Drunk Dial Square



New Arsenal podcast recorded at the pub each week directly following the match when both emotions and blood alcohol levels are high. Main cast: @BLarsenAFC1886, @FunnyGooner, @AWKlema, & @JamesGarvey_BHC. Guests vary weekly. Up the pints, up the emotions, and, as always, up the Arse.


  • (18 January 2014) Arsenal 2-0 Fulham - The "Little Bit Handbrake" Edition

    21/01/2014 Duração: 01h03min

    'ello lovelies. This warm feeling taking over our bodies is quite beautiful...it's been a while since we've felt this way and hope it continues for a bit longer, like, 17 more weeks. Performance on the pitch hasn't been great, but we show our quality for brief moments while the defense continues to be strong and that's all we need to keep this show going and remain top of the table. Klema, Garvey, Bryce and guest Michael Ford talk about the match v Fulham, Villa, and everything else in the Arsenal realm in this week's Drunk Dial Square podcast. COYA. UTA.

  • (4 January 2014) Arsenal 2-0 Lilywhites: The "Are You Tottenham in Disguise?" Edition

    08/01/2014 Duração: 01h05min

    WOW! It's been a long time. Holidays got the best of us, to say the least. We're happy to be back. We've missed you all; some of you more than others, mind you. Speaking of minding, mind the gap! FOYS. COYG. UTA. 61. Never Again. You get the picture. So strange going into a NLD without any worries and the boys proved why we weren't nervous about it. What a performance. Garvey, Klema, Josh, & Bryce talk about the holiday period and the recent victory in the FA Cup and our current run of form in the first podcast of 2014. Note: actual cast starts at 7:08 - intro was just a bunch of nonsense, but it's a good time.

  • (10 November 2013) Scouse Dortmund United 1-3 Arsenal: The 3 in 1 Edition

    12/11/2013 Duração: 51min

    Note: sorry there’s some talking and bottles clanging in beginning, but it goes away after a few minutes; pub was full on two floors from the match, so they were cleaning up. Long time no see, Gooners! Apologies, but as we explain in the podcast, Boston was a bit crazy last week so it was near impossible to record, but we made up for it this week! Following a tough week of fixtures where we dominated Liverpool, shocked Dortmund, and failed in Manchester, we can't be too upset with where we stand currently - top of the league and top of our group. Still, things to discuss and let's just say the second half of the cast started to get funny. Now then...the international break awaits and we welcome back healthy bodies on the other side. COYG. UTA. Cast: Bryce Larsen (@BLarsenAFC1886) Zachary Shrestha (@FunnyGooner) James Garvey (@JamesGarvey_BHC) Andy Klema (@AWKlema) Follow us @DrunkDialSquare. Website: www.drunkdialsquare.com