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  • NFL Week 3, Eagles, Aaron Judge Hits 61, Million Dollar Balls, Pujols Blasts 700, Tua Injury, 49ers Debacle, Dan Orlovsky Celebrates, Culled D-Sack, Coolio RIP, the Captain Birthday Blowout 09-29-2022

    01/10/2022 Duração: 02h39min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 3. Colts blow up the Death Pools, Jackson Mahomes needs cash now, and the randomness of sports. The 49ers – Broncos debacle, Wilson keeps rolling vs San Fran, and Dan Orlovsky celebrates. Enjoying the moment – Aaron Judge cranks out 61 and Pujols hits 700. The steroid era context, juiced HR numbers, and appreciating Judge’s accomplishment. Hypothetical player era shifts, underrated players, and appreciating Hakeem The Dream Olajuwon. Frankie Lasagna, Fake Failhorn, and the dropped Judge HR moneyball. Going over the railing for a million-dollar ball, Lance Armstrong style. Chad Powers gloss and that Russell Wilson contract. Pujols catches fire. Mets – Braves chatter, the Colts playoff pull-out method. Week 3 betting wipeouts. The Judge – Ohtani MVP race. Birthday bonanza, Todd with two Ds, Shannon bag alert, and the McCollam block party. The Captain vs VA Tech plus the McNabb Dirt Brewery. Segment 2 (1.03.49): The disappearing McGuffin, Google Map names, the culled D-Sack, the Chris Cooley

  • NFL Week 2 Comebacks, Bills Beast Mode, Colts BSE, Broncos Bust, Jimmy G Factor, Lamar Jackson Saga, Browns Blow It, Wentz Roller Coaster, NCAAF, Judge, P Chubb, the Legend of Heavy Johnson 09-21-2022

    23/09/2022 Duração: 02h21min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 1, 2, early season reactions, and the return of the Brew Crew. The Colts go full BSE suckbuckets. The Matt Ryan struggle bus – maybe it wasn’t Wentz after all. Parris Campbell, come on man. The 49ers QB saga, the Trey Lance question, and the Jimmy G factor. Comeback wildness. Cardinals – Raiders. Kyler Murray delivers 20 seconds of hell. The Denver Broncos ride the fail train. Early season reactions and the Bills bring all the shoulder chips (bring on the KC rematch). Eagles – Vikings, prime time Cousins, and Jalen Hurts balls out. Jags – Colts. Jets – Browns, Porn Chubb, and the Brian Westbook Method. Joe Flacco breaks out the Sex Panther as the Brownies blow it. They go down fast and come up slow (TWSS). The Wentz roller coaster in Washington. The Lamar Jackson saga – fire your agent, bro. Organizational fit, building around your talent, and reading vs setting the market. The Failhorn’s Porn Chubb Dong song. Segment 2 (1.12.40): Salud o’ clock! Pouring beers for the Governor of VA. Crank

  • NFL FA, Kansas Comeback, UNC, Bacot, Kershaw Perfect Lame, 2nd Inning Stretch, Slumpbuster, Shannon vs Google, Snyder Cooks Books, Billdo Gone Wrong, Gilbert Gottfried RIP, Axe Frozen Nips 04-14-2022

    16/04/2022 Duração: 02h12min

    Segment 1: NFL chatter. QB trolling with Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, and Deshaun Watson. Deebo scrubs the Gram. The shifting NFL contract landscape, contract guarantees, plus QBs and WRs check into cash. The contract escrow issue, smaller market challenges, and an ownership dilemma. Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, and the Jimmy G question. Phil Castellini throws Reds fans under the bus. The Twitter Terminator’s perfect game nap (plus a random podcast nap rewind). Voting with your pocketbook. Dave Roberts, Perfect Game Slayer. Clayton Kershaw gets the hook. Shannon vs Google, Bandcamp, and from Lougle to Bluegle. Rich Hill’s nickname rocks the Mark Grace slump buster. The moment component. The Failhorn’s 2nd Inning Stretch non-slumpbuster. James Harden tempts Philly fan fate. NFL FA round up, Sammy Watkins, and Matt Ryan. NBA Play-in game shenanigans plus Pat Beverly wilds up. The Sports Brew vs the Sports C U Next Tuesdays. Segment 2 (48.51): Salud o’ clock! McGuffin Brewery Bluegle Fail. Website date of birth scrol

