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The website for the Duo Queue Podcast, a League of Legends podcast.


  • Episode3 “Baron vs Poros”

    Episode3 “Baron vs Poros”


    Episode3 “Baron vs Poros” 00:00:00 – Intro 00:01:50 – All-Stars 00:15:17 – CLG Swaps 00:25:40 – Top Ten 00:39:24 – CGI Twist of Fate 00:43:47 – The Grind: Counter Picking vs Best Champ This weeks hosts: Todd (toddlol) Jake (schleppythebrave) Cody (HanSoloBaron) Tim (coolrazor)

  • Episode2 “Better Late Than Never”

    Episode2 “Better Late Than Never”


    Episode2 “Better Late Than Never” 00:00:00 – Intro 00:01:30 – LCS All-Stars 00:06:50 – Aatrox Reveal 00:21:45 – Top Ten 00:38:12 – Patch 3.7 00:51:45 – The Grind This weeks hosts: Todd (toddlol) Matt (raydenuni) Cody (HanSoloBaron) Tim (coolrazor)

  • Episode1 “Pilot”

    Episode1 “Pilot”


    This is the first pilot episode for the Duo Queue Podcast.  On this episode we talk about the NA LCS Season 3 Summer Promotion Series.  We also talk about the Spirit of the Elder Lizard and some of the current meta.