Vibrant Living Show



Now is the time to explore spirituality objectively and through the eyes of a science. Vibrant Living Show tells of the miracles of spirituality while it presents thrilling scientific documentation that we co-create our environment and our lives. We no longer have to live by faith alone. Science, Spirituality and Metaphysics have merged with the understanding of one common bond... that we are all one. Join every exciting episode as Sameer Vagal interviews leading edge scientists, Physicians, Energy Healers and Holistic Practitioners that shows us how powerful we are. The intention is to inspire transformation of ourselves to newer levels and allow an abundance of wonderful experiences to flow naturally in our health, finances, loving relationships and general well-being. Lets embark on this exciting awakening journey and explore our own enormous individual power that creates worlds and joyful life experience in our lives. Sameer intends to unearth life enhancing insights and practices so that you can experience vibrant living. This Podcast was created using