Fca Chaplains Podcast



FCA Chaplains Podcast


  • Conference Call Training #6


    Best Practices with Roger Lipe along with FCA staff members Johnny Shelton of Virginia Tech and Brad Long of Franklin College in Indiana.

  • Conference Call Training #5


    Best Practices with Roger Lipe and FCA's Rick Horton in St. Louis.

  • Helping Athletes Transition from High School, to College, to Pro


    Dr. Gary Cramer, FCA Director at the University of Alabama, discusses a chaplains role in helping athletes transition from High School, to college, and on to the professional ranks.

  • Conference Call Training #4


    Best Practices with Roger Lipe and FCA's Jill Perry at the University of Georgia.

  • Conference Call Training #3


    Best ministry principles with Roger Lipe and Marcellus Casey.

  • Conference Call Training #2


    Best ministry principles with Roger Lipe and Ben Bost.

  • Chaplains Conference Call Training #1


    Introduction to a chaplains training series via conference call led by Roger Lipe.

  • Chaplaincy 101


    Roger Lipe, chaplain at Southern Illinois University, walks you through what to do to become a sports chaplain.

  • Developing Volunteer Chaplaincy


    Tim Schneckloth with FCA in the Quad Cities, guides you in how to develop a high school sports chaplian program by building relationships.

  • Shepherding a Championship Team


    The University of Alabama defeated Texas for the National Championship in college football.  Go inside with the team as Dr. Gary Cramer shares his calling as chaplain to the Crimson Tide.Download The Podcast in iTunes | Check Out Our Other Chaplains Podcasts

  • Becoming a Volunteer Chaplain


    What does it take to be a successful volunteer chaplain?  Doug Pollock, chaplain for the basketball teams at Bradley answers that question and much more as he walks you through the process.

  • Ken Smith on the December Chaplains Conference Call


    Ken Smith served as a Chaplain for Bobby Bowden at Florida State, Brad Scott and South Carolina, and Jackie Sherrill at MSU.  Ken shares, "Lessons from the old guy, things I wish I knew then that I know now".  Many of you who are on FCA staff may remember Ken from Real Time where he served as our MC.  Ken is currently the Pastor at FBC Wauchula Flordia.  

  • How to Serve Coaches


    Find out what it means to serve a coach.  Listen as Brad Long, chaplain at Franklin College in Indiana, shares what it takes to build a relationship with a coach that leads to opportunities to serve and minister.

  • Discouragement in Ministry


    One of FCA's core values for a chaplain is a proper attitude.  Specifically our attitude should be one of encouragement rather than a critical spirit.  But what does a chaplain do when he himself is facing discouragement.

  • Ministering to the Professional Athlete


    Chad Bonham sits down with NASCAR Sprint Cup Chaplain Tim Griffin for FCAChaplains.com.  Tim talks about tour chaplaincy, ministering to professional athletes, and the upcoming 2010 FCA Chaplains Conference in Kansas City.  

  • Cultivating the Gift of Teaching


    One of the responsibilities of a FCA chaplain is to proclaim God’s word.  Many times this is done through speaking.  How is a chaplain to cultivate the gift of teaching to ensure that these chapels are done with excellence?  Join Dr. Ken Whitten as he shares from over 33 years in ministry experience, “How to Cultivate the Gift of Teaching”.