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  • NFL Wk 11, Jonathan Taylor Fiver, Colts Roll, Giants BSE, Colts v Patriots Road Trip, WFT, Brew on Brew Crime, PL Blowing Up Phones, Mr Kang Buffet Fail, Reese’s Pie, Thanksgiving Mega Cast 11-23-2021

    24/11/2021 Duração: 03h33min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 11. Jonathan Taylor delivers 5 touchdowns in a Colts beatdown of the Bills. The 49ers get back to business and pound the Jaguars. The Reese’s Thanksgiving Peanut Butter Pie gets the LeBron treatment. When fans attack – the Seth Rollins incident at WWE Raw. The NFL roller coaster continues plus going beyond mulligan games. Jonathan Taylor, fun factoids edition. NFL Scorigami! Looking for the Bourbon Barrel GBS, Zima memories, the High Noon White Claw tangent, and Jack Daniel’s Downhome Punch. Depth Charge rewinds plus Trey’s infamous Goblin concoction. D-Stat finally shows up and delivers a NY Football Giants rant. Bucs – Giants, the THICC SIX, and Bill Parcells on Manning Night Football. Saquon, Danny Dimes, and the looming organizational turnover. A vintage Giants – WFT clap back plus Shannon’s Thanksgiving song teaser. Segment 2 (1.31.29): NFL Week 11 round up. Floating a Sports Brew trip to the Colts – Patriots game, paying per pump, and injury faking rewinds. The D-Stat Giants game PL

  • NFL Wk 10, Titans, Packers, 49ers, Attitude Games, WFT FTW, OBJ, Russell Wilson, the Rise of Mac Jones, Cowboys Roll, Chest Chops, Brass Against Golden Shower Face Fail, Internet Outage BSE 11-19-2021

    20/11/2021 Duração: 02h55min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 10. Lakers on the struggle bus. The 49ers take the Rams to the woodshed. Identity and attitude games. Ghosts of Detroit - the Matt Stafford question, pretzel tossing, SDM stat padding, and winning when it matters. Colts – Jags, Jonathan Taylor dap, and the Agnew TD machine. The atrocious Jets defense, Rex Ryan pops off, and Dykstra cheeseburgers. Frank Gore straps up the boxing gloves. Bills – Jets and a get right game. Titans – Saints, Mark Ingram sets records, and the Titans keep finding ways to win. The Derrick Henry question.  Sad Mets fans as Noah Syndergaard signs with the Angels. A Takeo Spikes rewind. Duke DWI knuckleheads.  The Cowboys beat down the Falcons and the 28-3 troll job continues. The heinous Steelers – Lions tie of BSE. QB speculation, Rodgers, Wilson, and the legacy question. Segment 2 (1.16.03): NFL Week 10 round up. Jager Bomb Tuesdays, FTW! The Twitter Terminator chest chop of fail and a saucy WaWa run. The double whammy Internet and power outage podcast split. Pat

  • NFL Week 9 Madness, OBJ to the Rams, Cam, Bills BSE, Aaron Rodgers Blowback, Jordan Love, Duke – Kentucky, Braves Parade Bus, IFL Science Rona RAS, Gummy Bears, Ref Hip Check Taunting Fail 11-11-2021

    13/11/2021 Duração: 02h22min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 9. The Ravens crush survivor pools, Dolphins roll, and Baltimore’s number three time. Duke – Kentucky fun, Navy takes down UVA, and the Coach K retirement tour cranks up. Aaron Rodgers fact finding missions, the blowback train, semi-apologies, and the marital foxhole. Bovada rocks the Rodgers vaxx prop bets. Jordan Love BSE, Jackson Mahomes, and the KC upper decker mom fail. OBJ signs with the Rams, getting wined and dined in LA, and a Packers whiff. Saints speculation. Icehouse memories. The Braves speeding parade bus rolls Failhorn style. Segment 2 (1.04.00): Salud o’clock! Eli Manning’s double birds gets FEC complaints from Philly (weak!). The Manningcast Curse strikes again. The Halloween Gummy Bear Song, IFL Science’s COVID induced restless anal syndrome, the RAS punk band, and the Brown Elf (1.25.22). Arby’s Curly Fry vodka. Snake bite scrotal necrosis. NFL week 9 upset party roundup. The Titans whoop the Rams. Cardinals – 49ers. The Jags stun the Bills plus the other Josh Allen. Th

