Oil and Gas Young Professionals Podcast



The Oil & Gas Young Professionals Podcast is the show focused on uniting the next generation of the Oil & Gas Industry, with the ultimate goal of helping empowering them to solve the Worlds Energy Needs. The show for and by the next generation of Oil & Gas, Millennials. Learn about the Oil & Gas industry every Wednesday morning. Topics include all four segments of the Oil & Gas Industry: Upstream, Midstream, Downstream & Services sector of Oil and Gas. Young professional specific content such as how to get into Oil & Gas, how to make the transition between College and post grad life, how to progress in your career to get exactly what you want out of it. Emphasis on telling the story of the people in the industry. Coverage will include how we move from the industrial age to a high tech industry. How to be an Oil and Gas Entrepreneur in an industry adverse to change. Lets take a journey to find the solutions to the future of the worlds energy needs.