I Have A Friend Who...



This is a series about issues. Issues that affect our lives more deeply than we care to admit. So we don't admit it. We ask for advice by saying"I have a friend who..." and off we go. So here goes.


  • I Have a Friend Who is Addicted to Drama


    Ever noticed how some people just seem to wear the crown of drama king or queen very easily? Their life seems to be immersed in drama and they never seem to know how they got there. Never mind the fact that gossip runs rampant from their lips or they can

  • I Have a Friend who Hates Life


    There comes a time into each life where the going gets tough. More than tough, it can get downright discouraging. Depression runs rampant, pain cuts deep into the soul, and people can say the most insensitive things pushing a low self-esteem even lower. C

  • ...Is Tired of God


    Ever thought God wasn't doing His job? Ever had someone throw a statement at you like, "If God is so good then why is there so much suffering?" Or "If God is like my father, then He must be a real jerk!" Or "I just can't believe in a God who allows littl