  • NFL Week 8, World Series Throwdown, the Incredible Braves Run, Rona Strikes Back, Rodgers Immunization Deflection, Ruggs DUI Disaster, OBJ Saga, Bengals BSE, 49ers Hot Seats, Backyard Beers 11-04-2021

    05/11/2021 Duração: 02h49min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 8 plus World Series fun as the Braves take down the Astros. Colts – Titans left-handed Wentz mode. Soler drops the MVP hammer. One seriously random Mike White bet. 49ers – Bears, ugly wins, and the upside of getting healthy. Fantasy Team name curses. Separating out the fraudulent NFL teams and setting up the second half push. The 49ers hot seat? The Rams and the Braves go all in. World Series throwdown. A tip of the cap to the Atlanta Braves, overcoming injuries, and celebrating compelling sports stories. Appreciating organizational aggressiveness, calculated moves, and delivering the risk and the reward. Richmond Braves memories. The rise and the fall of the Houston Astros, gamesmanship, and when you go from hero to villain. Brian Snitker dap. Joc Pederson’s pearls got to the Hall of Fame. The Henry Ruggs DUI disaster. Radio station memories, van masts, and General Assembly moonshine. Depends, Todd style!     Segment 2 (1.29.00): NFL Week 8. Salud o’clock! Beer phase memories, D-Stat bee

  • NFL Wk 6, Rodgers Owns the Bears, MLB Playoffs, WFT Sean Taylor Debacle, Meth VP, Joctober Pearls, Backyard Drinking, Ben Simmons BSE, TikTok Challenges, Failhorn Ban Burn Unit, NCAAF, Ed O 10-21-2021

    22/10/2021 Duração: 02h34min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 6. College football roundup. Tennessee BSE, the Ed O gas station whoa, Georgia’s D. Purdue knocks the number 2 out of Iowa. MLB playoffs, Dodgers – Braves, Astros – Red Sox, the hot or not rollercoaster. The Rams blowout the Giants. The accidental NY Giants deep dive of fail and the referendum on Gettleman. Daniel Jones, Matt Stafford, and a matter of fit. Bengals – Lions. Backing the bus up on Jared Goff and Ja'Marr Chase gives someone the business. Trogdor’s big, beefy arm. From Matt Van Pelt to Meth Van Pelt. Braves dap, Joctober, and Joc Pederson rocks the pearl necklace. Packers – Bears. Aaron Rodgers still owns the Bears. Double birds away! The Rodgers dilemma and lessons from the Patriots, the Bucs, and the TB12 method. Friendly QB rules and career longevity. The Russell Wilson parallel. The complete mishandling of Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement ceremony (1.01.25). Jackson Mahomes TikTok dances on the Sean Taylor 21 – where’s George Teague when you need him? Remembering Sean Taylor

  • NFL Wk 5, Ravens Comeback, the Jon Gruden Bomb, WFT Questions, Dan Snyder in the Shadows, Bills Roll, Chargers, Squid Game FTW, Texas A&M, Red River Insanity, Kicking BSE, Coso Ball Baths 10-15-2021

    16/10/2021 Duração: 02h02min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 5. Ravens – Colts comeback insanity plus the Terminator’s brutal Fantasy Football bad beat. Lamar Jackson erupts, Mark Andrews balls, and the perfect recipe for the Colts collapse. Calais Campbell, Tyson Fury, and fun facts with Lamar Jackson. Shutting it down with Dirk. The Squid Game tangent. NCAA Football. Texas A&M gives Alabama the business. Jimbo understood the assignment. Streaking! Oklahoma – Texas insanity at the Red River Showdown. College football roundup. Kentucky Wildcat football dap (no, really!) plus Georgia’s D. Segment 2 (54.22): NFL Week 5. Giggity and the Failhorn on Halloween Kills. Failhorn Number 5. MLB playoff reactions. The Bills hammer the Chiefs. The Jon Gruden debacle – throwing Chucky to the wolves. The fall guy, the WFT question, Teflon Dan, and the tip of the iceberg. If silence is complicity, what else is being suppressed by the league or those in power? Dan Snyder ghosts himself. Framing media narratives. Taking out the trash with Bruce Allen. Salud o’c

