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Grace & Truth Bible Church: Sermon Audio


  • Setting the Record Straight


    Job 40:6 - 42:17 *The first 3 minutes of the audio are very low quality. I. Job's Impotence (40-41) a. Job's Impotence over the World (40:6-14) b. Job's Impotence over Behemoth (40:15-24) c. Job's Impotence over Leviathan (41) II. Job's Repentance (42) a. Job's Confession (42:1-6) b. Job's Vindication (42:7-9) c. Job's Restoration (42:10-17)

  • The Immense Ignorance and Impotence of Man


    Job 38-40:5 I. Job's Ignorance of Creation (38:1-24) II. Job's Impotence over Creation (38:25-41) III. Job's Ignorance and Impotence over Animals (39) IV. Job's Ignorance and Impotence Affirmed (40:1-5)

  • Where is God when I Suffer?


    Job 32-37 I. Elihu Introduced (32) II. Elihu's First Speech (33) "God is not Silent" III. Elihu's Second Speech (34) "God is not Unjust" IV. Elihu's Third Speech (35) "God is not Aloof" V. Elihu's Fourth Speech (36-37) "God's Power is Beyond Man's Understanding"

  • The Limitations of Human Wisdom Pt. 2


    Job 15-21 I. Eliphaz's Counsel (15) II. Job's Response (16-17) III. Bildad's Counsel (18) IV. Job's Response (19) V. Zophar's Counsel (20) VI. Job's Response (21)

  • The Limitations of Human Wisdom Pt. 1


    Job 3-14 I. Job grieves his life (3) II. Eliphaz gives counsel (4-5) III. Job responds to Eliphaz (6-7) IV. Bildad gives counsel (8) V. Job responds to Bildad (9-10) VI. Zophar gives counsel (11) VII. Job responds to Zophar (12-14)

  • Faith Tried, Tested, and Proved Pt. 2


    Job 2 I. Job's Faith Testified (1-6) II. Job's Faith Tested (7-8) III. Job's Faith Proved (9-10) IV. Job's Friends Arrive (11-13)

  • Faith Tried, Tested, and Proved


    Job 1 I. Job's Ideal Life (1-5) II. Job's Faith Testified (6-12) III. Job's Faith Tested (13-19) IV. Job's Faith Proved (20-22)

  • Paul's Appeal to Philemon: 10 Principles of Biblical Leadership


    Philemon 8-25 I. Appeal to rather than command others (8-9) II. Humble yourself before others (9) III. Express personal interest and affection in others (10-12) IV. Don't force others, enable them to choose what is best (13-14) V. Offer a biblical perspective to others (15-16) Vi. Personally identify with others (17) VII. Take responsibility for others (18-20) VIII. Express confidence in others (21) IX. Express confidence in God (22) X. Remind others that they are not alone (23)

  • Paul's Appreciation of Philemon


    Philemon 1-7 I. Philemon's love and faith II. Philemon's sharing of faith III. Philemon's effect on others

  • Pray Always


    Ephesians 6:18-20

  • Before the Throne of God


    Psalm 50 I. God Calls His People to Judgement (1-6) II. God Rebukes His People for their Arrogant Worship (7-15) III. God Rebukes His People for their Hypocritical Lives (16-21) IV. God Calls His People to Repentance (22-23)

  • Living Evangelistically


    Colossians 4:5-6 I. Live wisely II. Make the best use of time III. Speak graciously

  • Devoted to Prayer


    Colossians 4:2-4 I. Be steadfast in prayer II. Be alert in prayer III. Be thankful in prayer IV. Pray for gospel opportunities V. Pray that the truth would be clearly understood

  • Work unto the Lord


    Colossians 3:22 - 4:1 I. Instructions to Slaves (3:22-25) "work for..." a. Total Obedience (22a) b. Sincere Obedience (22b) c. Hearty Obedience (23) d. Eternal Compensation (24-25) II. Instructions to Masters (4:1) a. Treat slaves justly and fairly

  • Living for Christ at Home


    Colossians 3:18-21 I. Instruction to Wives (18) II. Instruction to Husbands (19) III. Instruction to Children (20) IV. Instruction to Fathers (21)

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