  • Final Four Blue Blood Party, Storybook Endings, Coach K Fun Facts, Lakers BSE, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Kansas, Duke – UNC Maturation, St. Peter’s Dap, Lamar Jackson’s Contract, Will Smith Smack 03-31-2022

    01/04/2022 Duração: 02h01min

    Segment 1: March Madness throwdown! Sweet Sixteen rewind, Elite 8, and the Duke – UNC storyline. Appreciating the St. Peter’s Cinderalla run. The Peacock’s magic runs out vs UNC. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands! Tiger returns. The Lakers go full BSE mode, Westbrook trolling, and missing the playoffs. NBA career playoff streaks – Malone, Stockton, and Big Shot Bob. UNC fan Eric Church cancels his concert for a trip to the Final Four. Covering the spread with a Duke – UNC wedding party. Auto correct fails, calming Todd, and loving some Peters. Will Smith smacks Chris Rock, a legacy altering meme party, and vessels of love (ppphhh). The Jimmy G question in San Fran – holding for leverage. The looming Lamar Jackson contract. From Kirk Cousins to Deshaun Watson, redefining QB contract structures in the NFL. Watson blowback in Cleveland. Salu o’clock! Duke – UNC wedding gets the Hardywood treatment. Sweet 16 and Elite 8 roundup. Gonzaga goes down (again), the ACC delivers, and the maturation of a team over the course of a

  • March Madness FTW, TB12 Returns, Carson Wentz, Failhorn GalaxyCon BreastleMania, Auburn War Feeble, Shart Tank, Duke, KY, The Shot, John Clayton, Maury Povich, Team Awesome 9th Anniversary 03-23-2022

    25/03/2022 Duração: 02h21min

    Segment 1: March Madness time! The NFL QB roller coaster. Tom Brady, retirement bracket buster. Carson Wentz, Washington football purgatory, and the Dan Snyder dumpster fire. Deshaun Watson shenanigans. Kirk Cousins QB contract thank you notes. Amari Cooper drops the black Kirk Cousins blast on Dak Prescott. The Terry McLaurin factor, Anheuser-Busch severs their sponsorship, and Donovan Haynesworth. The Gamecocks hammer Howard and UVA gets Mutombo’d in their own house. The Carson Wentz Sports Tour begins! Giggity goes to GalaxyCon Richmond, the Failhorn breastler story, and Breastlemania is born. Scott Hall RIP, William Hurt RIP, and raising a glass to The Professor - John Clayton (RIP). March Madness shenanigans. Giggity consoles the Twitter Terminator after St. Peter’s – Kentucky upset. Miami takes down Auburn. Miami head coach Jim Larrañaga on Charles Barkley. The Captain’s anti Auburn agenda explained - the OJ story. WAR FEEBLE! Sports bar underdog cheers. One sharting moment, Twitter Terminator shart tan

  • Super Bowl 56, Rams Deliver, Bengals BSE, Snoop Halftime FTW, Real Men of Phallic Genius, Leeroy Drinkins, Wentz, Big Baby Kyler Murray, TB12 Hydration, OBJ, Kupp Show, Boba Fett, The Boys 02-16-2022

    20/02/2022 Duração: 02h15min

    Segment 1: Super Bowl 56. The Rams take down the Bengals. Kyler Murray’s adventures in co-sleeping. Appreciating a fantastic Super Bowl Halftime show – Snoop Dogg, Dre, and Evan McPherson fandom. Giggity’s Detroit Rams gloss, Matt Stafford gets boozalicious, and the Bengals parade that could have been. Super Bowl party shenanigans. OBJ goes down, overcoming adversity, and the Cooper Kupp show. The Bengals and the cost of missed opportunities. The mysterious end game disappearance of Joe Mixon. Officiating shenanigans, missed calls, bad flags, and the refs become part of the story. Alex Trebek, back from the dead (Bulls style). A flag challenge proposal. Eli Apple’s burnt toast menu. Double Kupp gone wrong. Joe Burrow’s on field introductions. Fuel for the rigged sports crowd. Segment 2 (1.07.13): Super Bowl 56 shenanigans. Watering trees. Salud O’ C(l)ock plus Real Men of Genius, Phallus Edition. Ivan Reitman RIP. Shannon doesn’t take Tom Brady’s hydration advice. The off-season challenge for the Rams to run

