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  • Less Than Experts in 'Don't Look out the Window'


    Nothing has gone missing. We don't know what you're talking about. An important record of an ancient nation's history most certainly did not go missing. Who told you that? They're a liar.On an unrelated note, Josh Frisby will be unavailable to record further podcasts until he has recovered from the thing that definitely didn't happen at the end of this episode. Nothing is going on. Everything is fine.Doppelganger? What doppelganger? I think you just made that up. It would be better for everyone if you stopped making these ridiculous claims.Anyway, Dawn of Justice is a bit crap innit?

  • Less Than Experts does Sword Art Online (episodes 1&2) - 'Wank me off'


    Tom brings the polarising anime Sword Art Online before Josh to face his judgement. He mostly just makes wank jokes.The video game ratings board literally lets a man get away with murder, the blue man group go on a quest to find where it is that the real Dark Souls starts, and the one black man in the show has a rich, buttery voice. Of course he does.

  • Less Than Experts in 'Irreverent Gaming Nuggets'


    Despite incredible technical difficulties, Josh and Toby manage to bang out some Arrowverse chat and a cheeky bit of Undertale. The Golden Raspberries have also taken place, and Toby's a bit disappointed by how 'easy' some of the nominations seem to be. Can our heroes battle through adversity to deliver a complete podcast?Yes.This wouldn't be here otherwise.Fucking moron.

  • Less Than Experts in 'The Wordsworth Concern'


    The OG Blokes (to invoke an ancient podcast team name) are back with some new gear, more Arrow/Flash, drastically misunderstood Jim Carey plotlines and fervent denial of serpents. Also in this episode: Gotham should have just been a show about The Penguin, everyone's a werewolf, Tom's origin story for The Riddler and......Josh?You sound...different...

  • Less Than Experts does My Immortal Episode 6 (Chapters 21 - 25) - 'An Amalgamation of Shit'


    We're all going to hell for thisRead along here  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6829556/1/My-Immortal

  • Less Than Experts in 'A Pounce of Lunge'


    2015 has now well and truly been put behind us, and so as a special treat we thought we'd talk about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie-in game for FUCKING AGES! The news gets even naughtier as the Frosties mascot has to deal with some unusual backlash, Toby tracks down a creature you shouldn't concern yourselves with, and The Devil waxes philosophical to children in a singularly peculiar movie moment.It's all from Primark. Everything is a lie.

  • ELTIES 2015 - 'Hoo Haw Banana's Hoo Haw Bonanza' (Part 2)


    Toby and Josh wrap up the Elties with the final 3, and arguably most important awards: Pacific Rim of the Year, Amazing Spider-Man 2 of the Year, and the culmination of everything we have been building towards all this time - Film of the Year.He ascends.

  • ELTIES 2015 - 'Hoo Haw Banana's Hoo Haw Bonanza' (Part 1)


    It's finally here! The Elties are upon us, and the time of reckoning is nigh! We shall all be judged...but mostly just those in the film industry!Josh and Toby make their opinions known, and only get slightly sidetracked along the way. Who will emerge victorious in the most anticipated (by Toby) film awards show on the internet? Because that's what this is! An awards show! Nothing else.Nothing.

  • Less Than Epilogue 2015 - 'The Baywatch Big Fucker of the BBC - Part 2'


    Toby and Josh continue to reflect on 2015 and all that happened throughout it, reflecting on some of the naughtiest news and the greatest depths to which Moffat has fucked it. Split into two parts to appease an awkward hosting service. (Part 2 of 2).

  • Less Than Epilogue 2015 - 'The Baywatch Big Fucker of the BBC - Part 1'


    Toby and Josh reflect on 2015 and all that happened throughout it, reflecting on some of the naughtiest news and the greatest depths to which Moffat has fucked it. Split into two parts to appease an awkward hosting service. (Part 1 of 2).

  • Less Than Xmas 2015: 'Toucan Policeman the Xtreme'


    It's Christmas time once again, and this one gets fucking weird - the origin of Spider-Man's organic web shooters is revealed, Cyclops' OTHER brother gets his moment in the spotlight and Hawkman begins his journey to the Battle City tournament. Toby's also played Until Dawn, and has received a couple of messages from Luke. It's probably nothing.It's definitely nothing.Do not concern yourself with the messages.Merry Christmas!

  • Less Than Experts in 'Spaffy Fanta'


    In this extra long hiatus apology special, Toby hasn't watched Arrow or Flash! He's watched Constantine, but it's not really the same - as we learn when Arrow and Constantine cross over. In Naughty News, a weird game has been doing the rounds on the deep web. Josh forgets two words, Toby's plagued by a phantom orchestra, and the gang gives a new name to Josh's mysterious house guest.Nothing suspicious is happening. Do not be alarmed.

  • Less Than Experts does My Immortal Episode 5 (Chapters 18-20) - 'Bahmeitt'


    He is among us.Read along here  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6829556/1/My-Immortal

  • Less Than Experts Halloween 2015 - 'The Houmous Theory'


    The shadows will not be denied. The Ascendant must die.

  • Less Than Experts in 'Diamond Dildos'


    Josh talk to Luke about the Star Wars Battlefront beta, Jason Statham and the politics. Elsewhere, in Naughty News, someone appears to have misplaced Hideo Kojima and Adele banishes Donald Trump to the netherworld - and as if that wasn't enough, a bunch of cretins accuse The Great British Bake Off of terrorism, and Josh is having a spot of bother with crows.

  • Less Than Experts in 'Miller Reported'


    There's some stuff involving a bus, Josh sees a small dog, and people can gamble for Daniel Craig...but it's all kind of irrelevant because Toby just landed an interview with SIMON CHUFFING MILLER! Delight as he leaps all over the place like a puppy at Christmas, who somehow is able to understand what Christmas is despite being a puppy. It really is a joy to behold.

  • Less Than Experts in 'At This Point, It's Easy'


    Until Dawn, David Cage, Heavy Rain, David Blaine. It's time for another episode of Less Than Experts! In this cavalcade of wacky shenanigans, the interactive slasher movie experience Until Dawn invokes some old school shit, Josh has Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Toby doesn't, and the Bricksons start taking liberties...

  • Less Than Experts in 'You Don't Know Wraiths'


    David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, has put his dick in a pig (ALLEGEDLY).In other news, Josh has been given the keys to something he should never have been given, Birdman is a film that has some interesting things going on but is understandably divisive, and Stephen Amell has allowed something unspeakable into the house of Frisby...Featuring an outro track that Josh cobbled together based on Toby's brief, because Toby is a bloody fool who doesn't think about logistics or the imposition on other people before opening his damn mouth with an idea.

  • Less Than Experts does Doctor Who: "The Magician's Apprentice" (Season 9, Episode 1 Commentary)


    Against their better judgement, and having both given up on the series long ago, Josh and Luke bear witness to the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who staring Peter Capaldi. If you have taken leave of your senses, you can join them: set up season 9 episode 1 of Doctor Who (titled "The Magician's Apprentice") and on their command hit 'play', and experience the episode as though they were right there watching it with you. Right behind you. Breathing down your neck.Don't turn around.

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