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  • Podcasting...let's give it a try huh?


    Podcasting, the newest "big" thing in media communication. Basically one way to describe it is Tivo for Radio. What I am attempting to do is create media content that you would be able to subscribe to ( with a little work of course ) so that any time we post new updates from our travels they would be updated to keep you current. Hey it sounds really great. Wouldn't it be amazing if I could actually figure the whole process out? Let's try it and see what happens...Listen to Eric's Story by clicking here. The audio file is a 9 minute audio portion of a testimony video Jen and i just finished completing about a young man named Eric Navales. He is from the island of Mindanao, Philippines. He is just such a great story of how youth around the world are reached through the Book of Hope. You will mainly hear the voice of Eric himself as he shares his story with you. The female voice you hear is that of Afel. She is the local Chi Alpha director. Chi Alpha is a campus Bible Club that helps to make the Gospel relevant