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  • Ep. 34


    The show is back at full strength this week as Adam, Ben AND Chris hand out NFL midseason team grades, examine the decidedly underwhelming LSU win over Alabama and break down what it means for UGA now that they control their own destiny in the SEC East. Also, don't miss the guys' delving full on the very disturbing Penn State scandal with Jerry Sandusky.From on the field, to off, Adam, Ben and Chris bring the PAIN on the best stories of the week, GETCHA SOME!Direct Stream/DownloadiTunes

  • Ep. 33


    This week on the SportChopShop Adam and Ben give their full analysis of GEORGIA OVER FLORIDA 24-20- the good, the bad, the non-existant (special teams) and what this win could mean in the long term. Chalk on the St. Louis Cardinals winning another World Series, more NCAA upsets, and shifting tides in the NFL, the points fly a mile a minute to squeeze every last drop out of this great week of sports!Download/StreamiTunes (why has you not subscribed yet?)

  • Ep. 27


    We know....we know....but we're back and we're breaking down the Western and Eastern Conference finals as well as reviewing the best and worst of the first and second rounds. Hear predictions for the rest of the series (and who got Game 4 of the Mia-Chi series predicted right and who was dead wrong) as well as some hockey talk and don't miss Adam's BIG swing and a miss blooper during baseball talkWe missed you too.Direct Stream/DownloadiTunage

  • Ep. 32


    Game 5 of the World Series takes an unexpected turn thanks to the Cards needing to work out their wireless plan, the NCAA is RIFE with juicy upsets after only one week of BCS Standings and as always the best stories from the NFL most SPECIFICALLY Adam's Atlanta Falcons getting a much needed win over the Detroit Lions (and wait till you hear the disagreements between the guys over the post game comments). PLUS- Ben and Adam give their Georgia-Florida predictions and Chris adopts a college football team in the middle of the show.More sports than you can shake a chop at, it's the SPORTSCHOPSHOP!Direct Stream/DownloadiTunes (subscribe!)

  • Ep. 30


    A new year brings a new co-host! Chris joins Adam and Ben on the line up and they're bringing you up to speed on all things NFL with a 1 hour NFL BLOWOUT special! Talk on all the best stories from the first 3 weeks including the Bills and Lions going 3-0, the Eagles and Falcons being 1-2 and the rest of the newsworthy tidbits worth gracing our discussion with.New season, new co-host, new banter! SportsChopShop.Download/StreamiTunes (subscribe to the podcast!)

  • Ep. 29


    Football is BACK and so are we with a FULL HOUR of the best sports podcasting this side of blogspot! Adam and Ben dive RIGHT in to all their winners and losers from the free agent frenzy freak out. Hear which moves we like, don't like and what could still happen. The MLB trade deadline has come and gone- hear who the guys think is putting themselves in a great position for the post season.And of course all the heroes, villains, gameballs and benchings you've come to know and love INCLUDING why Adam is benching HIMSELF because of a story so has to be shared to the worldNo need to shop around, sign with the SportsChopShop!Download/StreamiTunes (subscribe!)

  • Ep. 28


    The champs have been crowned and the SportsChopShop is here to give you the factual opinions. In this episode Ben and Adam discuss the NBA Finals, the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup win (or is that Stanley Cup "Finals" win?) and the debate rages as to what is the bigger story during the NBA Finals: the rise of Dirk Nowitski to finals MVP or the utter disappearance of Lebron James? Don't miss the guy's analysis on exactly WHAT was the cause of both of them? All that and MORE for just $19.95! it's freeDirect Download/StreamingiTunes!

  • Ep. 26


    Ben and Adam are here to give you a "double shot" previewing Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs- who will win and in how many games for EVERY match up. Don't miss who we think the "sleeper series" are and are there any UPSET specials to watch for? We'll tell ya!Then Ben presents his "thesis" on why he thinks we are headed towards a Sports Apocalypse. Forget the end of the world in 2012, it may be the end of SPORT! Check it out and weigh in on what YOU thinkDirect Stream/DownloadiTunes

  • Ep. 25


    We's been a while. We missed you. BUT WE'RE BACK BABY! ...and yes, 'it's awesome baby'. We're back and we're breakin down the MADNESS from VCU's amazing run, to Kentucky's return, to the number #1 seed COLLAPSES, and everywhere in between. It's March Madness breakdowns with crystal clear 20/20 hindsight with Adam and Ben. Why does Adam have a problem with Rick Reilly of ESPN? Who has REALLY impressed Ben with their tourney run?And with the NBA playoffs around the quarter, they guys give their take on who is surprising, who is underachieving and which team do the upper seeds REALLY not want to see in the East and West. Are the Knicks this bad? Are the Bulls this GOOD?It's good to be back.< charset="utf-8">Download/StreamiTunes

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  • Episode 18


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