House and Tech-House tunes, hosted by DJ Ramon Baron. Broadcasted by several radio stations in Europe and Asia.Broadcasters & Info: [email protected] --More radio shows at:***LIKE @ FACEBOOK***


  • The Downtown HQ Radio Show #2322

    24/07/2022 Duração: 57min

    The Downtown HQ #2322 Tracklist Sinetti - Hit the Groove (Original Mix) Mark Budin - In The Mood (Original Mix) Sqwad - Down On Me (Original Mix) Return of the Jaded, DJ Susan - One Life (Extended Mix) Bhaskar - U Got My Body (Extended Mix) K-Style & Brian Remii - Go Back (Ludwik M Remix) CID & Will K - OoooH (Original Mix) DJ Maury Tripp - Feel That (Original Mix) Pinco, Juan (AR) - Free (Original Mix) Ssol - Got the Mac (Original Mix) Jeff Service - Fool Me (Original Mix) Donna Summer - I Feel Love (LAWZ Extended Remix) Oravla Ziur - Come on Now (Original Mix) Juliet Sikora & Jean Bacarreza - Dont Stop (Extended Mix)

  • The Downtown HQ Radio Show #2022

    10/07/2022 Duração: 57min

    The Downtown HQ Radio Show #2022 Tracklist Leo Gennaro - Nobody Like You (Original Mix) GruuvElements - I See You (Original Mix) Bante, D-Rivera - Blow (Original Mix) MartinoResi - My Boy Movin On (Extended Mix) Chapter & Verse - Sideline (Original Mix) CID, Westend - Let Me Take You (Extended Mix) Ivan Lopez - Booty (Original Mix) D-Tek - Look Back (Original Mix) LA Riots - Airtight (Original Mix) Oravla Ziur - Look so Good (Original Mix) Rsquared - Clear (Extended Mix) Vaxx - Back for More (Original Mix) Heider - Wont Stop (Extended Mix) Broken Future - Nottie Gal (Extended Mix)

  • The Downtown HQ Radio Show #1922

    27/06/2022 Duração: 57min

    The Downtown HQ Radio Show #1922 Tracklist: Ssol - Heartbreak (Original Mix) Gary Caos - Ooh (Original Mix) ANTHY - Like This (Original Mix) Cari Golden, CamelPhat - Freak feat. Cari Golden (Original Mix) LO99, Taiki Nulight - Records U Play (Extended Mix) Beyond Chicago - Party (Extended Mix) SNBRN, FREAK ON - I Don't Think U Do (Extended Mix) Oravla Ziur - Extasys (Original Mix) GreenThump - Roll To Me (Original Mix) Chris Brooks - Rider (Original Mix) Caravaca - Get This (Original Mix) FreedomB - Wuzzi (Mirko Di Florio Remix) Divas Of Color, Evelyn - One More Time (Marco Anzalone Extended Remix) Ellis Moss - Critical (Extended Mix)

  • The Downtown HQ Radio Show #1722

    07/06/2022 Duração: 01h02s

    Julian Millan - Funky Buster (Original Mix) Leandro Da Silva, Bhaskar - Rumours (Extended Mix) Peter Hatman, Emiliyan Ivanov - Fuck The Hype (Original Mix) Dani Masi, Daniel Aguayo - I Can Hear You! (Extended Mix) Ms Pika - Moovin Tuerkin (Original Mix) Gustaff, Tomas Bisquierra - Penthouse (Original Mix) Notches - No One (Original Mix) MartinoResi - My Boy Movin On (Extended Mix) Greck B & Milos Pesovic - Head (Original Mix) Markyno & Alessandro Angileri - My Tech House (Original Mix) Thelema - Dissociate (Original Mix) Chris Montanini - DonT Stop (Original Mix) SSOL - Be Just Fine (Original Mix) Viv Castle - Control (Original Mix)

  • The Downtown HQ Radio Show #1622

    20/05/2022 Duração: 59min

    The Downtown HQ Radio Show tracklist #1622 CODE02 - Maria (Original Mix) Matroda - Wasting Time (Original Mix) Juntaro - I Heard You (Original Mix) George Privatti & Guille Placencia - Tast & Touch (Original Mix) Marco Briguglia - Claro (Vincenzo DAmico Extended Mix) Marc Twelker - Talk (Original Mix) Seumas Norv - Jalapeños (Extended Mix) Kofla - Hoy y Manana (Extended Mix) Chelina Manuhutu - Youre So Fine (Original Mix) Oravla Ziur - Funky Little Move (Fabrizio Placidi Remix) Raul Cremona - Bring The Fire (Extended Mix) Loco & Jam - Trippin (Original Mix) Abel Ramos - Working For Love (Original Mix) Barry Obzee - Hallelujah (Extended Mix)

  • The Downtown HQ Radio Show #1322

    13/05/2022 Duração: 58min

    The Downtown HQ Radio Show #1322 Tracklist Fabian Haneke - Get You (Original Mix) Juntaro - Love For You (Original Mix) BLOND:ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier - Sete (Original Mix) Andre Rizo - Down Down (Original Mix) Ferreck Dawn - Aphrodisiac (Extended Mix) Devochka - Ready Or Not (Extended Mix) Wally Lopez & Andre Rizo & Nodus — Turo Tech (Original Mix) Oravla Ziur - So Slowly (Original Mix) Angel Heredia - Orgasmo (Original Mix) Dont Blink - All Around You (Extended Mix) Conrado - By 56 (Original Mix) Truth x Lies, Cloverdale - Nothing Gonna Stop This (Extended Mix) Santi Dominguez - Hold Me (Original Mix) John Summit feat. Echoes - Human (Joshwa Extended Remix)