Saturday Ev Sermons



Sermons from Saturday EV Church focusing on the life changing message of Jesus from the Bible.


  • EV Church - John 4:1-13

    EV Church - John 4:1-13

  • Easter Sunday 2021: John 20:24-31

    Easter Sunday 2021: John 20:24-31


    Easter Sunday. Dave Jensen preaches from John 20 about the resurrection of Jesus and how he calls us to 'live again'.

  • Good Friday 2021: John 12:20-33

    Good Friday 2021: John 12:20-33


    Good Friday. Andrew Heard opens up John 12 to see how Jesus speaks of his death and how we can 'live again'.

  • EV Church - John 3:22-36

    EV Church - John 3:22-36


    John the Baptist is gripped by the truth of who Jesus is. Dave Jensen preaches from John 3:22-36 to show how this truth shapes both our humility and our mission.

  • EV Church - John 3:16-21

    EV Church - John 3:16-21


    John 3:16 is one of the best-known sentences in the Bible. Andrew Heard unpacks what this verse says about the extraordinary love of God. John 3:16-21.

  • EV Church - John 2:23-3:16

    EV Church - John 2:23-3:16


    What happens after we die? Where would you go to find out? A man comes to Jesus at night and faces a confronting answer. Andrew Heard preaches through John 2:23 - 3:1-16.

  • EV Church - John 2:1-22

    EV Church - John 2:1-22


    Jesus' signs show us his glory so that we will trust him. Grahame Fuller preaches from John 2.

  • EV Church - John 1:35-51

    EV Church - John 1:35-51


    Jesus offers answers, transformation and eternal life to those who follow after him. Come and see! Jez Reynolds preaches from John 1:35-51

  • EV Church - John 1:19-34

    EV Church - John 1:19-34


    A substitute, the Spirit, and a King. Andrew Heard shows how these three great ancient hopes are fulfilled in Jesus. John the Baptist points to him.

  • EV Church - John 1:6-18

    EV Church - John 1:6-18


    A gift, a tragedy, and an even greater gift. Andrew Heard explains John's profound words in John 1:9-12 and speaks of how we can become the children of God.

  • EV Church - John 1:1-5

    EV Church - John 1:1-5


    Your view of Jesus can NEVER be too big. Jez Reynolds kicks off our series in John in one of the most mind-blowing passages about Jesus in the Bible - John 1:1-5.

  • EV Church - Luke 23:44-49

    EV Church - Luke 23:44-49


    Would God be good news if he was there and he cared? Dave Jensen takes us to Luke 22 and 23 where we see the evidence for God's immeasurable love for us in the cross of Jesus. The final talk in this year's summer series.

  • EV Church - Luke 18:9-14

    EV Church - Luke 18:9-14


    Would God be good news if he let everyone into heaven or gave people what they deserve? Andrew Heard opens up Jesus' parable about two men who pray to God. Jesus teaches us a confronting truth about our hearts and God's solution. Talk 3 in this year's Summer Series.

  • EV Church - Luke 5:17-21

    EV Church - Luke 5:17-21


    Would God be good news if he cared enough to fix things? Andrew Heard takes us to the moment when Jesus heals the paralytic man and shows that actually it is great news that God DOESN'T fix things... yet. Talk 2 in this year's summer series.

  • EV Church - Luke 15:11-24

    EV Church - Luke 15:11-24


    Would it be a good thing if God was chill? Jez Reynolds takes us through Jesus' teaching on the prodigal son, who experiences the passionate love of a father who cares. Talk 1 in this years summer series.

  • EV Church - Psalm 110

    EV Church - Psalm 110


    Songs of the Messiah - Psalm 110 contains the majesty of Jesus' identity - both Priest and King. Dave Jensen points us to see why this is exactly the Saviour we need.

  • Christmas Day 2020 - Luke 1:46-55

    Christmas Day 2020 - Luke 1:46-55


    In the face of a broken world, Mary rejoices. Andrew Heard walks through Mary's song in Luke 1 at Christmas.

  • EV Church - Psalm 73

    EV Church - Psalm 73


    Songs of Doubt - In Psalm 73 the Psalmist wrestles with trusting God in light of what he sees in the world around him. Jez Reynolds shows us how the Psalmist combats doubt and trusts in God.

  • EV Church - Psalm 119

    EV Church - Psalm 119


    Songs of the Word - God's word is life, light, and freedom to his people because it truly is God to us. Grahame Fuller preaches from Psalm 119.

  • EV Church - Psalm 103

    EV Church - Psalm 103


    Songs of Thanks and Declaration - Andrew Heard takes us through Psalm 103, the song of David that encourages the reader to praise the one who is worthy.

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