  • NFL Week 4, Bourbon Meyer Arrives, Heinicke Clutches Up, TB12 FTW, MLB Playoffs, Dodgers, Big Ben, Ravens Record Run, IFLS Lab Grown Johnsons, Triple Dong Show, Internet Bang Bang Bang BSE 10-07-2021

    08/10/2021 Duração: 02h11min

    Segment 1: NFL Week4 Plus TNF. Bourbon Meyer pokes around. Digging up that VCU Football shirt. MLB playoffs, Gerrit Cole BSE, and Spirit Halloween sets up shop. Dodgers – Cardinals, cracking that fourth Arrogant Bastard Ale, getting rocked by the quad. 49ers, Seahawks. The Jimmy G injury train. Trey Lance, come on down! Fighting over AC settings. Packers – Steelers, Rodgers speculation, and the Bourbon Meyer trail delivers marketing opportunities. Big Ben’s descent. Giants – Saints and Taysom Hill goes Beast Mode. Jets – Titans. The Stephon Gilmore trade that wasn’t. Washington – Atlanta. Taylor Heinicke clutches up, an underdog story, and appreciating a fighter. McKissic balls out and another ridiculous roughing the passer penalty. Salud o’clock. The beach trip heavy handed drink making stalemate with Norman (yay Cher!).   Segment 2 (1.12.14): The legend of Bourbon Meyer continues. NCAA Football round up. Kentucky – Florida. Jim Harbaugh can finally ship his pants. The Bills roll the Texans. Cardinals – Ram

  • NFL Week 3, Packers Roll, WTF WFT, Squirrely Chiefs, 17 Coronas, One Hobo, the DJ Failhorn Red Light Inn Debacle, Dakachu, Tucker Doink, R Kelly Fartaconda, Twitter Poopinator, Bat Bite BSE 09-30-2021

    03/10/2021 Duração: 02h24min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 3 plus Thursday Night Football Survivor League drama. Colts BSE. Shohei Ohtani gloss up. Packers – 49ers, Davante gets leveled, and the 37 second comeback. The Chiefs get squirrely, the AFC West, and the Chargers go big. The Nagy blowback in Chicago, Fields gets crushed, getting Ludacris, and the Browns have a field day. The Super Bowl halftime show gets it right. A vintage Failhorn beatdown in Madden. Seventeen Coronas at the strip club, one hobo, and a 7-11 Informer take down (42.30). DJ Failhorn womp womp, Push It, and the Red Light Inn story of fail. The Failhorn Music Man blast. MLB playoff chatter and D-Stat on the Cardinals. Giants – Falcons, boo birds, Eli MNF double birds for Philly, and Mara takes out the trash. Danny Dimes gets the Manscaped Crop Mop for ball control. Steelers BSE. Salud o’ clock. Arrested Development dap and the Strahan gap. Segment 2 (1.32.15): Cowboys roll the Eagles, the TD that wasn’t, and Dak goes Pikachu. The Rams torch the Bucs, the San Fran QB story, p

  • NFL Weeks 1 and 2. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Taunting Fails, Packers, Ravens, Chiefs, TB12, Manning Night Football, Captain Snarky Birthday Fun, Petty Fighting, IFLS Medical Disaster 09-23-2021

