Random Obsessions



A podcast about pretty musch anythign random. From tv and movies to msuic and broadway, and of course your awesome host, Cody H.


  • 5th Podcast


    5th and what I thought was the Final Podcast I thought this was going to be final podcast, it wasn't. I ended up finding somewhere new to host my podcasts. But i did get one of my listeners to cry out of the whole ordeal. Also Alis in it!

  • 5th Podcast (o2s)


    5th Podcast (o2s)In this podcast I talk about my school musical, LOST the TV show, and probably more stuff too.

  • 4th Podcast (o2s)


    4th Podcast (o2s) In this Podcast I try something new, called Random Obsessions Mobile. It didn't really happen (I could always bring it back), but its still fun in this podcast.

  • 3rd Podcast (o2s)


    3rd Podcast (o2s)I talk about the TV season and Piece the musical in this podcast.

  • 2nd Podcast with Kat (o2s)


    2nd Podcast with Kath (o2s)Opposite sides of the world collide when Singapore meets Pittsford, NY. Though my friend Kat isn't the loudest talker, it's still always fun to have someone else to talk with.

  • 1st Podcast of 2nd Series


    1st Podcast of 2nd SeriesThis could be considered the rebirth of my podcast. I talk about stuff like how I was able to continue my podcast. Not super exciting, but I say that about all of them.

  • Podcast 4.5


    Podcast 4.5 4thefansThis podcast is a halfcast dedicated to my fans and the outpour of mail I got after the 4th podcast. I love emails! Email me at [email protected]

  • 4th Podcast


    Forth PodcastThis is the fourth podcast, and I remeber it being seriously long. I'm not sure though, but I think this is a major contenter for the most boring of all of my podcasts.

  • Third Podcast with Ali


    First Guest Host (3rd Podcast) This is the third podcast with the my very first Guest host, the fabulous Ali Pabs. We talk about fun stuff and make you laugh alot.

  • Second Podcast


    Second PodcastThis is the second podcast, and one of the least interesting ones if you ask me. But you shouldn't ask me, because I don't even remeber what its like. Must not be interesting then though, right?

  • First Podcast


    First Podcast EVERThis is the very first Random Obsessions Podcast. I pretty much just introduce myself, and theres no fancy music. I do get some of my own singing in though.