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  • Minister of the New Covenant

    21/07/2015 Duração: 3314h00s

    In order to walk in the position God has preserved for you, you must renounce your current position.

  • Maintaining Kingdom Integrity

    21/07/2015 Duração: 3332h00s

    The Kingdom integrity Solomon maintained in the face of tests caused his competitors to become admirers.

  • Capacity To Increase

    28/08/2014 Duração: 2639h00s

    Your capacity of increase is directly determined by your ability to stretch your borders to hold the increase.

  • Lions and Bears

    24/04/2013 Duração: 3340h00s

    We face tests and trials throughout life, that often weigh us down because our perspective about them is off. Tests are opportunities of discovery. David had the confidence to face the attack of a giant because he learned who he was through the tests of lions and bears. Embrace your lions and bears, so that you may gain the confidence of who you're built to be and the tools that are in you.

  • Identity Crisis

    10/04/2013 Duração: 3735h00s

    Gideon & the people of Israel lost their identity through the attacks of the Midianites; they cowered to their culture & hid in dens & caves, much like the church today has done. We've struggled with identity because we've cowered to our culture. When God speaks to you, he speaks to your created person, not the person culture has shaped. When you regain identity, you'll understand your power to shape your environment.

  • Discovery In Desolation

    02/01/2013 Duração: 3054h00s

    God cannot open up multiplication increase for you until you're thankful for what hasn't been enough.

  • Kingdom VS Democracy

    07/11/2012 Duração: 3238h00s

    What does it mean to live as a Kingdom citizen in a democratic nation?

  • Close The Door

    04/11/2012 Duração: 3808h00s

    It's time to close the door to the distractions that are keeping you from fulfilling the purpose God's put inside of you.

  • Build Him A Room

    07/10/2012 Duração: 4488h00s

    New Image Church Pastor Appreciation Day

  • Go With What You've Got

    03/05/2012 Duração: 3548h00s

    Peter & John couldn't give the beggar what he thought he needed, but they were willing to serve him with what they had! Don't lose another day of pursuing destiny because you're afraid to do what you can now!

  • Arriving At Appointment

    30/04/2012 Duração: 2948h00s

    God has a plan/vision for your life that He intends for you to fulfill, but it's the process to the vision that holds the value. We miss out on promise, because we neglect the process. Don't neglect the process!

  • Promiscuity VS Promises

    19/03/2012 Duração: 3037h00s

    An illustrated story of the parallels of Hosea & Gomer and God and each of us. We have cheated on him, abandoned him, embarrassed him and brought shame to his name, but He still remained faithful and was willing to pay any price to have us with Him.

  • Last Year's Resolutions

    02/01/2012 Duração: 2650h00s

    Rather than create new goals/resolutions, examine the one's you've made in the past that have never been fulfilled. They are still God's promises. Focus on removing the things from your life that have kept old goals & dreams from being reached.

  • Chaotic Christians

    01/12/2011 Duração: 2105h00s

    For the body of Christ to have impact on their environment, it's authenticity must increase! The broken, hurt, and lost see us as a temple of refuge and healing from a distance, but when they get up close they're getting ripped off by the lives we lead. We must be real!

  • Purpose To Purpose

    13/10/2011 Duração: 3098h00s

    God has foreknown plans for you; a distinct purpose that's waiting as potential inside of you. The only way to move your potential purpose to fulfilled purpose is to serve the Kingdom of God.

  • Look Up

    28/08/2011 Duração: 2396h00s

    When all hell comes against you and you're surrounded by your attackers, will you react in fear like the servant or have vision and authority like the prophet of God? There's more fighting for you than what's fighting against you!

  • Your Confidant and Your Kingdom

    22/06/2011 Duração: 3179h00s

    Your access to your kingdom, the place where everything you need lies, is only accessed through your confidant, your spiritual father/mother. Learn how being in covenant with your confidant and honoring their position in your life, will connect you to your destiny.

  • There's A King In You

    05/06/2011 Duração: 3150h00s

    Everything you need to overcome your longest, roughest struggles (addiction, past relationships, abuse, your tongue, pain, etc.) is already in you. There's a king in you!

  • The Faith Principle

    10/10/2010 Duração: 2725h00s

    Faith makes demands on the potential of the omnipotent God.

  • Naturally Supernatural

    21/07/2010 Duração: 3505h00s

    God deposited Kingdom inside of you. Your natural ability is Kingdom, yet to the world it's supernatural.

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