    24/09/2021 Duração: 02h17min

    Segment 1: The Sports Brew returns! NFL Week 1 and Week 2 – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. No gracias, RGIII. Welcome to NFL reality, Urban Meyer. Some birthday love for the Captain. Javy Baez thumbs down for D-Stat. Birthday lemon cake plus beware the food coma. D-Stat and the Failhorn petty fighting in the Sports Brew chat. Running back injuries and the return of Frank Gore? Packers wonk and the Jameis Winston roller coaster rolls on. Packers – Lions plus the looming 49ers game. Dak Prescott gets some respect. Gronk doing Gronk things. Always. The never-ending story of TB12. Fun with Manning Night Football. Pat McAfee, hand towel thief. Gus Johnson, FTW! Vikings – Cardinals. Kyler Murray dap. The surprising Carolina Panthers. Steelers issues. Segment 2 (1.11.06): Pillow talk with Danny Dimes. The fail train of early season NFL taunting penalties. The Supreme Court knows taunting when they see it. Ravens – Chiefs. Surviving the wild, Mahomes, plus the Lamar flip. Credit to the Raiders and Derek Carr. Wash

  • NFL Draft, Aaron Rodgers Packers Drama, TNT Tick on a Taint, MLB Rules Wonk, What-If Rodgers Trade Scenario Fun, Sports Media Clicks Machine, the Fargo Breaking Bad Challenge, Mother's Day 05-07-2021

    09/05/2021 Duração: 02h38min

    Segment 1: NFL Draft Round up – Trey Lance, COME ON DOWN! The Aaron Rodgers goes Days of Our Lives. The Twitter Terminator and the TNT tick fueled taint bomb. Jake Paul vs Tom Wilson, FTW! Caps – Rangers NHL fisticuffs throwdown! Fun with enforcers in sports. Aaron Rodgers, the Adam Schefter draft bomb, and cranking up the NFL soap opera media machine. Hospital Funyun runs. Communication issues - managing the teams personality vs managing the personalities of your team. Building for windows of opportunity. The Brett Favre – Aaron Rodgers parallel in Green Bay roster building. The Randy Moss what if. RELAX, but with respect. It just happened to be Draft day, bruh. Timing matters plus the reactionary clicks machine. Get off Terry Bradshaw’s lawn! The Tom Brady context – controlling your legacy. Jerry Krause blasts and firing up the Shailene Woodley. Speculation shenanigans, the Rodgers – 49ers what if, and running through various Rodgers NFL trade ideas. The Lamar Jackson – Aaron Rodgers throwdown. Segment 2 (

  • Baylor Beatdown, NFL News, Shannon Gets Snaked, Vaxxed and Waxed Triple Threat, Alex Smith Retires, Side Hustle Farts, Matt Gaetz Humpty Dance, White Mamba, JKA Zoom Wedding, Blue, DMX RIP 04-23-2021

    24/04/2021 Duração: 02h47min

    Segment 1: NFL Roundup and the Baylor Beatdown. Shannon vs Snake Plissken, Grogu snuggles, and D-Stat’s celebrity drop for Megan’s birthday video. From Only Fans to Only Farting, raking in the cash with gas, and getting fungible from NFT to NFP. Jared Goff logs off. NFL Draft season click bait, 49ers speculation, and the Mac Jones – Trey Lance question. NFL Draft chatter. Jim McMahon drops the hammer. Social media shenanigans, buckle up for blowback, and the shut up and dribble crowd chime in. The Aaron Rodgers hat, buckle straps, and fitted hat fails. Matt Gaetz gets the Humpty Dance treatment. Saying goodbye to Blue, fun memories, and our four legged hearts (50.46). DMX, Shock G RIP. Salud o’clock! The Ryan Seacrest triple threat - vaxxed, waxed, and ready for action. Come on, VA ABC – where’s the Pappy!?!? For Todd (1.19.30). The Maymont beer vendor tasting throwdown. The League, side hustle pubercuts vs farts, and an accidental manscaping tangent. MLB no-hitters plus Joe Musgrove and Carlos Rodon dap. Don

  • March Madness, Sweet 16, Loyola Chicago, Jordan Bulls Intro Remix, Buddy Buckets, Rona Rams, Alexa Fails, Deshaun Watson Gone Wild, Pappy Endings, Dstatick Twitch, an Epic Lume Commercial 03-26-2021

