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  • But What About Christian Sexual Ethics? (But What About? 04)

    25/02/2024 Duração: 39min

    The question of “who am I?” Is the result of living in an age where expressivism as an individual and embodied endeavor is seen as the highest good. Anything that doesn’t allow me to express myself, either is itself a sin or it’s dogmatic. And this is a tension with our age that we feel as Christians. Why? Because Jesus has something to say about who we are. Jesus gives you an identity. And even more, Jesus sets boundaries to our sexual self-expression. Why? Because throughout the Christian tradition, Chrsitians have understood that following Jesus is an embodied experience. We don’t just follow Jesus in our minds, or in our souls, there is a synthesis between our heart and our bodies. And what does that mean: well it means, that as Christians, we don’t just have a hope that we assent to in our minds. But equally, as Christians, our bodies too can preach our hope. Our bodies can preach our hope. Ben BeasleyMatthew 5:27-30 & Hebrews 10:22-23 24.01.28SERMON NOTES (YouVersion):

  • Romans: Rescued for New Life [Romans: 01]

    25/02/2024 Duração: 32min

    Romans 6:1-11 // Brent NelsenWhen we think of rescue, it’s natural to ask: “Rescue from what?” But with Jesus, rescue is more! When God sought to rescue creation from brokenness, injustice, sin and death, he always planned to save us “for” a more beautiful, good, and true way of being. Jesus didn’t just save us from sin but for life—with him—now and forever. But how is life with God different from life without God? And why would anyone actually want that kind of life? Join us as we continue walking through the Letter of Romans to explore what God has in store for your life and mine today.  SERMON NOTES (YouVersion): REQUESTS:

  • But What About Hell? [But What About? 07]

    18/02/2024 Duração: 39min

    Matthew 25:31-46 // Ben BeasleyHell, in the Bible, is not some underground torture chamber. Hell is a place outside the city of the New Jerusalem, that God excludes because he wants to cast out the darkness for the light, to protect from the destruction of the fires of sin, and so the fullness of restoration will remain over destruction. God excludes sin and the powers of hell from his kingdom because of his goodness, and not in spite of his goodness. This ultimate reconciliation with God, this is the dream that we dream for our world. This is also God’s heavenly dream for the world coming to earth. A real hell means there is real news to be shared. There is good news, and that good news is real: Jesus is here to reconcile you back to God. Take him up on it. Reach out, he won’t let you go. SERMON NOTES (YouVersion): PRAYER REQUESTS:

  • But What About Suffering? [But What About? 06]

    11/02/2024 Duração: 37min

    Psalm 13 // Ben Beasley“I used to go to church and pray, and then my best friend got sick and died… How can I believe in God when that happened?” My friend told me this in 7th grade, and it would be the first but not last time I would hear what I would later learn that theologians and philosophers call “the problem of evil”. Why does an all good and all powerful God permit evil and suffering?While God does not give us an answer to our “why” question, he does show us “how” to find meaning through suffering and experience that we are not alone. Join us as we learn how to lament our suffering with God through Psalm 13.SERMON NOTES (YouVersion): PRAYER REQUESTS:

  • But What About Christianity & Politics? [But What About?] 05

    04/02/2024 Duração: 36min

     Matthew 22:15-22 // Tom Nelson Wherever you find yourself in this matter of faith and politics, whatever your political leanings, right, left, or somewhere in the middle, the question we need to thoughtfully ask is (Slide) How Should Followers of Jesus Navigate Politics? And let’s be honest, we as followers of Jesus can and do at times fall into some political potholes. This is a big challenge in our contemporary moment, but has also been true throughout the 2000 year history of the church. The relationship of God and government has always been a difficult navigation for followers of Jesus and the church. Throughout history, there have been various kinds of governments and both good and bad governing officials and a wide range of views among Christians. The topic of politics and faith is a vast and multi-facet subject and I cannot begin to cover all the terrain or address many of the questions or concerns you may have.SERMON NOTES (YouVersion): REQUESTS: https://ccefc.

