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This blog includes show notes for the Assign It To Me podcasts which is a weekly discussion about our application, Assign It To Me a web based project management tool for Professional Services companies that are looking for an easier and effective way to manage their projects. We have discussions on project management, analytics, and any interesting and noteworthy news in technology.


  • AITM Podcast #47: Don't Hate the Scarf


    Assign It To Me Podcast #47 Image from Mashable Intro Naked Pictures online - Nude Celebrity Photos - Articles Email will last forever - Front The Technology that Ruined Baseball - The Atlantic Topic Hipster Scarf Guy - Mashable Apple’s Keynote - Iphone 6, IOS 8, Apple Pay, Smartwatch State of the App State of the Stack Picks of the show: Steven: Sourcetree & Google Pagespeed Insights Vince: Slack

  • AITM Podcast #46: AITM Windows Review


    Assign It To Me Podcast #46 Intro World Cup Prediction Recap - Germany over Argentina 1 - 0 Customer Service Call from Hell Google Barge Scrapped Articles Switching Back to Windows Windows Power User Tool List Topic State of the App State of the Stack Picks of the show: Vince: CSV Fingerprint Steven: CMDer & Mactype

  • AITM Podcast #45: Analytics and the Work Cup


    Assign It To Me Podcast #45 Lionel Messi - FiveThirtyEight Intro World Cup FiveThirtyEightSports -  Lionel Messi is Impossible Articles App Pricing 4K Monitors and TVs Topic State of the App Picks of the week: Vince: Tim’s Vermeer Steven: Seiki 4k HD Monitors

  • AITM Podcast #44: Preparation using Vince Lombardi Time


    Assign It To Me Podcast #44 Intro Cognos Analytics Seminar Vince Lombardi Time According to former Green Bay Packer great, Paul Hourning, there were two “times” when playing for coach Vince Lombardi. Regular time versus “Lombardi Time.” Regular time was what most people followed. Lombardi Time was always 15 minutes earlier. And it was adhered to by winners. If a Packer meeting was scheduled to begin at 8:00am, astute players knew to arrive and be ready to go at 7:45am. Every time. Articles Richard Sherman and the value of preparation Patent Trolls vs NewEgg Topic State of the App Picks of the week: Vince: GOKey Steven: Microsoft Surface 3

  • AITM Podcast #43: Why don't the French answer my emails?


    Assign It To Me Podcast #43 Intro SQL Statements Running on Monster Computers Articles Microsoft Surface Mini debuts in May? French Employers ban email after work hours The Key to Success is..? Topic State of the App Picks of the week: Vince: A Space Based Energy Farm Steven: Mdisc

  • AITM Podcast #42: Ok..Ok..I'll give One Note another chance


    Assign It To Me Podcast #42 Intro Google’s Phishing Scam World Science U Articles 2048 OneNote introduces new APIs Topic Malaysian Airlines MH370 Infographic Picks of the week: Vince: Spritz - Read a book in 90 minutes Steven: Motorola Moto G / 51

  • AITM Podcast 41: Faster, Higher, Stronger, Whipped


    Assign It To Me Podcast #41 Intro Olympics Horsewhipping - Pussy Riot in Sochi Whatsapp Main Topic Paypal - Eating your own dogfood Picks of the Week: Steven - StylusLabs Write Vince - World Science U

  • AITM Podcast #40: A Hacker with a Heart of Gold


    Assign It To Me Podcast #40 Intro Yahoo Email Hacked Superbowl Weekend Blog Posts How I lost my $50,000 Twitter Name Apple - Thirty Years of Mac Bill Gates Topic Grappling with overly complex Data Warehousing and Reporting solutions. Picks of the Week: Vince: Sony 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector Steven: Moom, f.lux

  • AITM Podcast #39: Second Annual Year In Review


    Assign It To Me Podcast #39 Intro Winter Storms - Not good for my electronics Iron Maiden uses piracy data for tour locations Soylent Green Topic Year In Review Tech News Gadgets and Hardware Software A Visit from our friend Varnac Picks of the Year: Vince: 3D Printing Electric Cars Steven: Rocksmith 2014 Microsoft Windows 8.1 when used on a touch pc Pans of the Year: Vince: Google Glass SmartWatch (Galaxy, Pebble, Sony) Me & Steven missing the boat with Bitcoin in 2013 - Feb $14 to Dec $1000 Steven: Apple’s dreadful Christmas commercial Kobo’s botched Pocket Integration Announcement

  • AITM Podcast #38: Hey...They forgot the beer!