  • NFL Playoffs, Bengals, Joe Burrow Gloss, Chiefs Hubris, Rams D, OBJ, Scrotabitch, Redskins Commanders Rebrand of Fail, Booting Snyder Pipe Dream, Tom Brady Retires, Patriots BHA, Todd Baby 02-02-2022

    06/02/2022 Duração: 02h46min

    Segment 1: NFL Playoffs – NFC and AFC Championship Games. The Bengals and Rams are Super Bowl bound! Custom Yetis, Joe Burrow nicknames, and the oddity of rooting for the Bengals. The Bengals turnaround, giving hope to NFL fans, and rooting for teams on the rise. Different approaches to roster building - a stark contrast between how the Rams and Bengals built their teams. Appreciating the roller coaster of the NFL playoffs this season, competitive balance, and the thin margin between winning and losing. Nice call, DeSean Jackson. OBJ consoles Deebo, Beckham fits right in, and Deebo dap. The end of the Jimmy G era in San Fran. Groundhog Day death, the Washington Commanders, and the Dan Snyder floater of doom. Joe Cajones Salud o’clock! Rams – 49ers. Missed opportunities – the Skowronek whiff sets up a name game of fail - from Skronex to Skrillix to scrotabitch. Robbie Gould gives no Fs, Jalen Ramsey gets the Todd treatment, and Brew on Brew crime. Tartt whiffs on a gift INT, the 49ers end game slop, and the Ra

  • NFL Playoff Insanity, Chiefs vs Bills Legendary Mode, Overtime Rules, Packers BSE, Rodgers, 49ers Dig Deep, Elusive Super Bowls, Redskins Ashes, Bengals Clutch Up, Rams Survive TB12 Magic 01-26-2022

    29/01/2022 Duração: 02h37min

    Segment 1: NFL Playoffs – a legendary Divisional round. Giggity’s got ups! 49ers – Packers. Missed opportunities and a Packers special teams debacle. The Internet gives Aaron Rodgers the business, fan blowback, and mistakes magnified. Deebo digs deep, Jimmy G’s taters, and going for Gould. Regular season wins are nice, but playoff success defines your season. The Aaron Rodgers speculation train. Giggity dreams a dream of Bengals – 49ers III. Freaking Jacksonville, bro. What taunting? Segment 2 (59.48): NFL Playoffs. Divisional round, Part II. Meatloaf wouldn’t foam that (RIP). Salud o’clock! Bengals – Titans. Ryan Tannehill goes Peter Shrinklage. Sack parties, Joe Cool nickname pause, Evan McPherson calls his shots. Rams – Bucs. The Son of Hochuli vs TB12. Titans BSE and the Jackson Mahomes Memorial Failhorn. The Rams get wacky, the personal foul dilemma, and a little bit (but not enough) of that TB12 magic. The Tom Brady retirement question. Enjoy the divisional round roller coaster. Chiefs – Bills insanity

  • NFL Wildcard Weekend, Ref Fails, Cowboys BSE, 49ers, Packers and Bills Revenge Tour, Be the Trash You Deserve to Be, TB12, Rams, the Legend of Billdo Baggins, DIY ED Foam Alone PSA of Doom 01-19-2022

