Between Two Worlds With Sadie: Books For Kids | Jokes | Fun Facts



Between Two Worlds is a podcast made by a kid, for kids! It is a podcast with reviews of books for kids that I love to read, mostly chapter books for kids, and interviews with some of my favorite authors. You will hear all about awesome books you might want to read, and you'll learn lots of cool facts about all kinds of stuff, including your favorite authors.Some of my favorite books that I will talk about are: Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlotte's Web, The Magic Half, and Junie B. Jones.In every episode there are three segments, the first one is Storyville, which is an imaginary place where we visit the library to review the book of the week. In the second segment, I give you three cool fun facts! And finally, we have the Joke Store where the Joke Man tells us the joke of the week! I hope you enjoy listening to Between Two Worlds!