    27/03/2021 Duração: 02h35min

    Segment 1: March Madness Throwdown! So much for couch burning, Kentucky. The Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix Alexa podcast fail. D-Stat, the long lost Eastern Washington Groves brother. The challenge of co-op games with your kids. Strokin’ with Buddy Buckets, Boeheim, plus avoiding the Giggity jinx. Enjoying the madness, an upset party celebration, plus UNC-Ya later, Roy. Draft Kings commercial-palooza, death threat dummies, and the challenges of sports betting. The Loyola Chicago factor, the Sister Jean scouting report, and firing up the epic Jordan era Bulls intro. The NCAA gets taken to the woodshed on social media over the women’s weight room fiasco. The Rona takes out the Rams and the strange nature of this year’s tournament. The Sports Brew’s Chicago Bulls intro – fire in the hole (52.42)! The VCU Final Four rewind, March Madness memories, and enjoying the return of the big bracket. Luka Garza dap. The Deshaun Watson screech around. Segment 2 (1.13.39): Salud o’clock! Jameson BSE, VA ABC Pappy lottery, Bakon

  • Super Bowl 55 Beatdown, Bucs Roll KC, TB12 Pack Lombardi Toss, Dynasties That Weren’t, QB Carousel, Florida Man Meth Head Gummi Bear Blast, Make a Bish, Handle Hydration, Valentine's Day 02-13-2021

    15/02/2021 Duração: 02h53min

    Segment 1: NFL Super Bowl Throwdown! The Bucs hammer the Chiefs – a great Tampa Bay performance, but an underwhelming Super Bowl. Valentine’s Day weekend fun and the wrong kinds of thong song. College basketball March Sadness plus Duke and Kentucky suck buckets. Appreciating the NFL’s efforts to navigate a season through the pandemic. Eagles fans get the Andy Reid they remember. Giving credit to the Bucs plus wondering what the heck happened to Kansas City. Mahomes’ Herculean efforts in the face of a monstrous Bucs defense plus a ridiculous KC drop party. A lack of adjustments, the Patriots vs Peyton parallel, and a humbling loss. Remembering the recent dynasties that weren’t – lessons from the Packers, Seahawks, Saints, and now the Chiefs. TB12 vs the Kellerman cliff, officiating sour grapes, and from Honey Badger to regular badger – nice Tweet and delete, bro. The most desirable Free Agent destinations in the NFL. The WFT sign Taylor Heinicke to an extension, a contractual atta boy, and an opportunity. The

  • Super Bowl Preview Part II, TB12 Redemption Arc, Stafford Trade, QB Market, Prop Bets, Failhorn vs Linde, GME Stonks, Dong Show Redux, Screech Around, and Dustin Diamond in the Wind (RIP) 02-05-2021

    06/02/2021 Duração: 02h41min

    Segment 1: NFL Super Bowl Preview, Round 2 FIGHT! Intro party, Kirk Cousins, Dogecoin, and the Reddit WSB shenanigans continue. The unexpected Tom Brady redemption story arc. Max Kellerman’s take goes off the cliff. Linde and the Failhorn throw down the TB12 gauntlet. Super Bowl rewinds, Randy Moss, plus when organizations shoot their shot (and when they don’t). Defense, the run game, plus methods of attack for the Chiefs and the Bucs. Gotta know when to gold ‘em and know when to hold ‘em. The Matt Stafford trade, off-loading Goff, Deshaun Watson, and the Chiefs haircut cocktail special. Calling our shots, round 2. Salud o’clock. The Dong Show Danger Zone. Vaccine naps.   Segment 2 (1.04.57): Super Bowl betting fun, prop bets shenanigans. Outkicking the marital coverage, a mama D-Stat story, and quarantine package competitions. The Colts, FA QB discussions, plus Fitzmagic. The Joe Webb incident plus an all-time Fantasy Football QB waiver wire sneak. Good luck with that trade market, Raiders. Aaron Rodgers in

  • NFL Super Bowl Preview, Packers BSE, Gutless Analytics, the Bucs Risk It Biscuits, Chiefs roll the Bills, Rodgers – Favre Parallel, QB Movement, Failhorn’s TB12 Smack Talk, GME Reddit Party 01-28-2021

