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Conquest Of Heroes Radio is a podcast with news, updates, interviews, and other information about games in development by Burning Man Studios. Their flag ship title; Conquest Of Heroes Online aims to be an MMO of epic proportions set in a sci-fi militaristic world.Conquest Of Heroes Radio also sports a professionally produced audio book segment that will keep you coming back for more! Complete with music, sound design, and voice acting, these drama segments will immerse you into the world of Conquest Of Heroes, long before you play the game.Join our host, Nathan Allen Pinard as he discusses the progress, and answers fan submitted questions about this title in development.


  • Episode 3: Shattered Lies

    Episode 3: Shattered Lies

    02/10/2008 Duração: 52min

    We're back with the new Conquest Of Heroes Radio format! We talk about the new name, new feed, new format, new everything! We also suggest ways you can let your friends know about COH, plus a few props for the artists that submitted some fan art based on COH, along with a few development updates and tidbits. And of course, there's an all new episode to listen to at the end featuring the main two leads of COH, Velvet and Arkady! "Shattered Lies" written by Christopher Buckner Edited by Nathan Allen Pinard Narrated by Nathan Allen Pinard Music by Romeo Knight and Nathan Allen Pinard Velvet - Candace Holly ( Arkady - Johnny Voruz ( [email protected]

  • Episode 2: Day of Days

    Episode 2: Day of Days

    02/10/2008 Duração: 01h30s

    On our second episode, we talk more about the team members and their function while also answering some of the questions asked on the COHfans site, then reading through a generic FAQ for the game. Following the hosting segment is the second installment of Conquest of Heroes: Chronices, introducing another main character in the story. Hang on to the edge of your seat while listening to this one! Script by Christopher Buckner Narration by Nathan Allen Pinard Editing by Nathan Allen Pinard Music by Nathan Allen Pinard and Romeo Knight Halo: Dan Herdegen Razor 1: David Brinks ---- [email protected]

  • Episode 2.5: Music Showcase

    Episode 2.5: Music Showcase

    18/09/2008 Duração: 44min

    After a short delay, we dive back into the podcasting world with a bit of news about the site, podcast, and forums. A few of the fans questions about the game in development are answered by the devs, followed by a Conquest Of Heroes Music Showcase featuring music by Romeo Knight and Nathan Allen Pinard! Music by Nathan Allen Pinard and Romeo Knight ---- [email protected]

  • Episode 1: Twilight

    Episode 1: Twilight

    18/09/2008 Duração: 53min

    In our first debut episode, we talk about what the purpose of this podcast is, who Burning Man Studios is, and what Conquest of Heroes is. We also talk about what’s in store for Burning Man Studios presents, and reveal the first episode of Conquest of Heroes: Chronicles! Drama Episode 1: Twilight Script by Christopher Buckner Music by Nathan Allen Pinard and Romeo Knight Sound Design by Nathan Allen Pinard Narration: Paisley Swan Stewart and Nathan Allen Pinard Webb: David Brinks Emily: Candace Holly ---- [email protected]