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  • Episode 2: DUCK!

    05/01/2014 Duração: 51min

    In the days and weeks after this Duck Dynasty "thing" could the general discourse be too simplistic? Do you find yourself saying, "I'm not THAT type of Christian?" I had a great conversation with a high school teacher from MI and a music producer/artist from Chicago-land. This one was fun, but necessary…and it's the beginning of a short series where we delve deeper into the complexities of sexuality, religion, and more… let's go!

  • Does God Belong in Public? We ask an artist, a pastor, and an author

    18/12/2013 Duração: 38min

    What place does God have in music? Billy Corgan recently said in an interview that God is the last topic left to explore in music. We talk about this topic and so much more, here.