Mongol Santino's Podcast


Sinopse Mongol Santino is a pro wrestler from Los Angeles, Ca who has produced/directed varoious shows across the West Coast. Mongol Santino co-created Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in 2008 & is currently the spokesperson for Evolucha.


  • Kaos podcast part 2

    20/07/2011 Duração: 08min or or call 323.960.5012 Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy is a Pro Wrestling School in Southern California. We train in American Strong Style, Lucha Libre, Catch, Submission, Old School and North American Hardcore. SBWA has earned the notorious reputation for really bringing the pain! We are hard hitting, fast paced and in your face! Only the strong survive here at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, it's not for the weak, the faint of heart, the timid or the cowardly.