Sermons brought to you from Fairview Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta


  • Christian Imitation

    Christian Imitation


    A call to Christian imitation as growth to look more like Christ. ** Note: we apologize for the poor audio quality of this sermon.

  • God Speaks

    God Speaks


    Job finally hears from God. When God speaks, it isn\'t what we might expect. In this message we recap Job\'s story and consider God\'s response to this man grappling with suffering and perceived injustice.

  • Justice, Kingdom, and Christ

    Justice, Kingdom, and Christ


    In this final part of a series on justice we consider Christ, the one who will bring justice to the nations. We\'ll trace this mission through promise, fulfillment, and into the present day where he continues to build his kingdom of justice, peace, and righteousness.

  • Justice, Creation, and Law

    Justice, Creation, and Law


    In this third part of the series on justice we consider two important areas that have been neglected by the church and society. If we are going to see the justice of God increase in our land, there must be a promotion of the doctrine of creation and the doctrine of the law of God.

  • Justice Starts Here

    Justice Starts Here


    Many people are striving towards global objectives of justice and equality. But is this where we start? Can you mass produce cars before building and testing prototype? We will see that justice must start with us personally and with the people of God. Only then will we be equipped to promote justice and see the kingdom of Christ advance.

  • Understanding (Social) Justice

    Understanding (Social) Justice


    In this introduction to justice we consider what is \"social justice\" and how it compares to biblical or true justice. We see that much of what is promoted as \"justice\" today is partiality and unjust. We must understand that justice cannot be separated from righteousness, God, God\'s law, and Jesus Christ.

  • Our Message and Our Ministry

    Our Message and Our Ministry


    The world offers a number of solutions to the problem of reconciliation today, but cannot provide one that offers any real change and doesn\'t end in greater turmoil and abuse. This is where the message of reconciliation in Jesus Christ stands alone as the only answer to every problem. How can man be restored to God? Exclusively by what God has done in the death of Christ. Not only is this the greatest message known to man, but it is also the message and ministry of every Christian who stands as a new creature, reconciled to God themselves. As ambassadors of God, the church is tasked and privileged with sounding this call to a desperate world in need of restoration with their Creator, \"be reconciled to God\" (2 Cor 5:20).

  • He Will Hold You Fast

    He Will Hold You Fast


    Ben Hopman preaches from 1 Thessalonians 3:1-10.

  • God of the Storm

    God of the Storm


    Elihu gives us his final words. They foreshadow God\'s words to Job and Job\'s response to God. God\'s justice cannot be questioned. The trials and storms of life are gifts of love to his people. May we see that in this text that drives us to see God has high and exalted.

  • Don’t Waste Your Affliction

    Don’t Waste Your Affliction


    Elihu instructs Job on God\'s instruction through the difficulties of suffering and pain. This is an important reminder for us to not waste the trials God sends our way but to strive for the holiness God is working in us through affliction.