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A bunch of dudes talking shit on everything all for the good of mankind.


  • Episode #10

    Episode #10

    07/07/2010 Duração: 01h03min

    Epic fail edition. We lost all momentum after we had already tried to record half a show and our recording equipment failed. In this episode we talk the usual shit, tell stories, evie does the boobie news (LOL, and we introduce new sound effects. Our next show will be live and the rest will be as well, enjoy.

  • Episode #9

    Episode #9

    07/07/2010 Duração: 01h30min

    We try a whole new format as we prepare for our venture into internet radio (that's right). We will be doing our podcast as an internet radio show. It's more organized and less of a clusterfuck. Let us know what you think, should we keep it this way or go back to our old way? Or if you have any ideas or suggestions hit us up at [email protected] (also Kerry accidentally spoils The Book Of Eli. BEWARE)

  • Episode #8

    Episode #8

    07/07/2010 Duração: 01h36min

    (WARNING audio is a little uneven due to people not talking directly into their mics) In this episode we tell stories of crack heads, The movie Splice, the Gutti man, Apple products, and we play the Would You Rather game.