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A resource for information on current ed tech topics."Some of the music provided by the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at ''"I am looking for teachers to join in an educational webcast one evening mid January. Topic-TBD, if interested, email my podomatic account.


  • Episode 4 Women of Web 2 The Flat Classroom

    14/03/2007 Duração: 01h04min

    The Women of Web 2.0 host amazing webcast featuring a discussion about the award winning Flat Classroom Project. Project leaders-teachers, Vicki Davis from Camilla, GA and Julie Lindsay from Dahka Bangladesh provide insight into running a successful global online project for high school students. Hosts Sharon Peters and Jen Wagner field questions and supplies input from the live chat room. Listen and enjoy a lively discussion by leading experts in the field of EdTech

  • Common Knowledge Episode 3 GaETC part 2

    18/11/2006 Duração: 19min

    The annual GaETC was held 11-13-17 at the Ga Convention Center. Over 2600 people attended. I hope these two podcasts help you to share in the excitment generated by the prospect of collaborating with peers and experts in the field of educational technology. Patrick Crispin facilitates a CSS workshop using Dreamweaver. He does an outstanding job. Be sure to book the workshop in advance to ensure getting a spot. Dr. Jayne Zahner from Valdosta State is an expert in collaborative on-line learning. She helped pioneer a fully interactive-on-line Ed Tech Specialist degree. Daniel and Jeff who run the blog supply an invaluable resource for any and all educators. Jen Wagner, Vicki Davis and Sharon Peters have successfully created a strong female voice leading discussions on the future of the web as it applies to supporting excellence in education. I don't have time to blog but this is starting to become one of them! Lastly, there are always vendors with education-related products on the

  • Common Knowledge Episode 2 Part 1

    17/11/2006 Duração: 14min

    This is part 1 of two podcasts covering Tuesday 11-14 and Wednesday 11-15 at the 2006 GaETC. I tried to have some fun with this in addition to capturing some engaging teacher content. Let me know what you liked or didn't like and what you'd like to hear about in future episodes. Thank you for listening. If you liked what I had to offer please be my friend this way I can check out your blog or podcast. part 2 includes comments from the Net Squirell himself...Patrick Crispin and other content you will not want to miss including an exclusive interview with the women who started Women of Web 2.0! I hope to have it up by Saturday afternooon 11-18.

  • GaETC 2006 Preview

    15/11/2006 Duração: 04min
  • GaETC 2006 Preview

    15/11/2006 Duração: 04min

    The day before the GaETC, the workshops are in full swing and the exhibitors are setting up camp for a three day long educational technology frenzy.