    29/01/2021 Duração: 03h33min

    Segment 1: NFL AFC and NFC Championship Games plus Super Bowl preview. Watson, Stafford, and the looming off-season of quarterback movement wildness. The Make A Wish Foundation sponsors the Packers D. Kevin King gets torched. The wasted opportunities for the Packers and the Bills. Stafford goes Kirk Cousins. The aftermath of Packers – Bucs. Lack of communication, lack of guts, and a stack of shoulda, coulda, woulda. Risk and reward – appreciating the teams that go big in the playoffs. The 4th and fail that defined the Packers loss. Letting them play… or not. Gutless analytics and having a feel for the moment. Owning the moment! Big lessons for LaFleur, the Packers OL gets abused, and Survivor gone wrong. The Failhorn calls out Linde’s Tom Brady fandom (1.08.44). TB12 Fun Factoid party. The Aaron Rodgers situation, Jordan Love, plus the Rodgers – Favre parallel. Super Bowl preview, part 1. The Brady vs Mahomes angle plus sustained success - the evolution of a team over a player’s career. Segment 2 (1.42.24):

  • NFL Divisional, AFC NFC CG Preview, Packers, Tom Brady, Rivers Retires, Bills Mafia, Ravens Doink Party, Browns BSE, Gutsy Chiefs, Mets Fire Porter, FaceBalls, Bernie Mittens, VDOT Lot Naps 01-21-2021

    23/01/2021 Duração: 02h49min

    Segment 1: NFL Divisional Weekend. Bills Mafia cranks up the bandwagon. Raising a glass to ol’ Rage Face - Philip Rivers retires, knowing when to walk away, and the looming Drew Brees retirement. Early impressions of Harden to the Nets. The Mets drop the hammer on GM Jared Porter, sexting harassment stupidity, D pix failbuckets, and FaceBalls is born. Salud o’clock! A Rivers rewind and fun with the Colt’s QB options. The Fitzpatrick quadfecta. The Eric Bieniemy head coaching question. Colin Cowherd’s ridiculous take about postponing the AFC Championship Game until Mahomes is cleared to play. Bills Mafia gets charitable for Lamar Jackson plus Josh Norman’s Buffalo story. Fun with Super Bowl storylines – the Bills vs Brady angle. Bills – Ravens. Justin Tucker doink party, Allen – Diggs, the Pick 6 backbreaker, and the snap of fail. Segment 2 (1.18.10): The Seven Line blast and an 8 Mile Story. Chiefs – Browns delivers some wildness. The Higgins fumble through the endzone, a dubious rule, and the missed helmet

  • NFL Wildcard Weekend, Bills – Colts, Heinicke Pops Off, Browns Beatdown, Brady 43 vs Blanda, Bama Rolls the Buckeyes, the Slim Reaper, Saleh, the Birthday Loghouse, Butt Hurt Alert Band Aid 01-15-2020

    15/01/2021 Duração: 02h36min

    Segment 1: NFL Wildcard Weekend. Robert Saleh heads to the Jets. Bills – Colts, when to take the points, and the Bills flip the fail. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs dap. The Rivers question, the fumble that wasn’t, and those NFL storyline calls. The Eagles give Pederson das boot. Bills fans, Bills Mafia, and the chances of the Billdo comeback. The Browns drop the hammer on the Steelers, we talkin’ bout practice, and the first quarter of fail. Remember Dan Marino’s last playoff game – the Jaguars obliterate the Dolphins. The 1999 NFL Playoff rewind – so much drama! The Butt Hurt Alert Taint Band Aid. Saints – Bears. Mitch Trubisky, your NVP! Another Bears WR ejection plus a Cortland Finnegan – Andre Johnson rewind. The bad beat blowback to the no EP Jimmy Graham TD walk-off. The Bucs – Saints History Channel Bowl blast. Fun with Brady vs Blanda at 43 plus the GB 16 method. The Failhorn trunk monkey. The Eagles get the Nut Sudfeld treatment. Segment 2 (59.11): From Smuckers to Puckers, an accidental Icehouse deto

  • NFL Wild Card Preview, WFT - Eagles Blowback, Alex Smith, Packers, Bills, CFP, Buckeyes vs Bama, Sackboy Shenanigans, Evan Engram Drink Specials, Mets Lindor Trade, Hippo Sandwich Fartist 01-08-2021