    20/01/2022 Duração: 02h47min

    Segment 1: Super Wildcard Weekend (or not)! Cowboys – 49ers shenanigans and an AT&T Stadium stampede. Rival fandom fail train satisfaction. The weight of decision making in the moment – putting it on your opponent. Getting outdumbed, Mike McCarthy style. Fake punt BSE. Deebo Samuel dap. Randy Gregory and the tackering debacle. So many sad Cowboys fans. Lessons from Larry Fitzgerald. Setting up 49ers – Packers plus the Deebo x-factor. Memories of Packers – 49ers playoff debacles past, Colin Kaepernick edition. Dak gives the refs grief, backpedaling, and beware of officiating biases. The Green Bay and Buffalo revenge tours. Salud o’clock, snow storm ABC store raid, and Wild Wolf Brewing Company shuts down (booooo). D-Stat knocks on the Zoom door, be the trash you deserve to be, and Cowboys songification shenanigans.    Segment 2 (1.06.24): NFL Wildcard Weekend continues. The Failhorn three seconds of mystery tour. The legend of Billdo Baggins. The Bills annihilate the Patriots. Bills bully ball, the perfec

  • NFL Wild Card Preview, Colts Go Klowntown, Peter Shrinklage, NY Giants Dumpster Fire, Chargers Timeout BSE, Norway’s Military Issues Used Underwear, Georgia Dethrones Alabama, Bob Saget RIP 01-13-2022

    15/01/2022 Duração: 02h44min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 18. The Jaguars stick it to the Colts, Klowntown, and a complete Indy meltdown. Wentz goes full Dean Wormer BSE. Surveying the QB landscape for the Colts. Bring back Big Nick! Peter Shrinklage is born, nickname fun, plus Wentz Wontz. 49ers – Rams. A comeback in a sea of red, Stafford BSE, and Deebo pops off. Cowboys hubris. An accidental Kentucky sound effects tangent, McGuffin style. Grandma visits gone wrong. The NY Giants dumpster fire, Joe Judge clowns around, and Gettleman peaces out. Steelers – Ravens. Big Ben’s last hurrah plus the Raven’s troll job tribute video. QB turnover, knowing when to move on, and appreciating some of the young gunslingers. Bucs – Panthers. TB12 keeps stacking records, Gronk checks into cash, and don’t underestimate the Eagles. Segment 2 (1.12.06): NFL Week 18! Norway’s military reissues used underwear as Shannon goes commando. Boot camp stories, going streaking, balls on parade, and used underwear songification shenanigans. The Jackson Mahomes ban request.

  • NFL Week 17, Playoff Races, Antonio Brown Meltdown Plus Only Fans Quickie, CFP, the Epic Failhorn FF Okey Doke, WFT Name Game, Washington Warthogs, Betty White RIP, John Madden Celebration 01-07-2022

    08/01/2022 Duração: 02h48min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 17. Colts – Raiders, Wentz gonna Wentz, and the Madden treatment. Britney Spears getting wild on Insta. Jaguars clown out. D-Stat and the day glow drink mixer Barsys Smart Coaster. 49ers – Texans and the onset of the Trey Lance era. The Sports Brew’s epic Fantasy Football finale, FF heartbreakers, and the Failhorn lives up to his name. Steelers – Browns and the Najee Harris bowl. The FF ghost of Joe Webb. Our favorite Failhorn FF okey-doke of all time – the QB waiver bomb snatchathon. The Antonio Brown One Minute Man fiasco with Only Fans model Ava Louise (32.17). AB’s mid game meltdown, an epic walk-off of fail, and a GoFundMe gone wrong. PSA: DON’T POST YOUR BANKING INFORMATION ONLINE. The AB Meme party, the Internet stays undefeated, and the evolution of AB shenanigans. Novak Djokovic gets the Aussie boot. The collapse of a HoF level career, the mental health question, the blame game, and the element of choice. Segment 2 (1.18.04): NFL Week 17. Salud o‘clock! The AB songification party

  • Sports Brew Christmas Throwdown, NFL COVID Outbreak, Wk15, Chargers, Colts, Randy Between Two Ferns, Big Term DILF Cookies, BMV Logs, Mr. Hankey, Bourbon Meyer Yellow Pages, Pickles the Elf 12-23-2021

    25/12/2021 Duração: 02h45min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 15. The COVID Christmas hammers the NFL and other sports. Last minute Christmas shopping and the shenanigans of elves. Colts – Patriots, the missed road trip, and a Belichick 400 prediction. Jonathan Taylor drops the hammer – finish strong! Colts Pro Bowl party. Titans – Steelers shenanigans and a division ripe for the picking. The Andrew Luck what-if tour. Biffalo, Big Term, and DILF cookies FTW. Squatty Potties, BMVs, and Unicorn logs. Chargers – Chiefs. Take the points, bro! Jackson Mahomes gets savaged by SOTKC plus Big Term gets ruthless.  Salud o’clock, round 1. Segment 2 (1.02.13): NFL Week 15. Spider-Man No Way Home spoiler free review. Mr. Hankey, Splat Christmas, and a dumping danger zone. Christmas song throwdown, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and the Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You Cybergoth Dance Party. Bishop Sycamore, COVID fill in ready. Packers – Ravens, another tight Ravens loss, plus Tyler Huntley leverage. Bourbon Meyer gets das boot (finally), Urban Meyer AKA

  • NFL Week 13, Patriots Roll, AFC NFC Playoff Picture, Russell Wilson, Lions Win, Chase Claypool, TB12 Multiverse, CFP, Bama, Michigan, Mayo Bowl, Failhorn Christmas Blowup Doll, SATC Tangent 12-11-2021

    12/12/2021 Duração: 02h36min

    Segment 1: NFL playoff races, Week 12, and Week 13. The Seahawks 49ers mojo. The NFL rollercoaster, inconsistent teams, and divisional wonk in the season’s homestretch. The AFC. Patriots gonna Patriot. The teams we believe in and the teams we don’t. CJ Stroud’s flu game. Patriots – Bills, the Navy mask tell, and the confidence factor. Don’t throw shade at Belichick, bro. The element of luck, health, COVID, and getting some friendly bounces. Bills weaknesses, Colts run game, and Lamar Jackson’s blitz problem. Suck it, Whamageddon. The NFC. Confidence in the Cardinals, Packers, and the Bucs. The WFT train keeps on chugging, waiting for the Cowboys choke job, and 49ers questions. An inflatable Christmas present for the Failhorn plus blow up doll soundtracks. A disastrous run in the survivor pool. The Russell Wilson to the Giants discussion. The Lions finally bag a win and Lady Goff celebrates. Vikings – Steelers. Premature celebration plus Ryan Clark gives Chase Claypool the business. The underachieving Vikings.

  • NFL Wk 11, Jonathan Taylor Fiver, Colts Roll, Giants BSE, Colts v Patriots Road Trip, WFT, Brew on Brew Crime, PL Blowing Up Phones, Mr Kang Buffet Fail, Reese’s Pie, Thanksgiving Mega Cast 11-23-2021

    24/11/2021 Duração: 03h33min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 11. Jonathan Taylor delivers 5 touchdowns in a Colts beatdown of the Bills. The 49ers get back to business and pound the Jaguars. The Reese’s Thanksgiving Peanut Butter Pie gets the LeBron treatment. When fans attack – the Seth Rollins incident at WWE Raw. The NFL roller coaster continues plus going beyond mulligan games. Jonathan Taylor, fun factoids edition. NFL Scorigami! Looking for the Bourbon Barrel GBS, Zima memories, the High Noon White Claw tangent, and Jack Daniel’s Downhome Punch. Depth Charge rewinds plus Trey’s infamous Goblin concoction. D-Stat finally shows up and delivers a NY Football Giants rant. Bucs – Giants, the THICC SIX, and Bill Parcells on Manning Night Football. Saquon, Danny Dimes, and the looming organizational turnover. A vintage Giants – WFT clap back plus Shannon’s Thanksgiving song teaser. Segment 2 (1.31.29): NFL Week 11 round up. Floating a Sports Brew trip to the Colts – Patriots game, paying per pump, and injury faking rewinds. The D-Stat Giants game PL

  • NFL Wk 10, Titans, Packers, 49ers, Attitude Games, WFT FTW, OBJ, Russell Wilson, the Rise of Mac Jones, Cowboys Roll, Chest Chops, Brass Against Golden Shower Face Fail, Internet Outage BSE 11-19-2021

    20/11/2021 Duração: 02h55min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 10. Lakers on the struggle bus. The 49ers take the Rams to the woodshed. Identity and attitude games. Ghosts of Detroit - the Matt Stafford question, pretzel tossing, SDM stat padding, and winning when it matters. Colts – Jags, Jonathan Taylor dap, and the Agnew TD machine. The atrocious Jets defense, Rex Ryan pops off, and Dykstra cheeseburgers. Frank Gore straps up the boxing gloves. Bills – Jets and a get right game. Titans – Saints, Mark Ingram sets records, and the Titans keep finding ways to win. The Derrick Henry question.  Sad Mets fans as Noah Syndergaard signs with the Angels. A Takeo Spikes rewind. Duke DWI knuckleheads.  The Cowboys beat down the Falcons and the 28-3 troll job continues. The heinous Steelers – Lions tie of BSE. QB speculation, Rodgers, Wilson, and the legacy question. Segment 2 (1.16.03): NFL Week 10 round up. Jager Bomb Tuesdays, FTW! The Twitter Terminator chest chop of fail and a saucy WaWa run. The double whammy Internet and power outage podcast split. Pat

  • NFL Week 9 Madness, OBJ to the Rams, Cam, Bills BSE, Aaron Rodgers Blowback, Jordan Love, Duke – Kentucky, Braves Parade Bus, IFL Science Rona RAS, Gummy Bears, Ref Hip Check Taunting Fail 11-11-2021

    13/11/2021 Duração: 02h22min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 9. The Ravens crush survivor pools, Dolphins roll, and Baltimore’s number three time. Duke – Kentucky fun, Navy takes down UVA, and the Coach K retirement tour cranks up. Aaron Rodgers fact finding missions, the blowback train, semi-apologies, and the marital foxhole. Bovada rocks the Rodgers vaxx prop bets. Jordan Love BSE, Jackson Mahomes, and the KC upper decker mom fail. OBJ signs with the Rams, getting wined and dined in LA, and a Packers whiff. Saints speculation. Icehouse memories. The Braves speeding parade bus rolls Failhorn style. Segment 2 (1.04.00): Salud o’clock! Eli Manning’s double birds gets FEC complaints from Philly (weak!). The Manningcast Curse strikes again. The Halloween Gummy Bear Song, IFL Science’s COVID induced restless anal syndrome, the RAS punk band, and the Brown Elf (1.25.22). Arby’s Curly Fry vodka. Snake bite scrotal necrosis. NFL week 9 upset party roundup. The Titans whoop the Rams. Cardinals – 49ers. The Jags stun the Bills plus the other Josh Allen. Th

  • NFL Week 8, World Series Throwdown, the Incredible Braves Run, Rona Strikes Back, Rodgers Immunization Deflection, Ruggs DUI Disaster, OBJ Saga, Bengals BSE, 49ers Hot Seats, Backyard Beers 11-04-2021

    05/11/2021 Duração: 02h49min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 8 plus World Series fun as the Braves take down the Astros. Colts – Titans left-handed Wentz mode. Soler drops the MVP hammer. One seriously random Mike White bet. 49ers – Bears, ugly wins, and the upside of getting healthy. Fantasy Team name curses. Separating out the fraudulent NFL teams and setting up the second half push. The 49ers hot seat? The Rams and the Braves go all in. World Series throwdown. A tip of the cap to the Atlanta Braves, overcoming injuries, and celebrating compelling sports stories. Appreciating organizational aggressiveness, calculated moves, and delivering the risk and the reward. Richmond Braves memories. The rise and the fall of the Houston Astros, gamesmanship, and when you go from hero to villain. Brian Snitker dap. Joc Pederson’s pearls got to the Hall of Fame. The Henry Ruggs DUI disaster. Radio station memories, van masts, and General Assembly moonshine. Depends, Todd style!     Segment 2 (1.29.00): NFL Week 8. Salud o’clock! Beer phase memories, D-Stat bee

  • NFL Wk 6, Rodgers Owns the Bears, MLB Playoffs, WFT Sean Taylor Debacle, Meth VP, Joctober Pearls, Backyard Drinking, Ben Simmons BSE, TikTok Challenges, Failhorn Ban Burn Unit, NCAAF, Ed O 10-21-2021

