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  • John Carrick — Jonathan Edwards and the Immediacy of God


    Jeff Waddington reviews Jonathan Edwards and the Immediacy of God by John Carrick. Jonathan Edwards is one of the outstanding figures in the history of the Christian church—he was, quite simply, a man of towering intellect and towering spirituality. But it has been noted, even by his friends and admirers, that his thought is also […]

  • Cornelis Pronk — A Goodly Heritage


    Jeff Waddington reviews A Goodly Heritage: The Secession of 1834 by Cornelis Pronk. In A Goodly Heritage, Cornelis Pronk surveys the history of the Secession of 1834, beginning with the events leading up to this important spiritual movement and subsequently following its long journey through the Netherlands and North America until 1892. He then focuses […]

  • Therefore the Truth I Speak: Scottish Theology, 1500–1700


    Jim Cassidy discusses Therefore the Truth I Speak: Scottish Theology, 1500–1700 by Donald Macleod. The Scottish church was forever altered by the arrival of the Reformation in the sixteenth century. Its legacy endured, and provoked a flurry of theological re–examinations which form the foundation for much of our modern understanding of Reformed Theology. In this […]

  • Discussing Foundations of Covenant Theology


    Lane Tipton speaks about his new book, Foundations of Covenant Theology, available now through Reformed Forum. Drawing from Genesis 1:1 and subsequent biblical revelation, Lane Tipton argues that before creating the visible world, the immutable triune God created a heavenly temple dwelling, filled that heavenly dwelling with the unchanging glory of his Spirit, and sanctified […]

  • The Auburn Betrayal


    Camden Bucey speaks about Murray Forst Thompson’s tract, The Auburn Betrayal, which provides historical and theological context for the Auburn Affirmation, an important document in early twentieth-century American Presbyterianism. The tract was published in 1941 by the Committee on Christian Education for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Participants: Camden Bucey

  • On Our Radar [19 May 21]


    Durham, James. Commentary on Revelation: Volume 2, Lectures on Chapters 4–11 (Reformation Heritage Books, May 2021). 504 pages. $50.00. Hardcover. Guinness, Os. The Magna Carta of Humanity: Sinai’s Revolutionary Faith and the Future of Freedom (IVP Academic, May 2021). 288 pages. $25.00. Hardcover with jacket. Lynch, Michael J. John Davenant’s Hypothetical Universalism: A Defense of […]

  • On Our Radar [12 May 21]


    DeYoung, Kevin. Men and Women in the Church: A Short, Biblical, Practical Introduction (Crossway, April 2021). 176 pages. $19.99. Paperback. Gronewoller, Brian. Rhetorical Economy in Augustine’s Theology (Oxford University Press, April 2021). From the Oxford Studies in Historical Theology series. 224 pages. $99.00. Hardcover. Tripp, Paul David. Marriage: 6 Gospel Commitments Every Couple Needs to […]

  • Loetscher, The Broadening Church: A Study of Theological Issues in the Presbyterian Church Since 1869


    Camden Bucey and Lane Tipton discuss Lefferts A. Loetscher, The Broadening Church: A Study of Theological Issues in the Presbyterian Church Since 1869 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1954). This book is indispensable as a thoughtful and well-researched rationale for the reorganization of Princeton Seminary in 1929. It is a history told from the perspective of […]

  • Scott Swain, The Trinity


    Jim Cassidy reviews Scott Swain, The Trinity: An Introduction (Crossway) From the Publisher The Trinity is one of the most essential doctrines of the Christian faith. The eternal God existing as three distinct persons—Father, Son, and Spirit—can be difficult to comprehend. While Christians often struggle to find the right words to describe this union, the […]

  • Gerald Bray, The Attributes of God


    Jim Cassidy reviews Gerald Bray, The Attributes of God: An Introduction (Crossway) From the Publisher How can we (created beings) know God (the Creator)? Throughout history, the church has recognized the importance of studying and understanding God’s attributes. As the Creator of all things, God is unique and cannot be compared to any of his […]