  • But What About Women? [But What About 03]

    21/01/2024 Duração: 39min

    Genesis 1:26-28 & Luke 10:38-42 // Ben BeasleyFollowing in the footsteps of the design of our Creator, and the dignity made known by our Savior, the church is called to uphold and declare the dignity of women. Even with our failings and distortions, this has always been the calling of the church, and we see it even in the early church. How do we do that? Or maybe a better question is, how do we grow in doing that? Deeper than you or me, deeper than male or female, the beauty of God and the witness of Jesus and his church is at stake. I long for the beauty of God to be displayed more powerfully in our day, and in the church, and by God’s people. May God lead us through His word in this effort. May God encourage us and correct us by His Spirit. And may God give us the courage to live this out, even and especially when it is costly. WATCH ON YOUTUBE: NOTES (YouVersion): PRAYER REQUESTS:

  • But What About the Bible? [But What About? 02]

    14/01/2024 Duração: 37min

    2 Tim 3:16-17 // Ben BeasleyHoly Scripture - the Old Testament and the New Testament together - for Christians, the Bible is the foundation of our faith. Why? Through Holy Scripture, through the Bible, we come to know who God is. Through it, we discover who God has made us to be. Through it we are able to remember what God has done, how he has acted. And through it, we are able to see where this is all going, and why we are actually here, and what really is wrong with the world. Through it, we find out about Jesus. Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • But What About the Church?

    07/01/2024 Duração: 39min

    Matthew 16: 13-18 // Tom NelsonThe church is a messy place with messy broken people. The church is also a healing community for the broken. A faith community where the power of the Gospel transforms lost causes into beloved children of God! Never are we a lost cause, never are we so broken we can not be made whole by Jesus. The church falls short and fails because she faces spiritual warfare. The church lives in the context of an invisible war.  Satan’s greatest fury is directed toward the church. I am not offering the church an excuse or giving the church a pass on its past and present failures. But I do want to ask a crucial question. Should we give up on the church because the church sometimes falls short and fails? Jesus declares an emphatic No!Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • The Wise Men [Christmas Through the Eyes of Faith 5]

    31/12/2023 Duração: 29min

    Matthew 2:1-12 // Brent NelsenIt’s all too easy to skim through the Christmas narrative and miss out on key aspects of that story. The three Wise Men are some of the most misremembered and misunderstood characters of Christmas, and yet their story teaches us a crucial lesson about Christmas and its relevance for life today.Join us as we look at Christmas through the eyes of the Wise Men, and see who is the True King we should worship.Sermon Notes: Requests:

  • Joseph [Christmas Through the Eyes of Faith 4]

    24/12/2023 Duração: 36min

    Matthew 1:18-25 // Ben BeasleyChristmas wasn’t welcome news to even the faithful…at first. Christmas in many ways disrupts our best laid plans. The question is NOT whether Christmas messes with our lives. The question IS how we show up when Christmas comes into our tidy lives. Join us as we look over the shoulders of someone who experienced the utter disruption of Christmas and still leaned in. Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Mary [Christmas Through the Eyes of Faith 3]

    17/12/2023 Duração: 38min

    Luke 1: 46-55 // Tom NelsonThis morning through the eyes of Mary’s faith we see that we are never so obscure as to be overlooked by God. What is it about Mary’s story that is so endearing and enduring, that speaks so deeply to us to our greatest aspirations, our deepest longings? Jesus…here Messianic Son, the very son of God, savior of the world yes, first and foremost, but there is also something about Mary herself, her beautiful heart and her sense of wonder and hope. On the canvas of her obscurity, Luke paints a beautiful heart portrait of Mary, Luke has three bold brush strokes. Mary’s complete trust, costly obedience, and remarkable humility. Join us as we look further.Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Zechariah [Christmas Through the Eyes of Faith 2]

    10/12/2023 Duração: 36min

    Luke 1: 1-5 // Ben BeasleyEveryone thinks about Christmas a little differently. This Christmas season, we’re on a journey to see Christmas through the eyes of faith. But this raises an important question: What happens when Christmas is NOT what you thought it would be? And what if it’s been like that for a while. How do we look at Christmas through faith when we’ve been trained in doubt?Join us as we look at what God has for us today in the story of Zechariah in Luke 1. Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Ruth [Christmas Through the Eyes of Faith 1]