    Assign It To Me Podcast #38 Intro Steven’s gripe with Apple’s Call Blocking Not a space pick but a moon belt Articles The Value of Content - I.M.H.O Amazon Unveils Futuristic Plan: Delivery by Drone Topic Building a Successful Product Picks of the week: Vince: Reinventing the Wheel Steven: Ultimate Ears HD4000 Headphones

  • AITM Podcast #37: Yo...Can I get a copy of that logo?


    Assign It To Me Podcast #37 Intro Our Crack Smoking Mayor Articles Coin - One card for al your credit cards Brandisty - Auto branding on request Topic  What will we do after the app? We do services too. Picks of the week: Vince: David & Goliath - Malcolm Gladwell Steven: Rocksmith 2014

  • AITM Podcast #36: Off Line


    Assign It To Me Podcast #36 Intro Google’s Secret Barge.  Is it a… Advanced Data Centre Party Boat Retail Store Movember Articles Motorola announces Project Ara, an open source hardware project Amazing robot gymnast The making of the new Mac Pro workstation. This video is tech porn. Topic Off Line - My internet is dropping and it’s giving me the “shakes” Picks of the week: Vince: HTC EVO 3D bullet stopping feature Steven: CodeKit

  • AITM Podcast #35: Where's my Stylus...?


    Assign It To Me Podcast #35 …Lost in my box of obsolete gadgets. Intro The Most Difficult Golf Hole in the World Paying Ransom for Infected Computers Articles In this the Future of AI? - Anki Drive One of our Favourite Apps - 1Password 4 5 Fundamental Problems of why… ToDo Lists Don’t Work Nova’s first in the series of Making More Stuff -  Making Stuff Faster Topic We’re Going Mobile.  Assign It To Me on mobile Devices. Picks of the week: Vince: Microsoft LifeChat LX6000 Headphones Steven: David and Goliath

  • AITM Podcast #34: RIM Shots


    Assign It To Me Podcast #34 Man grows nose on forehead Blackberry getting sold? Topics Brain controlled prosthetic Velocity (iphone app) Bullet Journal App Update Picks of the week: Vince: 3d printer - Peachy PRinter Steven: Surface Pro 2 Anti-pick of the week: Undo last episode’s Pocket for Kobo

  • AITM Podcast #33: Stayed up all night to play Tetris


    Assign It To Me Podcast #33 Apple 5C & 5S Get Lucky Remix & Get Lucky  Blog Entries Yahoo’s New Logo Ginko Bill Watterson General Topic Assign It To Me app update Picks of the Week Vince:  Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters Steven: Pocket for Kobo

  • AITM Podcast #32: B is for...


    Assign It To Me Podcast #32 Beta! Intro Stack  Breaking Bad Lego Lab Playset Blackberry Blog Entries The Meanings of Appleness General Topic Assign it to Me has gone private Beta Picks of the Week Vince:  Dream Arcades’ Kegerator Pro Steven: Moto X

  • AITM Podcast #31: The Answer is "No"... not Maybe or Later


    Assign It To Me Podcast #31 xkcd: Social Media Intro Dear Mr. Watterson Deep Blue Planet Rains Glass Google’s Instant Translator Blog Entries Task Managers vs To Do List Applications “Nothing is Less Productive than Doing What Should Not Be Done at All” General Topic Product Strategy Means Saying “No” Picks of the Week Vince:  Node Power Outlet Steven: Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone

  • AITM Podcast #30: And the winner is...


    Assign It To Me Podcast #30 Assign It To Us New Logo Intro Steve Jobs Movie release scheduled for Aug 16th iOS7 Arkyd Space Telescope Orbital Camera gets funding Wedding Text Message Fight   Blog Entries Buses Should be Free 404 Not Found xkcd: Hipsters Feedly General Topic Assign It To Us Has a New Logo Picks of the Week Vince:  Tesla’s 90 Second Battery Swapping Steven: Samsung Galaxy NX

  • AITM Podcast #29: Why We're Using Crowdsourcing


    Assign It To Me Podcast #29 Intro nom…nom…nom…Why we love the Double Fillet-o-Fish Blog Entries Miguel Cabrera’s Fantastic Plate Coverage Bridge Safety Feature Bridge Collapse in Washington Blamed on Tractor Trailer General Topic Crowd Sourcing - 99 Designs: Assign It To Me Logo Contest Picks of the Week Vince:  ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone Steven: Pirate 3D Buccaneer

  • AITM Podcast #28: Sometimes More is Less


    Assign It To Me Podcast #28 Intro Apple approaching 50 Billion app downloads The coolest Baseball GIF of all time General Topic App Update Samsung Galaxy S4 - Sometimes more is less Back of the Envelope Calculations Statusboard Microsoft Excel: The ruiner of global economies Blog Entries Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Launching in June (Beta) Is it Worth the Time? - xkcd Picks of the Week Vince:  Trakdot Luggage tracker Steven: Falling Skies Other Notes: