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  • Super Bowl Preview, AFC and NFC CG, Eagles Roll, Chiefs Deliver, Ref Struggle Bus, 5th Down, Salty 49ers Fans, Mahomes Magic, Mayor Jabroni, Purdy Injury, Tom Brady Retires, Rage Face Randy 02-03-2023

    04/02/2023 Duração: 01h59min

    Segment 1: NFL Playoffs. AFC and NFC Championship Game throwdowns and letdowns – here’s looking at you, refs. Getting salty with 49ers fans. The 49ers – Eagles debacle. The mystery variables of the NFL’s expedited review applications. The selective sky judge. Eagles dap, leveraging the system, and dropping the hammer. Fan frustration brings out the NFL is rigged hashtag. The Empire State building goes green for Philly. Trent Williams bounces some people out of the club. The backup quarterback preparation dilemma. Bringing back the emergency QB. A disastrous run of QB injury luck for San Fran. Purdy, Lance, and the Kirk Cousins chatter. DeMeco Ryans takes over the Texans. The Kyler Murray albatross in Arizona. The Broncos bag Sean Payton plus a healthy dose of humble pie for Russell Wilson. Kellen Moore heads to the Chargers. Super Bowl preview chatter. Bring back the BUD BOWL! An accidental Crystal Pepsi throwback. Chick-fil-A vs McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Ragey McRagerson AKA Rage Face Randy - pass the salt

  • NFL Playoffs, CG Preview, Burrowhead, Bengals Give No Fs, Bills Run Out of Gas, Eagles, Giants BSE, 49ers, Cowboys Yakety Sax, Mahomes, Rodgers Rumors, D-Stat Birthday, Giggity Anniversary 01-27-2023

    28/01/2023 Duração: 02h53min

    Segment 1: NFL Playoffs, Divisional Round throwdowns and letdowns. Burrowhead Stadium AKA the Bengals give no Fs. The Danny Dimes and Saquon contract questions. Giggity’s playoff beard and playoff jersey funk (the looming Bulls intro). NFC East rivalries, Dallas media coverage, and Cowboys schadenfreude – relishing failure, fan edition. TV smashing ridiculousness and Skip Bayless staged shenanigans. The Cowboys last play of swinging gate fake punt inspired Yakety Sux. Dak Cousins mode, engaged. Aaron Rodgers, Jets speculation, and fun with potential team destinations. Shannon’s Jeff Saturday Colts coach rant plus the NFL coaching carousel. The entertainingly competitive Chiefs – Jaguars game. The Mahomes injury plus Jacksonville hits shoulda, coulda, woulda mode. Brock Purdy, Jalen Hurts, and the challenge of drafting QBs. The Iowa State – Oklahoma Purdy – Hurts throwback game. Tik Tok Burrow thirst trap mode. Mahomes, the high ankle sprain, and mobility that fuels QB creativity. Waffle House and Denny’s rewi

  • NFL Wildcard, Divisional Preview, Bills Escape, 49ers Roll, Jaguars Comeback, Danny Dimes, Vikings BSE, TB12, Cowboys Shank Party, D-Stat Only Beards, Police Girl Meme Meltdown Bulls Intro 01-20-2023

    21/01/2023 Duração: 02h38min

    Segment 1: NFL Division Preview and Wildcard Weekend Rewind. Workplace NFL smack talk. Giants – Vikings, peak Saquon, and D-Stat birthday football love. The Josh McDaniels Indy incident, Jim Irsay bathroom break style. Brett Maher’s extra point shank party, over bettors rage, and Peyton Manning on kickers. Sports Twitter, FTW! Failhorn intro blasts, Jack and Coke style. Kirk Cousins trick play fail. The evolution of Daniel Jones, Daboll dap, and Danny Dimes checks into cash. Vikings defensive BSE, a garbage roughing the passer, and Dexter Lawrence loves hugs. A Gilbert Brown rewind, Moo Moo stories, and pimping out the Failhorn for Summer Sanitarium. Calling shots for Giants – Eagles. Buckle up for the NFL Playoff day drinking challenge in Philly. Dexter Lawrence loves hugs. Cowboys – Bucs debacle. D-Stat’s Only Beard Fans. Vikings fraud mode plus the final Cousins throw of fail blowback. The pizza box recycling dilemma. Segment 2 (1.20.13): NFL playoffs roundup. Salud o’clock! The Tennessee Police Sex Scanda

  • NFL Playoffs, Wildcard Preview, Week 18, Georgia Destroys TCU, Bills 3 Strong Party, Packers BSE, Salty Bengals, Jaguars, Wanker the Walrus Mascot Meltdown, Wound Care Beer, KroBar Shutdown 01-13-2023

    14/01/2023 Duração: 02h38min

    Segment 1: NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview and week 18 roundup. Lovie Smith and the Texans go full Les Snead vs the Colts. The 49ers keep rolling, Brock Purdy dap, and the importance of fit. Raising a glass to JJ Watt. Appreciating Geno Smith’s career resurgence in Seattle, JG Wentworth vending machine edition. Chargers – Broncos, Staley blowback, and the play vs rest dilemma. The salty Bengals, a coin flip celebration, and week 18 weirdness. Lamar’s business decision. The Burrow window. The neutral site scenario, Atlanta, Pittsburgh shenanigans, and whiffing on a Lambeau AFC CG. Wanker the Walrus is born. Jags – Titans, Darrell represents, the Hair Bowl, and the Jaguars turnaround. Giants – Eagles. A Kenny Golladay sighting! Cowboys road playoff game shenanigans. Wanker the Walrus custom shirt mockups – feeling tusky? Fine Creek high fives! Segment 2 (1.05.49): NFL playoffs roundup. Cutting onions with the Bills – Patriots kickoff return – a nation pulling for Damar Hamlin. Josh Allen’s emotional post game pres

  • NFL Week 17, Bills Bengals Aftermath, Damar Hamlin, NFL Playoff Races, Rivera Blows It, Wentz BSE, Packers Roll, 49ers, CFP Wildness, TCU v Georgia, UK Walrus Fireworks Fail, New Year’s Fun 01-06-2023

    07/01/2023 Duração: 02h19min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 17 roundup. New Year’s Fireworks fail - a UK Walrus rubs one out. Ramping up for the NFL playoffs. The neutral site AFC CG option - fresh banners for the Colts! 49ers – Raiders drama, testing Purdy, and ramping up for the playoffs. See you next Tuesday, Spice Girls style. Pouring one out for Todd’s Kroger bar. Salud o’clock! Shannon brings the wrong Stone Cold. An accidental New Year’s party, Kan Jam, and Shannon kicks some glass. The parental New Year’s okie doke. The Barley Wine hammer, a mystery growler, and fake Jager bombs. Car doors vs hands and the Kings Dominion fingernail fail. NFC playoff race scenarios, and the return of Jalen Hurts - will the Eagles finally clinch the one seed? Remembering Giants – Patriots. The wild wonkiness of week 18. Giants – Colts, Kayvon Thibodeaux’s snow angels, and Shannon gets salty. The Steelers late season rally. AFC playoff race shenanigans. The Bills and Bengals return to the field – the week 18 tune up game. Segment 2 (56.49): NFL roundup. The dr

  • NFL Week 15, Christmas Brew, Colts Collapse, Washington vs Refs, Mets go JG Cohenworth, Jalen Hurts, World Cup Thriller, Messi, Franco Harris RIP, Patriots Lateral From Hell, Raiders A-Hole 12-23-2022

    24/12/2022 Duração: 02h53min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 15 roundup. D-Stat returns! Walk off TD wildness. The Colts – Vikings collapse of doom – time to lower a banner, bro. Indy hits the self-destruct button, and an epic Madden Failhorn beatdown story. The NY Mets spending spree, F them luxury taxes, and J.G. Cohenworth goes all in. How are you doing, Nats fans? Christmas Saltines. NFC playoff races, Packers late season rally, and the Jalen Hurts injury dilemma. Eagles – Bears, Justin Fields dap, and the importance of a running QB growing their game (here’s looking at you Cam Newton and RGIII). Shannon goes Fascinating Aida on Dwayne Haskins. Jaguars – Cowboys wildness, Trevor Lawrence dap, and the Mike McCarthy method of fail. Steelers – Panthers. The Immaculate Reception - raising a glass to Franco Harris (RIP). Washington – Giants. Missed opportunities, turnovers, and absolutely criminal end game officiating – refs over influencing the outcome of a game. Deion Sanders, Colorado, and cherry picking round 3. Barry Sanders and the top of the 1

  • NFL Week 14, 49ers Purdy Party, Playoff Races, Jalen Hurts, Russell Wilson It’s Not a TOOMAH, Zach Wilson MILF Manor, Ovi’s 800th, World Cup gets Messi, Petty Bill Belichick, Randy Nap Time 12-16-2022

    17/12/2022 Duração: 02h24min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 14 roundup. The 49ers Brock Purdy Party keeps rolling, the Bucs beatdown, and handling the Seahawks. The double okie doke, playoff mode defense, Deebo, and the underdog strikes back. Getting Brady’s autograph, old school Madden, and a TB12 rewind to the PS2 era. Throwing down, Five Guys style. Alex Ovechkin’s 800th goal. The Eagles hammer the Giants. Jalen Hurts, Micah Parsons, and the never-ending QB debate. The evolution of a season and team growth. Looking at schedules and NFC playoff races. Detroit footsteps, tough sledding for Washington, plus T.Y. Hilton to the Cowboys. Cowboys – Texans, Gallup gets crushed, going for the kill shot, and the goal line stand comeback. Washington – Giants rubber match… beware the podcast jinx. QB touchdown party fun factoids. Saturday football, WOOO! AFC Playoff race roundup. Bengals – Browns. The worthless final week FF championship games. Segment 2 (1.11.35): NFL roundup. TO – the 49er for the 49ers. It’s not a toomah! Home Alone fail. Salud o’clock!

  • NFL Week 13, TB12 Rebound, Baker to the Rams, NFL Playoff Races, 49ers Brock Purdy BDE, AJ Brown Revenge Game, Lions, Toxic Dan Snyder, Rusty Taco, MLB FA, NCAA CFP, World Cup, Chest Chops 12-09-2022

    10/12/2022 Duração: 02h40min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 13 roundup. The Cowboys – Colts 4th quarter destruction. Browns – Texans turnover wildness. Shannon’s survivor pool curse – Baker Mayfield leads the Rams comeback vs the Raiders. TB12’s on and off the field rebound. 49ers – Dolphins, Jimmy G goes down, and Brock Purdy becomes Mr. Relevant. The San Fran YAC party plus Twitter cranks up Brock Purdy BDE. The Matthew Stafford injury question and the McVay – Mayfield connection. The Eagles hammer the Titans, Jalen Hurts dap, and AJ Brown’s revenge game. The resurgent Detroit Lions throttle the Jaguars. Bortles and James, Broncos style. Bucs – Saints BSE. The 49ers – Bucs litmus test and a Mutant League Football rewind. Segment 2 (1.02.43): NFL roundup. Salud o’clock! Shannon’s chest chop party mode. Bourbon barrel deliciousness. A Rusty Taco lunch date with Todd. Bengals – Chiefs, Joe Burrow Bill O’Reilly mode, and Air Mahomes. Von Miller ACL injury. AFC West shenanigans and Raiders gonna Charger. The Washington – Giants tie and the NFC East ro

  • NFL Week 12, Captain Lottery Haul, Big Fake Checks, Thanksgiving, Tater Terminator Potato Crane, Sean Taylor Memorial Fail, Jaxson De Ville Banana Hammock, Christmas Leeroy Jenkins CNT, CFP 12-02-2022

    03/12/2022 Duração: 02h36min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 12 roundup. Matt Ryan’s Ludacris whiff, Mike White lights up the Bears, and Jaxson DeVille’s banana hammock sideline dances. D-Stat goes God of War. Jaguars – Ravens, Lamar Jackson eats a Twitter D, and Trevor Lawrence delivers. The Florida Furry. The 49ers shut out the Saints. World Cup flop party, US – Iran drama, extra time intensity, and the Pulisic pelvic contusion. The contrast between casual and hardcore soccer fans. The Bills handle the Patriots on TNF. Thanksgiving rewind. Vikings – Patriots plus Hunter Henry gets robbed. Cowboys – Giants. Sharon burns Daboll’s Thanksgiving pie, the Whack-a-Mole celebration, and full November Lame. Bills – Lions, Von Miller, and a double announcer jinx. The Boise State – Utah State ultimate bad beat. Big hat Brian Robinson. The disastrous Sean Taylor memorial. Washington drops the ball, AliExpress, and the Dollar Tree Memorial of fail. Segment 2 (1.05.45): NFL roundup. Thanksgiving stories, an oven fail, OBX fun, Shannon gets the potato crane, Jel

  • NFL Week 11, Washington Upside, Cowboys Roll, Vikings Go Johnny Sins, Pack Stink, Zach Wilson Inches into Shaggy Mode, Qatar World Cup Beer Fail, Hiding the Pickle, Sports Brew Thanksgiving 11-22-2022

    24/11/2022 Duração: 02h30min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 11 roundup. Colts – Eagles. The Colts jinx in full effect. 49ers – Cardinals. Teams rounding into form, doses of truth, and the Cowboys Molly Whop the Vikings. The switch of shame and the Vikings get a Johnny Sins troll job. Washington hammers the Texans, D up, and the return of Chase Young. Qatar World Cup Budweiser beer fail and some expired beer for FedEx, Dan Snyder style. World Cup roundup. The Broncos choke out another L. Patriots – Jets. Zach Wilson goes Shaggy mode, the QB accountability issue, and a contrast in QB leadership. A game of (2.7) inches, Zach Wilson style. Are the Jets and Texans growers or showers? Chiefs – Chargers, Kelce rolls, and Chargers gonna Charger. Packers letdown vs Titans, Derrick Henry, and some respect for Vrabel. Sean Payton lurking in the shadows. Gronk, Kelce, and fun with some all-time TE what-ifs. Marcus Jones goes streaking, the block in the back that wasn’t, and spread shenanigans. Segment 2 (1.14.35): NFL roundup. Costco Trail Mix – the bonus M&am

  • NFL Week 10, WFT Heinicke FTW, Salty Eagles, Bucs Country Road, Nick Cannon Rubs One Out, Colts, Raiders Suck Buckets, Vikings v Bills Insanity, Terminator Nap Mode, Kevin Conroy Batman RIP 11-17-2022

    19/11/2022 Duração: 02h58min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 10 roundup. Colts hot potato, Andor gloss, and doubling down on Nick Cannon blasts. The fail train rolls on with the Saints, Rams, Cardinals, and the Steelers. Teams that have turned the corner, the hard out club, and the dumpster fire NFC South. Bucs – Seahawks, a German throwdown, the TB12 Philly (not so) Special, big beers (liter hosed), and the Country Road fan chorus of excellence. The Bills - Brown snowpocalypse forecast.  Washington takes down the Eagles. Wild plays, ground and pound, plus when the football does (and does not) bounce your way. Hot potato, Eagles style. Heads up Heinicke – the snap over the head. Brian Robinson’s strongman TD. Questioning Philly’s run defense (they signed Suh after we recorded). Nick Cannon’s new jersey, the wrong masked singer, and some monstrous child support payments. Heinicke takes the knee like a champ.  Justin Fields dap – the Bears play to his strengths. The Washington fan base is waiting in the weeds for the post-Snyder era. Rivera’s post gam

  • NFL Week 9, Colts Implode, Jeff Saturday, Twitter Disaster, Vikings, Brew Crew Wiggles, Packers BSE, TB12 100k, VT Sharpie Gate Rewind, Nick Cannon Baby Party, Astros Deliver, Veterans Day 11-11-2022

    12/11/2022 Duração: 02h01min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 9 roundup. The Colts self-destruct, full tank mode, Saturday shenanigans, and figuring out which banner to raise in Indy. The post Andrew Luck Indy QB curse. Patriots – Colts disaster. The Twitter blue check verification fail train, Twitter trolls, and sports junkies. Kirk Cousins ices up. The Jeff Saturday interim coach hire blowback. The Josh Allen injury and Minneapolis Miracle reunion. Revisiting the Vikings schedule – contender or pretender? The ongoing Dan Snyder saga, fanbase vitriol, and the pitchforks are out. A Sports Brew Wiggles Hot Potato costume idea disaster. Segment 2 (35.11): NFL roundup. Salud o’ Clock! Bills – Jets, lost in the Sauce, and Jets dap. Early playoff setup chatter. Bengals – Panthers, Joe Mixon pops off. Chiefs – Titans, Mahomes gonna Mahomes, a 2 point conversion flag party, and the Malik Willis struggle bus. Washington blows it vs the Vikings. The Packers go full BSE mode vs the Lions, a Rodgers pick party, and leaving points on the field. The Seahawks hand

  • NFL Week 8, World Series, 49ers Roll, Redskins Fans Will PARTY if Dan Snyder Sells, Bezos Rumors, NFL Trades, K7 Cat Daddy, Jets MILF Hunter, Ben Simmons Goes Hot Potatoes, Moxxi’s Whiskey 11-03-2022

    05/11/2022 Duração: 02h17min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 8 and a World Series throwdown. The Pumpkin Spice Vols hammer Kentucky. The 49ers roll the Rams, Levi South, plus Christian McCaffrey’s TD hat trick. NFC West roundup. NFL trade party, the trades that didn’t happen, and the NFC North sticks it to Green Bay. Salty Lions fans and the Bears bag Claypool. The Dolphins keep wheeling and dealing – the Trey Lance trade rewind. The Jaguars bring back Russell Wilson from the dead. World Series roundup. Verlander finally gets his World Series win (Game 5). Break out the K7 cat daddy dance! Funk soul brother rewind. Tua delivers and the Dolphins set their sights on KC and Buffalo. The Bills let off the gas, the Packers cover, and smidge of hope remains in Green Bay. Enjoying the storylines of the season. Segment 2 (57.02): Salud o’ Clock! Moxxi’s Whiskey, FTW! The Colts – Commanders Fugly Bowl. NFC East roundup. Panthers – Falcons shankology insanity. The Redskins fandom news bomb – is Dan Snyder actually going to sell the team? Fandom prayers, a fan

  • NFL Week 7, TB12 and Rodgers BSE, Matt Ryan, Packers Bust, Heinicke, Birthday Rounds, Astros v Phillies World Series, Judge, Lakers Brick Mode, Winter Babies, Todd Birthday, 50 Fists PS YAY 10-28-2022

    29/10/2022 Duração: 02h18min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 7. The Colts QB fail train rolls on - Matt Ryan gets das boot. A Colts QB cha-ching party – straight cash, homey! Titans – Colts. The Indy tank job. Russell Wilson’s high knees of fail. Chiefs – 49ers, the Christian McCaffrey trade, and a YAC party. NFC West roundup. Cardinals – Saints Andy Dalton slo mo pick party. The surprisingly competitive Seahawks, Geno dap, and bagging on Russell Wilson. The Syracuse Orange rock the womp womp. The Browns mystery false start. Breece Hall goes down and the James Robinson trade. The Bears take down the Patriots (no, really). Death Pool shenanigans. Cowboys – Lions. The Matty Ice reversal, the Kellerman Cliff, and the Rodgers – Brady saga. Bucs – Panthers BSE. Segment 2 (1.04.13): Salud o’ Clock! Breaking out the funk, happy birthday rounds, and a Gracie RIP. Giggity’s gift for Todd and a Trapezium diversion. Winter baby wonderland. Colts Titanic mode breaks out the beer wager. The Redskins homecoming – Hail to the over-reactions! Commanders – Packers.

  • NFL Week 6, Dan Snyder vs NFL Owners, Dan Bounces Checks, Short Dan Man, Small Seats, TB12 Struggle Bus, MLB Playoffs, Salty Dodgers, Vols – Bama, Moxxi’s Whiskey, Slice Slice Baby, HOTD 10-20-2022

    22/10/2022 Duração: 02h18min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 6. Falcons – 49ers fail train. Colts – Jaguars. Jim Irsay drives the bus over Dan Snyder. Patriots - Browns, Zappe rolls, and Belichick closes in on Halas. Bucs – Steelers, the Tom Brady (and Aaron Rodgers) struggle bus, and fan blowback. Wedding fun, tasty BBQ, groom tears, and a stacked plate. The Mariners – Astros monster. Dan Snyder’s bounced check. The Dan in action - the Washington Redskins and the destruction of a legacy. Mutually assured Danstruction. The bane of the big man fan - small seats at sporting events. A Dan Snyder dedication - Don’t Want No Short Dan, Man. Slice, Slice, Baby – Vanilla Mike. An accidental Halloween Ends segment. SON OF AN ITCH! Segment 2 (58.19): Salud o’clock! Ramping up to the season finale of House of the Dragon. Gimme dat dracarys! Matt Smith dap. A random Borderlands tangent. Giggity scores a bottle of Ballantine’s Moxxi’s Bar Edition Finest Blend Whiskey. Bills – Chiefs, the hurdle, and Jordan Poyer’s road trip. The Packers – Jets debacle, Breece’d

  • NFL Week 5, Mets Meltdown, Broncos Disaster, Sherman Therapy, Rhuled Out, Packers Problems, Davante’s Push, Big Unit, Chiefs, Bills FTW, Bailey Fappe, Failhorn Fappy Bird, Kyler Slimer Suit 10-13-2022

    14/10/2022 Duração: 02h05min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 5. Broncos – Colts go Murder, She Wrote. Richard Sherman’s run the ball therapy. The Broncos dumpster fire and Russell Wilson suckbuckets. 49ers – Panthers, Rhuled out. The Mets meltdown, Scherzer gets peppered, and the Musgrove ear check. MLB playoffs round up. Chiefs – Raiders. Kelce goes Bettis mode and the Raiders choke one out. Davante Adams goes Luda, a payday chase, and a bad moment for a pretty good dude. The QB protection over-correction - another heinous roughing the passer call. NFL news roundup. The Big Unit – NFL photographer (get this dude a Turducken!). Matt Rhule’s Panther cleansing moneybags. Bills – Steelers. The Josh Allen show. Giving Whitfield the business, Maine license plate party, and from OnlyFan to OnlyFap. Segment 2 (56.03): Salud o’clock! Angela Lansbury RIP. F Alex Jones. Jaguars – Texans. Packers – Giants. Saquon rolls, the Packers squander opportunity, second half struggles, and the missing runs. Chargers – Browns. Brandon Staley – WTF, bro? The Terminator’s

  • NFL Wk 4, Bills FTW, Eagles, Braves, Judge Hits 62, MLB Playoffs, 49ers Gender Reveal Protest, Hugh Jackman, Packers Survive, AB Drops the D, SVB Bad Meats Failhorn Songification, TT’s 20th 10-06-2022

    07/10/2022 Duração: 02h21min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 4. Colts fumble party BSE. The Twitter Terminator goes full Ludacris with the DK Metcalf clench cart ride. The Matt Ryan 28-3 troll job never ends. The Braves stick it to the Mets to take the NL East. MLB playoffs chatter, Mets – Padres, the Pujols run continues, and the Braves freight train. The end of the Judge cut-ins (yay) plus a fan goes over the wall for 62. 49ers – Rams, Deebo, and dropping the D. A gender reveal gone wrong, a vintage Kevin Harlan call, and when to wrap up the streaker. NFC West roundup, MIA Allen Robinson, plus the OBJ factor (here’s looking at you, Green Bay). Salty Baker. Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine, WOOO! Bills – Ravens. The decision, taking the points, and another blown lead. The return of Antonio Brown - SVB Bad Meats is born, Part 1. Segment 2 (1.04.03): SVB’s Bad Meats starring the Failhorn, Brew on Brew crime, the pull out roll out, and the SDM Let’s Get it Gone edition of destruction. Salud o’clock! Raising a glass to celebrate the Terminator’s 20th

  • NFL Week 3, Eagles, Aaron Judge Hits 61, Million Dollar Balls, Pujols Blasts 700, Tua Injury, 49ers Debacle, Dan Orlovsky Celebrates, Culled D-Sack, Coolio RIP, the Captain Birthday Blowout 09-29-2022

    01/10/2022 Duração: 02h39min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 3. Colts blow up the Death Pools, Jackson Mahomes needs cash now, and the randomness of sports. The 49ers – Broncos debacle, Wilson keeps rolling vs San Fran, and Dan Orlovsky celebrates. Enjoying the moment – Aaron Judge cranks out 61 and Pujols hits 700. The steroid era context, juiced HR numbers, and appreciating Judge’s accomplishment. Hypothetical player era shifts, underrated players, and appreciating Hakeem The Dream Olajuwon. Frankie Lasagna, Fake Failhorn, and the dropped Judge HR moneyball. Going over the railing for a million-dollar ball, Lance Armstrong style. Chad Powers gloss and that Russell Wilson contract. Pujols catches fire. Mets – Braves chatter, the Colts playoff pull-out method. Week 3 betting wipeouts. The Judge – Ohtani MVP race. Birthday bonanza, Todd with two Ds, Shannon bag alert, and the McCollam block party. The Captain vs VA Tech plus the McNabb Dirt Brewery. Segment 2 (1.03.49): The disappearing McGuffin, Google Map names, the culled D-Sack, the Chris Cooley

  • NFL Week 2 Comebacks, Bills Beast Mode, Colts BSE, Broncos Bust, Jimmy G Factor, Lamar Jackson Saga, Browns Blow It, Wentz Roller Coaster, NCAAF, Judge, P Chubb, the Legend of Heavy Johnson 09-21-2022

    23/09/2022 Duração: 02h21min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 1, 2, early season reactions, and the return of the Brew Crew. The Colts go full BSE suckbuckets. The Matt Ryan struggle bus – maybe it wasn’t Wentz after all. Parris Campbell, come on man. The 49ers QB saga, the Trey Lance question, and the Jimmy G factor. Comeback wildness. Cardinals – Raiders. Kyler Murray delivers 20 seconds of hell. The Denver Broncos ride the fail train. Early season reactions and the Bills bring all the shoulder chips (bring on the KC rematch). Eagles – Vikings, prime time Cousins, and Jalen Hurts balls out. Jags – Colts. Jets – Browns, Porn Chubb, and the Brian Westbook Method. Joe Flacco breaks out the Sex Panther as the Brownies blow it. They go down fast and come up slow (TWSS). The Wentz roller coaster in Washington. The Lamar Jackson saga – fire your agent, bro. Organizational fit, building around your talent, and reading vs setting the market. The Failhorn’s Porn Chubb Dong song. Segment 2 (1.12.40): Salud o’ clock! Pouring beers for the Governor of VA. Crank

  • NFL FA, Kansas Comeback, UNC, Bacot, Kershaw Perfect Lame, 2nd Inning Stretch, Slumpbuster, Shannon vs Google, Snyder Cooks Books, Billdo Gone Wrong, Gilbert Gottfried RIP, Axe Frozen Nips 04-14-2022

    16/04/2022 Duração: 02h12min

    Segment 1: NFL chatter. QB trolling with Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, and Deshaun Watson. Deebo scrubs the Gram. The shifting NFL contract landscape, contract guarantees, plus QBs and WRs check into cash. The contract escrow issue, smaller market challenges, and an ownership dilemma. Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, and the Jimmy G question. Phil Castellini throws Reds fans under the bus. The Twitter Terminator’s perfect game nap (plus a random podcast nap rewind). Voting with your pocketbook. Dave Roberts, Perfect Game Slayer. Clayton Kershaw gets the hook. Shannon vs Google, Bandcamp, and from Lougle to Bluegle. Rich Hill’s nickname rocks the Mark Grace slump buster. The moment component. The Failhorn’s 2nd Inning Stretch non-slumpbuster. James Harden tempts Philly fan fate. NFL FA round up, Sammy Watkins, and Matt Ryan. NBA Play-in game shenanigans plus Pat Beverly wilds up. The Sports Brew vs the Sports C U Next Tuesdays. Segment 2 (48.51): Salud o’ clock! McGuffin Brewery Bluegle Fail. Website date of birth scrol