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  • Debi Laszewski Interview


    Sports After Dark hosts PumpinIronEryn and Allifit sit down for a spiritual chat with one of female bodybuildings true gems- IFBB Pro Debi Laszewski! Listen as Debi chats about her doggie couture line of clothes, her upcoming book release, her prep for the Olympia, and her love of Lady Gaga!

  • Larissa Reis Interview


    The beautiful Brazilian Bombshell, Larissa Reis sits down for a chat with PumpinIronEryn and Allifit. With her husky voice and sexy accent, it's easy to see why Nutrex chose Larissa as the model for their new women's campaign! Having lived in the U.S since 2005, Larissa discusses her career, her new found love, and her hopes at breaking into acting!

  • Bret Contreras, “The Glute Guy”, Interview


    Tune in as PumpinIronEryn and Allifit get the lowdown from the industry's leading glute expert- HOW DO YOU SHAPE THE BOOTY?? "THE GLUTE GUY", who is officially known as Bret Contreras is a renowned trainer and coach to both the industry and the general public. His study of the glute muscles has included attactching electrodes to his behind to track glute stimulation and has even led to the creation of his very own glute machine- THE SCORCHER!

  • Ava Cowan Interview!


    Ava Cowan has been gracing the covers and pages of fitness magazines for years. Her exotic features and her beautiful curves are well known in the industry. But what is NOT well known is the down to earth, friendly, and genuine side of Ava- the side PumpinIronEryn and Allifit had the pleasure of exposing during Ava's interview with Sports After Dark. Ava discusses her humble beginnings, her years of struggle, her upcoming pro debut at the Jacksonville Pro, and her hunky new boyfriend Mark!

  • Denise Masino Interview!


    A SPORTS AFTER DARK EXCLUSIVE- PumpinIronEryn and Allifit speak with bodybuilding icon and erotic female superstar, IFBB PRO DENISE MASINO!! Proof that she is just as brilliant as she is beautiful, Denise speaks about her childhood, her rise to pro status, her upcoming projects, and of course, her exploration of female erotica through her creative avenues of photography, videography, and publication!

  • Mother’s Day Special!


    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Join PumpinIronEryn and Allifit for a special Mother's Day Celebration! Tonight Eryn and Alli are joined by the beautiful winner of Fit Gems Nation Fit Moms Contest- Suzie Carter! Suzie is a lightweight bodybuilder turned bikini competitor and a mother of 3! Click the banner below to tune in to Alli, Eryn, Suzie, and Fit Gems owner C-Ray as they celebrate fit moms everywhere!

  • Scott Abel Interview


    Scott Abel has been involved in the industry for years, as a competitive bodybuilder but even more importantly- as a coach. Scott's approach to coaching athletes might seem unorthodox or unique- but one close look at his actions and methods will tell you one important fact about Scott- he KNOWS what he's doing. His concern for his clients as PEOPLE is prevalent. Join PumpinIronEryn and Allifit as they discuss the darker side of competing with one of the industry's most knowledgeable and sought after coaches- SCOTT ABEL.

  • IFBB Pro and Food Psychology Coach Nancy Georges Interview


    Sports After Dark hosts PumpinIronEryn and Allifit tackle the issues of dieting and food psychology with IFBB Pro Nancy Georges. Nancy is the author of the popular book, "Releasing the Diet Drama", which she discusses on the show. With 20 years of experience, Nancy is a wealth of information for all current or aspiring competitors! **disclaimer- Nancy's certification is as a Food Psychology Coach- NOT a Food Psychologist. Alli had a brain fart and made a mistake on the banner- please forgive the misprint!!**

  • Jenny Lynn Interview!


    Sports After Dark hosts PumpinIronEryn and Allifit had the HONOR of sitting down to chat with one of figure's most dynamic icons- 2x Olympian and IFBB Figure Professional Jenny Lynn! With 10 years of competing and 31 contests under her belt, Jenny had plenty to talk about- including her team of fitness divas, her new clothing line, her transformation challenge, and her move from California, to Texas, and now to Las Vegas!

  • Felicia Romero & Damian Segovia!


    Pumpin'IronEryn and Miss Allifit had the pleasure of interviewing the dynamic fitness duo, IFBB Pro Felicia Romero and her extremly talented fiance Damian Segovia! The duo discussed not only Felicia's training and the establishment of their eve growing training team, the AZ Fitness Divas, BUT dished the dirt on how they met, Damian's junk food habit, Felicia's love of Chipolte, AND their possible involvement with upcoming reality TV series "Iron Maidens!"