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  • 4 - Politics

    03/03/2017 Duração: 01h03min

    I touch upon that hot and very populist new thing going on right now to give you the theme of Politic’s Baby! Yea !! But don’t worry, I don’t actually discuss it. Welcome to Deercast. I’m @hurtdeer Today’s music comes with lyrical anger at the state of things, dystopian-themed track titles, and a general lack of hopefulness until right at the very end. No actual discussion on my part, and if you’d rather have that, I’d suggest going to check out a much better, or worse, podcast than mine. I’ve got an exclusive from my dudes at Path of Infliction, some old classic loves from back in the day, and some really exciting new stuff by some upcoming dudes who make the good, imo, music. follow me on twitter at @deer_cast, like me on face book, like me in real life, it is nice to be liked. Or don't, up to you. If you'd like to send me music (and I would love you to, no matter what it is), contact me at one of the above stations or at [email protected] cheers. Thanks. Thank you Tracklist: 1. Chee - Fear Mo

  • 3 - Video Games

    27/01/2017 Duração: 01h23s

    I revel in my own sordid obsession and the probable reason I love music at all in this cool episode 3 of the deercast: The Gamer's Delight Welcome to Deercast. I'm @hurtdeer Let's gaming. I collect a bunch of music around the theme of something nebbishly dear to me. Games. Games from the past, from the present, music inspired from games, music that sounds like it's from a game, so on so forth. I broke away briefly from my habit of playing people I've found online just to play a few tunes from games that I love. Because sometimes sweet ass video game music deserves to be listened to without the context of playing it. Not that I've skipped out on talent altogether. And I definitely resisted throwing in too many of my own video game-inspired music, of which, I have, way, way, way, too much, holy crap follow me on twitter at @deer_cast, like me on face book, like me in real life, it is nice to be liked. Or don't, up to you. If you'd like to send me music (and I would love you to, no matter what it is), conta

  • 2 - Nostalgia

    13/01/2017 Duração: 01h03min

    I test my own dislike of retrograde obsession by curating music entirely around the idea, while also enjoying the irony of using “Nostalgia” as the theme to my second ever show. Welcome to Deercast. I’m @hurtdeer Happy new year everyone. Here’s a collection of music from friends and finds that evoke a sensation of the past on some level, be it thoughtful lyrical content, decade-stranded waves of synth pads, or our best friend in these times, the midi slap bass. I’ve also got some more super sexy exclusive tunes to play you, as well as ancient tunes friends of mine put together back years ago, that I still fondly wanted to remember and share with you. Now slam that play button, let’s go!!!! Oh we’re also on itunes and by extension every other podcast app or service you can imagine. Except google play, because google play thinks podcasts don’t exist in england. Dumb. Anyway!! The play button!! Slam it!!! oh yeah! and if you want to give music for me (give me that music), I’m contactable on twitter (@deer_c

  • 1 - Swan Song to an Onerous Year

    22/12/2016 Duração: 01h29s

    A healthy selection of sad and happy music to end off a crap year and move onto a possibly crap, possibly uncrap new one Hello! Welcome to Deercast. I’m @Hurtdeer This is my new thing. I wanted to share all the music I’ve collected with everyone. And have an excuse to find more. I was hoping to take a “John Peel” style ethic with this and just play whatever I damn well feel like, so expect any genre, any time, except if it’s shit. Or maybe sometimes even if it’s shit. The bulk of the show will be dedicated to people who I’ve badgered music off of personally, found on bandcamp, or other forms of social media. People who I think are talented as all hell but clearly deserve more recognition. Fart I’ll be vaguely naming each episode. Because It’s winter, and everyone hated the year of our Lord 2016, and because I have seasonal depression and was wrestling with a shit microphone this entire time, here’s “Swan Song to an Onerous Year”. Next one will be more upbeat, and, heck, maybe I’ll find my footing with the