Ocean Gazing Podcast



The audio series that tracks the real-time swirl of creatures, chemicals and currents of our seas. An initiative of COSEE NOW.


  • Only one ocean


    Steve Van Zandt goes by Solar Steve when he’s writing songs and performing with the Banana Slug String Band. The group’s based in Santa Cruz, California, and they make music about science and conservation. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2011/07/og51.mp3]

  • The poetry of our planet


    The ocean is teeming with life, chemistry, water masses, and - believe it or not - poetry. In our 50th and final (for now) episode of Ocean Gazing, we consider the poems of our seas. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/12/og50.mp3]

  • Slick of oil


    The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lasted three months. In July 2010, the wellhead was capped, and the oil finally stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. But the repercussions and the science? They're far from over. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/12/og49.mp3]

  • Clams in a jam


    Surf clamming has always been a hard business. But recently it's gotten even harder, and the fishermen are bearing the brunt of the impact. All you have to do is talk to them to find out. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/11/og48.mp3]

  • Dotted shrimp and sugary fish


    In the heart of Savannah, an experiment is underway...to see whether the same science topics can be made engaging for students of all ages, from elementary to graduate school. And that experiment...it's working. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/11/og47.mp3]

  • An imminent thaw


    In the Bering Sea, ice is everything. It controls the life, the people living there, and the climate. So what's happening now that the thickness and the quality of that ice is deteriorating? [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/11/og46.mp3]

  • MBARI: A seaside sequel


    The waters off Monterey, California are rich fodder for scientists and educators alike. And MBARI's just the place to forge the collaborative connections between those two groups. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/10/og45.mp3]

  • ROVers over and under


    Rovers and remotely operated vehicles are hulking beasts on land. But in the ocean, they glide gracefully through the water and along the seafloor, and they're crucial in surveying the watery deep. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2010/10/og44.mp3]