Osu Libraries Readaloud - 2007



Each Thursday, guest readers from the campus community read passages from some of their favorite books.


  • ReadAloud, November 29, 2007


    Chris Andersen, Office of Research, shares two holiday themed stories from James Thurber: "A Visit from Saint Nicholas In The Ernest Hemingway Manner" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Jason Gray, University Press, joins him on the program with selections from his recent chapbook, How to Paint the Savior Dead.

  • ReadAloud, November 15, 2007


    Showcases readings in celebration of the Living Culture Initiative and the Beanfield exhibit by Michael Mercil, Department of Art. Rick Livingston, Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities and his students will present a "Field of Beans" anthology of poetry and prose. Michael will read a short prose selection by Verlyn Klinkenborg that previews a proposed project for "living culture" that promises a look at animals.

  • ReadAloud, November 8, 2007


    Charlene Fix, CCAD, reading poetry from her book Flowering Bruno: a Dography as well as the James Thurber story, "The Dog That Bit People." Rick Brown, University Libraries, and editor of Naked Sunfish, will be reading the poetry of Maxi Branin (as translated from "bark" by Ms. Anita Branin), along with two tales about his Bichon Frise, Henri Richard.

  • ReadAloud, November 1, 2007


    Featured OSU Libraries authors Cheryl Lowry and LaTina Moss reading selections from their own writings. Latina's reading included parts of a play titled "gRave Reviews", and also the memoir "Phenomenal Being." Cheryl read from her second novel, Trunk Show, written with co-author Louise Vetter, and whose story takes place mostly at the Columbus Zoo.

  • ReadAloud, October 25, 2007


    Featured a program of selected Halloween themed readings. Maryann Walther Keisel, Center for East European and Slavic Studies, read "Call Me From the Valley" from the collection of short stories John the Balladeer by American writer of Appalachian fantasy, Manley Wade Wellman. Kenny Walther-Keisel, Columbus Alternative High School, read a selection from contemporary British author Susannah Clarke"s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

  • ReadAloud, October 11, 2007


    Gretchen Donelson, Fine Arts Library, read Hundertwasser"s stamp manifesto. Amanda Gluibizzi, Fine Arts Library, read Sol LeWitt"s Sentences on Conceptual Art. Joe Shaw, University Libraries, read from The Writing Life by Annie Dillard and also the poem "Lower East Side" by Miguel Pinero.

  • ReadAloud, October 4, 2007


    Nancy Courtney, Outreach Coordinator for OSU Libraries, will read selections from Messages from My Father by Calvin Trillin. Mary Klie, Wexner Center, will read selections from Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art. James Petsche, Wexner Center, joins the program with selections from Ann Packer's The Dive from Clausen's Pier.

  • ReadAloud, May 31, 2007


    featured The Medieval Reading Group with a reading of some of Marie de France"s Lais. Readers included Christine Moreno, Mike Bierschenk, Department of English, and Henry Griffey, University Libararies, and Lisa Kiser, Dept. of English.

  • ReadAloud, May 17, 2007


    Ohioana Library hosted the program featuring The Journal editors and staff reading from their all-time favorite prose and poetry ever published in The Journal.

  • ReadAloud, May 10, 2007


    featured a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007). Readers included Joanna Anderson, University Libraries, Mary Klie from the Wexner Center, Mykola Bilokonsky, OIT and Jason Payne, Comparative Studies.

  • ReadAloud, May 3, 2007


    featured Karen Bell, Dean, College of the Arts, and Vickie Blaine, Dance Faculty Emeritus, with a reading adaptation of their wonderful dance theater program "Heel Talk" which examines self-image, motherhood, divorce, and work, through a focus on aging and finding just the right shoe. The second half of the program featured Jason Gray, University Press, reading selections of poetry by Ben Howard, Alfred University Professor Emeritus.

  • ReadAloud, April 26, 2007


    featured Maryann Walther Keisel, Center for East European and Slavic Studies, and Kenny Walther-Keisel, Columbus Alternative High School, with selected readings of British writer Douglas Adams from his non-fiction book written with Mark Carwardine, Last Chance to See. David Goodwin , Centennial High School, joined the program with a chapter from Johnny got his gun by Dalton Trumbo.

  • ReadAloud, April 19, 2007


    featured readings by Central Ohio Fiction Writers. Toni Leland read from her thriller, Gambling With the Enemy and Marcia James read from her comic romantic suspense At Her Command.

  • ReadAloud, April 12, 2007


    featured a reading arranged by the Library Diversity Committee of Arabic prose, poetry and song. Readers from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Culture included Hanan Kashou and Joseph Zeidan. Joining them on the program is Rafah Asadi, student assistant, Science and Engineering Library. The readings were done in Arabic. Rafah closed the program with a beautuful song.

  • ReadAloud, April 05, 2007


    featured readers from Yoga On High including: Martha Marcom reading from After the Ecstasy, the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path by Jack Kornfield, Linda Oshins, reading from Pulitzer Prize winner Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, and Marcia Miller reading I Am One of You Forever by Fred Chappell.

  • ReadAloud, March 29, 2007


    featured readings by Rick Brown, University Libraries, and some of his colleagues and contributors to his e-magazine Naked Sunfish, including avant-garde poet John Bennett who read from his own works including: INSTRUCTION BOOK, Columbus: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2006 LA M AL, Espoo, Finland/W. Hartford, CT: Blue Lion Books, 2006 BULL, Columbus: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2006 BACKWORDS, [Espoo, Finland]: Blue Lion Books,2007 Logan Elm Press director Bob Tauber read The Story of Wu-cut and Pren-ting by Sid Chafetz. Yvonne Brown joined Rick on acoustic bass guitar for a few songs to close this special program

  • ReadAloud, March 8, 2007


    featured a reading of Irish Poetry accompanied by small pipes arranged by Steven Galbraith, University Libraries, and Glenn Mackie, Ben Dunham with harp accompaniment by Candyce Dunham. Poems read and songs performed included:"A Piper" by Seamus O"Sullivan followed by "The Atholl Highlanders." "The Song of Wandering Aengus" by William Butler Yeats along with "King of the Faeries." "The Dance Half Done" by Mary Ann Larken followed by "Paddy"s Green Shamrock Shores," "Rory O"Mor," and "Drowsy Maggie." "A Warning to Conquerors" by Donagh Macdonagh followed "The Battle of Waterloo."Passages from The Confession of Saint Patrick followed by "Eleanor Plunkett." "Ode" by Arthur O"Shaughnessy followed by "Lindesfarne." "The Harp that Once" by Thomas Moore, over the song of the same name. "The Fiddler of Dooney" by William Butler Yeats followed by "Banjo Breakdown" and "The Irish Washerwoman." "The Wild Mountain Thyme."

  • ReadAloud, March 1, 2007


    featured Eboni Francis and Leta Hendricks, University Libraries, with readings that inspired the work of artist Glenn Ligon including James Baldwin"s, "Stranger in the Village", Zora Neale Huston"s essay: "How it Feels To Be Colored Me" (1928) and "The Ballot or the Bullet" by Malcolm X.

  • ReadAloud, February 22, 2007


    Readings from February 22th, 2007. Featured Charlene Fix, Professor of English at CCAD read The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami. Charlene also shared selections from Flowering Bruno: A Dography, a book of her poetry published recently by XOXOX Press in Gambier, Ohio.

  • ReadAloud, February 15, 2007


    Readings from February 15th, 2007. Ohioana Library presented readings in celebration of Valentines Day by romance authors from Central Ohio Fiction Writers: Patricia Sargeant read from her first novel, You Belong To Me and Justine Wittich read from her novel Be Mine.

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