    09/01/2021 Duração: 02h49min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 17 and Wildcard Weekend preview. The Snoop Dogg litmus test. Colts – Bills, Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen, and cranking up the Bills bandwagon. PS5 – PS4 Sackboy crossplay fun, Logan’s gaming exuberance, throwing D-Stat off the cliff. The Mets making moves – the Francisco Lindor trade. 49ers chatter and Robert Saleh interviews.  Trevor Lawrence goes pro, Jets conspiracy theory fun, and a Rams – Jets death pool rewind. Golf sharking with Charlie Woods. Keep on trucking, Frank Gore. Washington – Eagles blowback. The Jalen Hurts question, Pederson gets heat, the sacrifices of the season, and the Joe Judge rant. A fitting end to a messy NFC East. The low blow on Alex Smith, a brace turned Super Bowl trophy, empty stats, and the grotesque footage of Smith’s from the Project 11 E60 documentary. A feel good WFT (wait, what!?) and the Tootsie Fold. The Hippo fart compilation - the animal kingdom’s Sandwich Fartist. CFP round up, Ohio State vs Alabama, and Saban’s daughter sounds off. The Evan Engram Ro

  • NFL Wk 14, WFT D, Jalen Hurts, Chargers, Christmas, Rona Claus, Lamar’s Merry Clenchmas, CFP, LSU Florida Shoe Throw, Star Wars Xmas Mashups, The Mandalorian S2 Finale, Blue Dedication FTW 12-19-2020

    21/12/2020 Duração: 03h11min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 14. Rona Clause in the house and Giggity LIVES! Washington – 49ers, Chase Young brings the heat, and the WFT defense steps up. Cardinals – Giants and the Haasan Reddick show. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles take down the Saints, avoiding negative plays, and setting up a WFT showdown. Here’s to a quick recovery, Al Michaels and SVP.  Raiders gonna Charger. Anthony Lynn – come on, man. The Eric Bieniemy and Robert Saleh watch. Baselining a team and reshaping organizational culture. Ravens – Browns. Lamar Jackson wishes you a Merry Clenchmas. Lamar Jackson gets the Paul Pierce rewind, the Tushy Bidet company, and the Poop Fix challenge. Another Sports Brew listener term of endearment. Segment 2 (1.14.17): Salud o’clock! Raising a glass to Blue, when it’s time to walk your pets up the Rainbow Bridge, and the tough goodbyes with pets. Blue’s cheeseburger runs, the toilet seat origin story, Muffin time, and the pet circle of life. Blue stories and shenanigans. Ravens – Browns, part II – Van Wilder s

  • Three Hundo Throwdown, NFL Week 13, Brew on Brew Crime, NFC East, WFT Redskins Rolling, Coffin Dance Fart Trap, the Mandalorian, Deebo RIP, Butt Sunning, Randy Goes Down, Lakers, Pandemic P 12-12-2020

    15/12/2020 Duração: 03h59min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 13 and the Sports Brew’s 300th Episode Throwdown! Salud o’clock Danger Zone! Blanton’s on the rocks! Cyberpunk 2077 crotch clipping. Apple AirPod Max debacle tangent. Let It Go Fart Trap Remixes, the Coffin Dance, and the Anaconda drop. D-Stat’s cordless phone. The Three Hundo Sports Brew soundbite throwback meltdown. Raising a glass to The Mandalorian, cranking up the Marvel and Star Wars shows, plus accurate Storm Troopers (wait, what?). Rudy Giuliani cuts one plus Germany’s missing phallic sculpture. Patriots – Rams TNF beatdown plus Cam Akers rolls. The Giants upset the Seahawks. The Raiders – Jets are messing with my emotions, man. Gregg Williams gets das boot. Episode 300 – good luck! Segment 2 (1.56.15): When kittens attack, Cali bites Shannon’s ass, and Randy’s kegstand faceplant rewind. Katy Perry fireworks flashback. Raising a glass to Tiny Lister AKA Deebo (RIP). Randy goes full Sanford and Son. Shannon’s Christmas package, reach around pulls, and Randy goes down. Lakers off-se