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  • Episode 15: J.U.S. Evolution


    Today, We interview J.U.S. Evolution. If you were familiar with Diddy’s first season of making of the band, you’ll remember the bands rapper/vocalist, Jus. After leaving making of the band, jus has been real successful with the J.U.S. Evolution. He is currently a cast member of the new hit reality television show ” Battle Of […]

  • Episode 14: Theophilus London a.k.a Kapps


    Wassup phuqers!! welcome to episode 14, Our episode is pretty short today, because I was mad at the world, so you can go back to wacking your jimmy after you listen, faster than normal. Anyway, Today we interview and play music by Kapps, aka Theophilus London. Hope you enjoy and much love!!

  • Episode 13: Whatever the Phuq we wanna talk about!!


        Yo, waddup again, Welcome to episode 13, For the past two weeks, I met some real cool people. So, before I get into it, I just want to take the time and give a shout out To Tone( Kesh and all my fellow bloggers; Backpack and K.p. Check em out and also check […]

  • Episode 12:Laced Magazine


    Happy New Year Everybody, Hope everyone enjoyed there holidays and we hope you fulfill all your new year wishes, on our new episode to kick off the new year, we interview Steve-O and Kwazz from Laced Magazine, A magazine dedicated to all sneaker heads and shoe junkies. We also play music from Mickey Factz and […]

  • Episode 11: DJ Melo X!


    Yo!! Whats really good everybody!! Hows are your holidays coming along. Hope everyones Holidays wishes come true and most importantly, that you all stay safe. Today we interview “The Renaissance Man” Dj Melo X. A very unique Dj from New York, we talk to him on just about…..everything. we also play music by him which […]

  • Episode 10: Quan Luv!!!


    Hey wassup everybody? I’m finally back with episode 10. Its been a real hectic couple weeks for me. PhuqRadio is slowly getting recognized and we seem to be doing business with the right people so things are getting hectic. Anyway, in this episode, We interview Quan Luv, from A.L.I.E.N brand clothing. This was an amazing […]

  • Episode 9: R-Mean


    Waddup everybody, welcome to episode 9. Today we interview R-mean. This West coast m.c. talks with us about the Skinny jeans, Kim Kardashian and Hip Hop. We also play music from R mean of course and me and Dotcom do a little personal talk about women and trying to figure them out.    

  • Episode 8: Marissa Ross


    Yo, Whats Good! Me and DotCom we’re watching BET and we realized that you can’t help but notice all the women in the videos. Then we got into this big discussion, are they stupid, are they gullible, what goes on in the head of a model. So, we decided to interview one. The lovely Marissa […]

  • Episode 7: Were Back Bitches!!!


    Sorry for the long wait. We’ve been busy and on vacation, but we figured your asses was to busy outside to be in front of your computer in the first place( hey!! it is the summer, right?). But we are sorry for the inconvenience, especially towards RMean and Marissa Ross. This episode we basically explain […]