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  • The ET – UFO Phenomenon – It’s MUCH Bigger Than You Think


    Listen to the top researchers in the field and discover that the ET and UFO stories that you’ve heard are just the tip of the iceberg!   In this episode we look at three unique accounts: Barbara Lamb discusses her initial work with ET contact through hypnotic regression as she helps a young woman realize her connection […]

  • 2016 – A Forecast by the Numbers with Sharon Millstein


    In numerology, every number has a special significance and an energetic influence that is tightly embedded within the matrix we call 3D reality. As we prepare to leave 2015 an eight year and move swiftly into what celebrated numerologist Sharon Millstein calls a number of power, the 9 year, there’s much she cautions us to […]

  • How to Manifest from the Out of Body State with William Buhlman


    We’ve all heard the phrase “thoughts are things.” And while many may believe this idea has merit, what if you could actually see your thoughts forming right before you? According to out of body expert William Buhlman, we can. In fact he says not only can we witness our thoughts taking form, we can manifest […]

  • Quantum Reality and How it’s Affecting Us Right Now with Cynthia Sue Larson


    Does the famous clip from Disney’s Snow White bring back memories for you? Have you listened to it lately? And if so, does something sound a little “different”? Could we be witnessing right in front of our very eyes and ears what my guest Cynthia Sue Larson calls an alternate history? There are many examples, both […]

  • The Alchemy of Life – A Conversation with Linda McCallum


    “Sometimes the most limited thoughts are doorways into new ideas.” This sentiment launched the beginning of Linda McCallum’s quest to discover the true alchemy of life – A life that is fully capable of transcending limited beliefs into unlimited possibility. Linda began her journey within a confined perimeter of reality – parents who refused to […]

  • The Last Avatar with Producer Sharron Rose


    There are many Hollywood films that are brilliant at drawing the viewer in to the depths of emotion.  Whether it’s laughter, tears, or the grips of fear, Hollywood has made it their business to use emotion to get our attention and keep it there, if only for an hour or two. But there are some […]

  • Zen Gardner – Surfing the Waves of Reality (Exclusive)


    Reality is for the strong of heart. That’s why most people avoid it.  This lucid statement comes from alternative writer, researcher and spiritual warrior, Zen Gardner. Zen is a man who despite the tumult of this world insists that a positive awakening is occurring right before our very eyes and souls. His words of wisdom, […]

  • A Tribute to Wayne Dyer – A Friend & Colleague Speaks


    Best-selling author, therapist and life coach Dr. Laurie Nadel didn’t just know Wayne Dyer, she was touched by him. In 2006, Dr. Laurie found herself dealing with an unexpected shift, having been a regular columnist for the New York Times, when she was thrust into unknown waters. It was a meeting with Wayne Dyer and […]

  • Mary Rodwell – A Revelational Past Life Regression


    Those who know the incredible work of Mary Rodwell have heard her speak on numerous occasions about the amazing revelations that come through when she works with her clients in regression – many of whom learn that they have a link to non-human intelligence. But not many have heard her speak publicly along with one […]

  • The Shadow Being Enigma with Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Sean Stone


    As much as many would like to believe that this physical reality we all inhabit is all that exists, there are numerous examples of other realities, dimensions, and entities that co-exist along with us. Shadow beings and the Djinn are two very common examples that reality is far more multidimensional than most could fathom. But […]

  • The Mystery and Metaphysics of D.I.Y. Magic with Anthony Alvarado


    “…It does not do harm to the mystery to know a little about it.” This is a quote from physicist and philosopher Richard Feynmann as he marveled about the mystery of the heavens and embraced the spark of imagination he ignited as he pondered such wonders. Anthony Alvarado has a similar philosophy. In his best-selling […]

  • The Law of Attraction – There’s MUCH more to the story – Ken Elliott


    With so many these days clamoring for more information on the idea of manifesting, there are now hundreds of books, courses, and workshops on the law of attraction, abundance and reality creation. But in this candid interview with the author of Manifesting 1,2,3 (and you don’t need 3), Ken Elliott takes manifesting to a whole […]

  • Great Decisions, Perfect Timing and The Intuitive Way with Paul O’Brien


    Visionary entrepreneur and spiritual teacher Paul O’Brien is a living example of an individual who walks the path of success. But not just because of his great decisions and perfect timing, both of which led him to build a multi-million dollar company – Paul is man who has dared to live his passion and to […]

  • Spiritual Telepathy and the Art of Tapping the Higher Self with Colleen Mauro


    Is it possible to directly link our conscious self with the higher worlds?  Or is this just a rare gift bestowed upon a special class of individuals ? Consciousness Researcher and author Colleen Mauro says, “Not at all!” Colleen who herself followed higher guidance that led her to the founding of the popular Intuition magazine […]

  • Utilizing our “Brave New Mind” with Dr. Elliott Maynard


    Dr. Elliott Maynard is a visionary, and his vision encompasses not just one, two, or several ideas. He sees the future as encompassing a spectrum of revolutionary concepts and our role is integral in bringing these all to light.  By blending the best of our innate spiritual and metaphysical abilities with that of advanced science, […]

  • The Journey to Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl


    While Dr. Eric Pearl was operating a thriving practice in chiropractic health, one of the most successful in Los Angeles, he felt that he had seen it all – until the universe had other plans for him. While going through a series of anomalous and uninvited events over the course of some months, he realized […]

  • E.T. Encounters of the Human Kind with Richard Dolan


    We’ve heard it many times – truth is stranger than fiction. But when trying to keep some semblance of normalcy and sanity in a world that continues to show us its more mysterious side, it might do us well to consider that truth includes a broad spectrum of experience, including possible interactions with human looking […]

  • The Metaphysics of Conspiracy – A Roundtable Discussion with Sean Stone, Patrick Henningsen, and Dean Ryan


    Who says discussion about world events, history, and yes even conspiracy can’t be fun. After sitting down with film director, producer and alternative historian Sean Stone along with 21st Century Wire’s own Patrick Henningsen and Dean Ryan, I’m convinced that even serious discussion can have it’s own flavor of humor and lightheartedness. Granted, the subject […]

  • Understanding the Dynamic of E.T. Contact Experience with Mary Rodwell


    Regressionist, hypnotherapist and E.T. contact researcher Mary Rodwell discusses the case of “Kimberly,” a 52 year old woman, who while being regressed discovers she may have lived a life as a non-human entity. Alexis Brooks sat down with Kimberly to get her account in explicit detail as well as other “curious” events that have happened […]

  • Out of Body Experiences and the Road to Spiritual Evolution with William Buhlman


    Out of Body expert William Buhlman is passionate, adamant, and encouraging when it comes to the practice of what he calls self-initiated OBE’s. As elusive and mysterious as this process may be for some, William contends that it is one of the most natural states an individual can experience. Furthermore, as we continue to catapult […]

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