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BaxterBlog LHS is a forum for students and teacher alike to creatively write and respond to given topics that arise over the course of the school year. All comments should reflect genuine consideration for the topic, as well as genuine respect for all those individuals involved.


  • Creative Writing Fall 08 Podcasts


    Join us in listening to our radio theater, written, recorded, and published online by the Creative Writing class at La Grande High School.Blind Date (sponsored by Scamm Jeans)Attack of the Band Geeks (sponsored by Sizzling Glamor Gloves)Radio Show (sponsored by Automobile Homemakers)Funeral Speech (sponsored by Monster Truck Rally)Adventures of Detective McMillan (sponsored by Personal Electronic Tracker)Mr. White (sponsored by Talking Book)

  • 5th Block CW Short Story Podcasts


    Our Creative Writing class of spring semester 2008 has written several short stories this year. Here is a sampling:"5 o'clock Dash" - Smith"Accident in the Wilderness" - Touhey"Double Dream" - Olmstead"Favorite Things" - Lewis"Finding a Place Called Home" - Orton"Home Again" - DeWitt"Murice's Grand Adventure" - Coe"My Story" - Dill"Necklace" - Mackley"Sapphire" - Nebeker"Seattle's Finest" - DeViney"Soar to Another World" - Kahn"The Art of Evil" - Madsen"The Book" - Grover"The Great Discovery of Arthur and Hadly Nunly" - Kollen"The Note" - McLean"The Years that Shaped her Life" - Condit"Yesterday" - ContrerasAll stories should be available on iTunes by searching for BaxterBlog LHS.

  • Drew and Dem Hogs


    5th Block's script turned podcast. Tune in to Drew and Dem Hogs.Check it out at iTunes, too!

  • Juanita and Mike in the P.M.


    2nd Block's script turned into a podcast. Tune in to Juanita and Mike in the P.M.Check it out at iTunes, too!

  • So it only gets more and more mediocre?


    Once again, almost live from Chico, California, we have a special podcast for Tyler and Cole. Listen up!Chipmunk Vader speaks.

  • From sunny Chico to the unilluminated


    Thanks to Tonya Witherspoon for the GREAT photo!So, here we are at Tech Matters 06, an institute for technology liaisons of the National Writing Project from across the nation who have converged on a very sunny Chico, California. Technology showcases and playtime with new tech tools are the flavor of the 4-day institute. We have explored podcasting, collaborative online writing, social bookmarking, wiki's, blogging, aggregators, and much more.Here are a few photos from our week in Chico. It's been colorful, friendly, and HOT!And for my first podcasting experiment, I've linked this meager clip that gives you a snippet of what our time in the computer lab has done for me.Cross your fingers, and let's see what happens..