Ill let yall in on a secret my name isnt really DreTaylor, its Andres Reynoso-Espinal (The Taylor in my name came from my love of T.G.O.D and Wiz Khalifas music). Ive been on this Earth since September 27, 1993, drawing since 2004, and dj-ing since 2010. The art side of me came from watching my cousin Zenab Sobhy draw graffiti even though not many in my family are artistic at all, but with many ups and downs, crumpled papers, and scratched out sketches I became the artist I am today. In my mind till this day I am still a novice in art I have much to learn and even though im good at what I do I am not great and that is my #1 goal. With music it all started with that same wanting feeling to do it that came with art but I never got around to dj-ing till later on. David Dj Flashh Ortiz was the main one to inspire me showing me little tricks here and there, watching him practice, and when he played at events were the things that set me off on this path towards music. With time I would learn more things about music like how to mix it, how to keep a beat, etc. I even went on to doing my own mash-ups . Ive recently started to let others know something ive been doing for years, for as long as i been drawing which is writing. Writing poetry to be exact and its just as much a part of me as music and art and it just helps me to write and vent on paper it doesnt judge or say anything back it just listens and it might sound crazy but that pen and paper are the probably ones who really know me. Where i plan to go with all of this? I cant see the future but all signs point up from here, even if others think otherwise. My ambition is what doesnt let me fail, my strive to prove people wrong, and the love for the things I do dont let me stop and honestly I dont think they ever will. I know this journey I want to take to the top wont be easy I better pack big boy band-aids (lol) because I know im going to stumble maybe trip and fall but trust me im getting right back up and not making the same mistake twice. You can say at this point I just feel like I have all the tools in my hands to do something with what i believe are gifts, something great. Hey, you never know i also write poetry, I could probably end up writing songs for somebody important one day, anything can happen. I Just hope you guys are there to witness it all. DreTaylor | S.Y.K.T.A. x #TeamFlo


  • SaveYourself (HOUSE VS. JERSEY)(MIXTAPE)

    31/03/2013 Duração: 53min

    Introducing DreTaylor's first official mixtape to the world, SaveYourself. Its a mix of electro house, dutch house, latin house, and of course Jersey club with an intro to remember and wake you up at night! www.DreTaylor.com [email protected] Instagram: @iAmDreTaylor Twitter: @iAmDreTaylor Facebook: facebook.com/likedretaylor Soundcloud.com/dretaylor