    03/12/2023 Duração: 37min

    Ruth 1: 1-5 // Tom NelsonAdvent is a season of both waiting & expectation. A time for each of us to slow down and reflect on the story of our lives and what God is doing in our world. As we journey through this Advent season as a church, we are peering into the lives of characters in the bible who looked at the brokenness, uncertainty, and suffering in their life and saw something different. As human beings, we are hardwired to belong, to fit into a community, when we don’t experience the secure attachment of belonging we encounter the deep pain of soul-suffocating aloneness. When we don’t belong, we feel like an outsider in an insider world. God welcomes the outsider to His family and Ruth is the ultimate outsider—yet she is never outside the loving eyes of God. God sees those most unseen. God uses the most unlikely to be a part of the most impossible.Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • The Representative Who Can Rescue [Romans 16]

    26/11/2023 Duração: 33min

    Romans 5:15-21 // Ben BeasleyIn our passage today we find Paul continuing his excursus on Adam that we had last week. And he assumes that the reader knows the story of Adam. When Paul says Adam is a type, he is setting up a contrast between Adam and Christ. In our passage today we are going to see three contrasts which are: We are separated through rejection, but are welcomed through receiving; Our death comes from the first man, but our life comes from the perfect man; and our sin is great, but God’s grace is always greater. God’s grace through Jesus is a free gift. But it’s only yours if you reach out to it. You’ve got to reach. God’s grace is enough. Will you receive it?Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • The Representative Who Wrecked It All [Romans 5]

    19/11/2023 Duração: 31min

    Romans 5:12-14 // Ben BeasleyWe’ve all had that moment when who you want to be and who you are is met with frustration. Where does that frustration come from? You can’t help but be hopeful that there’s more but we often experience our helplessness in our inability to change. Is this a me problem or something more? Join us as we continue our journey through the Book of Romans and see what’s really going on in the world and in us in this world.Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • The Result of Rescue: Reconciliation [Romans 14]

    12/11/2023 Duração: 36min

    Romans 5: 5-11 // Tom NelsonWhat have we been rescued for? Paul’s good news answer in our text today is God rescued us for friendship. Paul gives three life-giving implications of God befriending us. As God’s friend, we are lavishly loved, we are sacrificially loved and we are securely loved. Paul is saying when it comes to our friendship with God there is extravagant love, lavished on us, poured out on us in unbounded generosity and in us by God through the Holy Spirit.Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Result of Rescue: Hope [Romans 13]

    05/11/2023 Duração: 33min

    Romans 5:1-6 // Ben BeasleyPaul names many benefits to being rescued by Jesus, including the offer of great hope even in our suffering. We have not only been rescued from something, but also for something. We are the hope of the glory of God. Suffering cannot defeat the great hope we have in Jesus. In fact, “hope will develop indirectly, as a byproduct of the persevering work we do in response to suffering. This hope that God gives us will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.Join us as we continue our journey through the Book of Romans and see three reasons why we can find hope and even boast in our suffering”.  Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Rescued By Trusting the Promise [Romans 12]

    29/10/2023 Duração: 35min

    Romans 4: 13-25 // Ben BeasleyThink with me for a moment about the last time you saw the stars on a clear night. The stars are supposed to represent a place of transcendence. The divine. A sacred place we trust to guide us, elevate us, point us higher, to order us. But, in a modern world, more and more, doubt is where we live. Not only doubt, but rising depths of despair, mistrust of institutions and we are dealing with an epidemic of loneliness. Paul has a simple message for us in our human reality of despair that we rarely speak of, but all encounter. In a dark world, trusting God is our north star.Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Rescued Apart from Earning [Romans 11]

    22/10/2023 Duração: 39min

    Romans 4: 1-12 // Ben BeasleyGod wants nothing more than your trust. Trust is the only way to intimacy. God wants us to live in his presence and be blameless; live in his face and be whole. Trust is the only way to see God for who he is: a God of forgiveness and grace. Trust is the way to receive what you want most because trust leads to intimacy and a real relationship. Ultimately that is what we all want. And the good news is that we can all have it! All we have to do is grow in trusting God by resting in His forgiveness and grace, being courageous, and pursuing intimacy with our loving God who wants nothing more than our trust.Sermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

  • Rescued through Faith [Romans 10]

    15/10/2023 Duração: 38min

    Romans 3:27-31 // Tom NelsonSermon Notes: Prayer Requests:

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