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  • Episode 14: Go Accident

    Episode 14: Go Accident


    Welcome back to another episode of the distributed podcast. This is a recording of a skype call about software design that Jonathan Oliver had with Rinat Abdullin. Download this accidental 14 episode. Note by Rinat: Since I’m the worst person to talk about software design, I might be saying really stupid things in there. Please […]

  • Episode 13: Lucky Episode

    Episode 13: Lucky Episode


    We haven’t been podcasting in a while and Jonathan Oliver took the initiative of getting back on the track with this lucky episode. We’ll catch up on some interesting things that Rinat and Lokad were doing recently with architecture, technology and community. Some of the things we talk about: Windows Azure, Amazon High I/O SSD […]

  • Episode 12: LMAX

    Episode 12: LMAX


    In this episode, Jonathan and Rinat interview Mike Barker who helped architect the LMAX Disruptor project, a high-performance, ultra-low latency structure for producer/consumer operations.  Here’s the download: Distributed Podcast, Episode 12 Notes: Official Project - Google Code Google Group .NET Disruptor port Technical paper Mike’s blog–Bad Concurrency Mike’s co-worker’s blog–Mechanical Sympathy Mike’s co-worker’s blog–Mechanitis Martin Fowler’s review Enjoy.

  • Episode 11: SignalR

    Episode 11: SignalR


    In this episode we interviewed David Fowler and Damian Edwards who have created a great project called SignalR. This project is a signaling (or messaging) library which can be used to establish long-running connections between the browser and web server. Here’s the podcast: Distributed Podcast, Episode 11 Side note: This episode has been a long time […]

  • Episode 10: /dev/random

    Episode 10: /dev/random


    This episode was a fun one to record–everybody was busy traveling, learning and doing projects. So we just managed to sit down for a Skype call from different time zones and talk about really random stuff around the topic, from problems that we have, analogies that we use and tech that gets abused in the […]

  • Episode 9: When To Avoid CQRS—Clarified

    Episode 9: When To Avoid CQRS—Clarified


    This episode has been a long time coming.  We had significant difficulty editing this podcast because some of the audio tracks didn’t turn out right.  As a result, there is a level of background noise that we couldn’t eliminate.  Nonetheless, the content is still very good. In this episode, Udi responds to our previous episode […]

  • Episode 8 – When to Avoid CQRS

    Episode 8 – When to Avoid CQRS


    A few months ago Udi Dahan posted on his blog about when to avoid CQRS.  It was a very interesting post that caused a lot of uproar and drew out some very strong feelings from the various adherents to the CQRS pattern. In our typical style, we have decided to stir the pot further now […]

  • Episode 007: Interview with Ayende Rahien

    Episode 007: Interview with Ayende Rahien


    In this episode we spend some quality time with Oren Eini (otherwise known as Ayende Rahien). We talk about RavenDB, building distributed systems and designing frameworks in general. MP3 Download: Distributed Podcast, Episode 7 Episode References Ayende @ Rahien RavenDB Newtonsoft.JSON Release It! By the way, Oren Eini just got married recently! We use this opportunity […]

  • Episode 6: Interview with Jimmy Bogard

    Episode 6: Interview with Jimmy Bogard


    Jimmy Bogard gives his thoughts on building distributed systems.