Vegan Eco Fibrecast



Finding a more compassionate way of being


  • Episode 5: Dandelions will make you wise


    Episode 5 – Dandelions will make you wise In this episode, I have an unpleasant spinning encounter with ramie. And I just can’t get that sucker to dye, even with my beloved dandelions. In the vegan segment, what’s to eat if you don’t eat meat? And, the time has come to talk about bugs, yes […]

  • Episode 4: The flax of my tears


    Episode 4 – The flax of my tears In this episode I continue my study of plant fibres with flax. I find out what it’s like to spin and dye. In the eco segment: Are we really living better with chemistry? My continuing saga of dechemicalizing my life and the interesting effect it’s had on […]

  • Episode 3: You say you want an evolution


    In this episode, I continue my hemp study with spinning, knitting and dyeing. My dyeing-with-plants project begins with onion skins and touches on previous experiments with black beans. In the vegan segment I look into what happens to egg laying chickens. Is there really anything wrong with eggs? And I call upon everyone to step […]

  • Episode 2: Don’t bogart that yarn my friend


    In this episode I begin my plant fibre study with hemp. I discuss its history and use and how it spins and knits. Also, I look into what happens to sheep who are raised for wool. Is it a totally benign process? In the vegan segment I touch on what happens in slaughterhouses and how […]

  • Episode1: What’s it all about


    Welcome to the Vegan Eco Fibrecast. In this episode I discuss what I will be covering in the podcast. I would say it will be equal parts alternatives-to-animal fibres and veganism/environmentalism. I am attempting to live a more compassionate life and this is my record of how I am doing Episode 1: Whats it all […]