Roadie Sound Check



We talk about all things Nashville FC and world soccer. If you want to keep up with either, this is the podcast for you!


  • RSC Podcast #15

    01/06/2015 Duração: 26min

    RSC Podcast #15 by Roadie Sound Check

  • RSC Podcast #14

    26/05/2015 Duração: 33min


  • RSC Podcast #13

    27/04/2015 Duração: 28min

    (Recorded on friday) In this pun filled episode we discuss NFCs new home, as well as MLS and more

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast Episode 12.5

    17/04/2015 Duração: 37min

    In our second attempt at the podcast we talk about NFC moving to Vandy football stadium, USA v MEX, and more!

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #12

    07/04/2015 Duração: 36min

    Because of the Easter holiday and our hosts attempting to graduate college this podcast was recorded at midnight with three very tired hosts and one vinegar filled Connor. We discuss the new Roadies logo, MLS, Tissue Gate and more! NSFW

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #11

    30/03/2015 Duração: 33min

    This week we announce our plans for Nashville FC appreciation week! we also discuss the Louisville FC game, MLS and how awful chase is at math!

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #10

    23/03/2015 Duração: 38min

    This week we have a full podcast and discuss MLS, FA cup, and Champions league. We also discuss NFC memberships and fan driven promo ideas.

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #9

    16/03/2015 Duração: 36min

    This week we discuss MLS and MLS officiating

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #8

    09/03/2015 Duração: 30min

    This week we discuss the new MLS season, and the future of the Roadies. Now with intro and outro!

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #7

    02/03/2015 Duração: 27min

    We discuss this weekends FIFA tournament, the future of the Roadies, Tifos and more.

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #6

    24/02/2015 Duração: 38min

    This week we discuss the members social, schedule release, space jam and more! Lets just say this episode got .... interesting. Enjoy!

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #5

    16/02/2015 Duração: 33min

    We discuss the Harrisburg City Islanders to Nashville Situation and how it may affect Nashville FC moving forward.

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #4

    09/02/2015 Duração: 46min

    We add a new member to the RSC family, Aaron Grisham. We have brought him on to help launch our new Youtube page! This episode we talk about Sundays USMNT game and how the Nashville Chapters of the American Outlaws and Soaring Eagles effect the Nashville Soccer community.

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #3

    01/02/2015 Duração: 33min

    The week we talk about the recent Costa and Ronaldo bans, Sacramento Republic FC, our Super Bowl picks and announce our guest for next week.

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #2

    26/01/2015 Duração: 43min

    unfortunately today there was not much new Nashville FC news, so we answered a couple fan questions.

  • Roadie Sound Check Podcast #1

    20/01/2015 Duração: 41min

    The 1st ever Roadie Sound Check! We talk about all things NFC and get in a little world soccer talk as well! We realize the 1st couple of podcasts will be a little rough but we are excited to improve and bring you weekly Nashville FC news!