The life of a disabled single 30 something living in South Florida. This is a podcast that chronicles my life past and present. Don't let the title fool you. This is not another boring podcast that solely concentrates on disability issues. I share a lot of different aspects of my life but since I am disabled many things will include that aspect. It just can't be avoided.


  • Last Broadcast


    I am no longer doing a podcast but you can listen to previous shows here.

  • Cripcast 13


    I just bitch and moan.

  • Cripcast 12


    This is a longer show since I played about five songs from Jessy Moss. She saw that I had played some music on the podcast so decided to send me two of her CDs; Down At The Disco and Fast & Cheap. I did not play them back-to-back but throughout the show. I played Beat To A Pulp and Old Glory both from Down At The Disco. I also played Wishbitch, NYC and Bitten Off all from Fast & Cheap. I got these songs from the Podsafe Music Network so there is permission to play these on the podcast.Here are the links to her web page and her myspace page. talked about a post on the Disability Nation Blog about killing disabled babies. You can find this Blog post and others at the following link. briefly spoke about the election results and about my night out on Saturday. I then talked about getting rid of one of my nurses due to sleeping. I also talked about some changes with my ventilator settings (contain your enthusiasm). I

  • August 02, 2006


    It has been quite awhile since I have done a show so after a several month absence I am starting with some new shows. I now have a new web page which is located at www.cripcast.comI have a blog there with all of the shows. I will also be posting show notes on the old site for at least a few episodes. I also have a myspace page where you can listen to a feed of my show. You can find me on myspace at can call and leave me voice messages on Skype at the following telephone number (206) 201-CRIP or (206) 201-2747 You need to scroll to the bottom of this page to

  • Cripcast 11


    This one gets a little political as I respond to a comment left on one of my blogs for the show. Plus shopping at the mall. No links this time around.

  • Cripcast 10


    Here are the links for the things I talked about during the show.This is a link to be a phone volunteer for's Call For Change more information about you can go to their website at the following link those of you who are not already subscribe to Disability Nation you can find out information about the program, about the iPod shuffle giveaway, and information on subscribing to that podcast here is the video of this crazy guy doing stunts in his wheelchair

  • Cripcast 9


    A short show about what I have been up to and I played a song by Yellow Express entitled We Want Freedom For The People. You can check out more about the band at their web page which is

  • August 28 - another hurricane for Florida


    I talk about my cruise and other things. I play a few songs. It's another episode.lolBreaking by Jessy Moss Timebomb and I Want My P.J.'s by Demerit 7 A Podcast by Cruisebox

  • May 05,2006


    I start with an update of what I have been up to in the past few weeks. Dinner on two different nights. Romano's Macaroni grill and J. J. Muggs (I think that's the right spelling). Upcoming trip to Orlando, SunFest, upcoming visit from friend from California. I play two songs. Fade Out by Harvie from the United Kingdom and Wake Up by Butterfly Catchers also from the United Kingdom. A review of other podcasts. Ski Adaptively and Proud, Angry and Strong.Here is a link to the bio of Harvie on The Podsafe Music Network. is a link to the Web site of Butterfly Catchers is a link to the Blog of Ski Adaptively is the actual feed (right click on the link and then click copy shortcut and then paste into your aggregator) is a link to the National Disability Arts Forum (they are in England)http://

  • I'm Still Here!


    It has been quite a while since I have done a show but am now able to devote more energy to this. I just tell you a little bit about why I have been silent for several weeks and discuss a few of my future plans for this show. And I played a song by Rachel Kann called I Know This.A good community for the disabled called DisabledUnitedRachel Kann's Website

  • Paralympics not on television in United States


    I start the show by telling you what I have been up to the previous week. I describe my visit to Downtown at the Gardens, Johnny Rockets, and Cobb Theater. I then bitch a little bit about the fact that the Paralympics is not going to be televised in the U.S.. I then give you a few links regarding the Paralympics and the U.S. team and a Web site where you can watch some coverage of the Paralympics on the Internet. I ask for some feedback and play some music. All I Really Wanted by Jim Fidler and Really Really Happy by The Muffs. At some point during the podcast I talked about the fact that Murderball is being played by A&E in the month of March. They originally aired it on Tuesday February 28 at 10 PM Eastern time. They will air it again on Wednesday March 1 at 2 AM and then again on Sunday March 12 at 12 PM.Websites mentioned in the Podcast:International Paralympic Committee (IPC)ParalympicSport.TV (player to watch Paralympics coverage over the Internet)The Official Site of the U.S. Paralympic TeamPas

  • The portrayal of the disabled in movies & TV


    In this show I discuss how the disabled are portrayed in movies and TV. I specifically talked about ER and Blind Justice from television and on the movies side I discuss Million Dollar Baby, The Waterdance, and Rory O'Shea Was Here. For more information on these movies and TV programs I recommend looking them up on the Internet movie database at also play two songs from Jim Fidler who is a Canadian musician who is also blind. I played Trampled and Mr. Ambassador. You can get more information on Jim Fidler by visiting his Web site at

  • Episode 001


    I am finally posting the first episode of the Cripcast. The sound on this one is a bit rough since I was having trouble with my throat being scratchy. In this podcast I simply tell you a little bit about my disability and how it progressed throughout my life. I am including a link here with some information on my disease from the MDA web site. I hope you enjoy and if not I hope you will stick around long enough to get to know me and then decide if you like this podcast or not. Until next time. -- information on my disease from the MDA web site