  • On Our Radar [15 Apr 21]


    The following books are on our radar for April 15, 2021. Greidanus, Sidney. Preaching Christ from Leviticus: Foundations for Expository Sermons (Eerdmans, March 2021). 344 pages. $35.00. Paperback. Ryken, Leland and Mathes, Glenda Faye. Recovering the Lost Art of Reading: A Quest for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful (Crossway, March 2021). 304 pages. 21.99. Paperback. Bredenhof, […]

  • On Our Radar [8 Apr 21]


    The following books are on our radar for April 8, 2021. Barrett, Matthew. Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and Spirit (Baker, March 2021). 368 pages. $24.99. Paperback.  Van Dam, Cornelis. In the Beginning: Listening to Genesis 1 and 2 (Reformation Heritage Books, March 2021) 384 pages. $30.00. Hardcover. Gribben, Crawford. Survival and Resistance in Evangelical America: Christian Reconstruction […]

  • On Our Radar [1 Apr 21]


    These are the books on our radar for April 1, 2021. Kuyper, Abraham. On Business and Economics (Lexham; Acton Institute, February 2021). From the Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology series. 192 pages. $29.99. Hardcover with jacket. Selvaggio, Anthony T. Considering Job: Reconciling Sovereignty and Suffering (Reformation Heritage Books, February 2021). 184 pages. $14.00. Paperback. Carr, Simonetta. Questions Women […]

  • Research Tools: Zotero


    Whether you are a scholar, pastor, theological student, Bible study teacher, or someone engaged in serious personal study, it is critical to document your sources. Regrettably, most people don’t do this well. Along with many best practices, there are tested tools used by many scholars in a wide range of disciplines. One of these is Zotero. At root, Zotero […]

  • Hands-On with Van Til’s Books


    Ryan Noha brings his collection of Van Til books to the studio for show-and-tell. Join us for a surreal Reformed home shopping network experience. This was recorded in the summer of 2020 along with our course Introduction to the Theology and Apologetics of Cornelius Van Til. Participants: Camden Bucey, Lane G. Tipton, Ryan Noha

  • Edmund Clowney, Christian Meditation


    In this review, we consider CM, Christian Meditation: What the Bible Teaches about Meditation and Spiritual Excercises by Edmund P. Clowney and published by Regent College Publishing. Writing in 1977, Edmund P. Clowney addressed the growing popularity of transcendental meditation (TM). TM started to develop roots in America in the 1960s and took off in […]

  • How to Take Smart Notes


    A Book on Notetaking? It’s Not What You Might Expect Amazon showed me Sönke Ahrens’s How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking – for Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers about twenty times in sponsored posts before I finally broke down to see what it was all about. […]

  • Pandemics in Church History


    We briefly summarize and review Michael A. G. Haykin, “‘The Best Friend in the Worst Time’: Pandemics in Church History” The Banner of Truth Magazine, No. 689, February 2021, pp. 4–8. We are prone to think we are the only people ever to experience something like our present pandemic. This year and last, we have […]

  • Stewards of Eden: What Scripture Says About the Environment and Why It Matters


    Camden Bucey reviews Stewards of Eden: What Scripture Says About the Environment and Why It Matters (IVP Academic, 2020) by Dr. Sandra L. Richter, the Robert H. Gundry Chair of Biblical Studies at Westmont College. In this book, Dr. Richter addresses humanity’s role as stewards of creation—those entrusted to care for that which God has […]

  • Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory

    03/06/2020 Duração: 01h22min

    Danny Olinger and Camden Bucey discuss Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory, which raises many questions about the nature of faith, ordination, and the sacraments through the lens of Roman Catholic theology. Greene said, “The aim of the book was to oppose the power of the sacraments and the indestructibility of the Church […]

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