    22/10/2021 Duração: 02h34min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 6. College football roundup. Tennessee BSE, the Ed O gas station whoa, Georgia’s D. Purdue knocks the number 2 out of Iowa. MLB playoffs, Dodgers – Braves, Astros – Red Sox, the hot or not rollercoaster. The Rams blowout the Giants. The accidental NY Giants deep dive of fail and the referendum on Gettleman. Daniel Jones, Matt Stafford, and a matter of fit. Bengals – Lions. Backing the bus up on Jared Goff and Ja'Marr Chase gives someone the business. Trogdor’s big, beefy arm. From Matt Van Pelt to Meth Van Pelt. Braves dap, Joctober, and Joc Pederson rocks the pearl necklace. Packers – Bears. Aaron Rodgers still owns the Bears. Double birds away! The Rodgers dilemma and lessons from the Patriots, the Bucs, and the TB12 method. Friendly QB rules and career longevity. The Russell Wilson parallel. The complete mishandling of Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement ceremony (1.01.25). Jackson Mahomes TikTok dances on the Sean Taylor 21 – where’s George Teague when you need him? Remembering Sean Taylor

  • NFL Wk 5, Ravens Comeback, the Jon Gruden Bomb, WFT Questions, Dan Snyder in the Shadows, Bills Roll, Chargers, Squid Game FTW, Texas A&M, Red River Insanity, Kicking BSE, Coso Ball Baths 10-15-2021

    16/10/2021 Duração: 02h02min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 5. Ravens – Colts comeback insanity plus the Terminator’s brutal Fantasy Football bad beat. Lamar Jackson erupts, Mark Andrews balls, and the perfect recipe for the Colts collapse. Calais Campbell, Tyson Fury, and fun facts with Lamar Jackson. Shutting it down with Dirk. The Squid Game tangent. NCAA Football. Texas A&M gives Alabama the business. Jimbo understood the assignment. Streaking! Oklahoma – Texas insanity at the Red River Showdown. College football roundup. Kentucky Wildcat football dap (no, really!) plus Georgia’s D. Segment 2 (54.22): NFL Week 5. Giggity and the Failhorn on Halloween Kills. Failhorn Number 5. MLB playoff reactions. The Bills hammer the Chiefs. The Jon Gruden debacle – throwing Chucky to the wolves. The fall guy, the WFT question, Teflon Dan, and the tip of the iceberg. If silence is complicity, what else is being suppressed by the league or those in power? Dan Snyder ghosts himself. Framing media narratives. Taking out the trash with Bruce Allen. Salud o’c

  • NFL Week 4, Bourbon Meyer Arrives, Heinicke Clutches Up, TB12 FTW, MLB Playoffs, Dodgers, Big Ben, Ravens Record Run, IFLS Lab Grown Johnsons, Triple Dong Show, Internet Bang Bang Bang BSE 10-07-2021

    08/10/2021 Duração: 02h11min

    Segment 1: NFL Week4 Plus TNF. Bourbon Meyer pokes around. Digging up that VCU Football shirt. MLB playoffs, Gerrit Cole BSE, and Spirit Halloween sets up shop. Dodgers – Cardinals, cracking that fourth Arrogant Bastard Ale, getting rocked by the quad. 49ers, Seahawks. The Jimmy G injury train. Trey Lance, come on down! Fighting over AC settings. Packers – Steelers, Rodgers speculation, and the Bourbon Meyer trail delivers marketing opportunities. Big Ben’s descent. Giants – Saints and Taysom Hill goes Beast Mode. Jets – Titans. The Stephon Gilmore trade that wasn’t. Washington – Atlanta. Taylor Heinicke clutches up, an underdog story, and appreciating a fighter. McKissic balls out and another ridiculous roughing the passer penalty. Salud o’clock. The beach trip heavy handed drink making stalemate with Norman (yay Cher!).   Segment 2 (1.12.14): The legend of Bourbon Meyer continues. NCAA Football round up. Kentucky – Florida. Jim Harbaugh can finally ship his pants. The Bills roll the Texans. Cardinals – Ram