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  • SK Music " ????- ??"


    Episode 50Worksheet A clever guy sang " 다행이다" with guitar background in Korean then he's videoed what he's done.So I decided to put on here original one with rough translation. You will find it interesting I hope so. Apart from his music his Korean is really good of course you can do it too!

  • ?? ? ????


    Episode49worksheetHello guys how have you been? You've been good? Finally I'd finished the mid term exam so I have been able to make new one and put it on here. Sorry I've recorded it in Korean again but I will definitely make new one in English ha ha ha. I've already tasted it how sweat recording in Korean is.This episode is about how to ask and answer " How was or how is your exam?" in Korean or it could be " how did your exam go?" I know it would be hard so far for you who have studied Korean for couple of months. However learning Korean in Korean would be better than in English so please be patient ( Do not throw things away even you feel really frustrated) and try to pick up the rhythm of Korean.Thank you

  • " ?? ?????"


    Episode49Worksheet Hello everyone. 지원 again. Today we'll learn how to ask " Are you free tomorrow?" in Korean. Before you plan to meet up your friend you probably ask his or her free time of your friend.I recorded this episode in Korean. it has nothing to do with I feel procrastinated to record in English at all. I believe English has to be learnt in English it's vise and versa. Get all hassle away from you. You don't need to think twice to use Korean. Try to think everything in Korean and speak in Korean in the first place as you speak Korean.Please download the worksheet and try to speak every Korean with me during you listen to this episode. It doesn't matter you don't understand. If you want to step up your Korean skill, the first thing you must do is getting a skill that you can read and pronounce every words and letter in your own. So reading through the script while you are listening this episode will be helpful.If you have any question, drop me an email or just shout out in here.Thanks a lot.

  • Asking time in Korean


    Episode 45WorksheetHello It's been a long time since I put on the last episode here. I am really sorry about I didn't make recent episode quickly. I already recorded my excuses on the episode so It doesn't necessary to say again. Ha Ha HaToday we will learn how to read and ask the time in Korean. I hope you find fun while you listen.Thanks. See you next weekend! I hope so.^^

  • Saying Date and Time in Korean


    Episode 44Worksheet Here안녕 Listeners! 안녕하세요 Listeners! What's the difference between two? Yeah the first one is 반말 and second one is 높임말. I bet one of the crazy things to learn Korean is studying 반말 and 높임말. Because Korean is one of the most weird languages which has got different style of language you should choose regarding to a situation in which you are. I can't come up with any other words for explaining existence of 반말 and 높임말. Korean grows up with it but you are not that's why you feel hard to study it. Does mean there are no way to know how random our 반말 and 높임말 rule is.Anyway to sort out the problem of you've got about 반말 and 높임말, we'll start with the question from Japan asking us difference between 나 and 저. It's so important that I decided to share her question with you. then We'll study how read and say Korean numbers and which words should be used to say month and date.If you successfully finish this episode you can read it Good luck to you gu

  • What a good student should do?


    Episode 43I got this photo at Korean class at S University. Of course it shouldn't be disseminated on the internet because the author of this writing doesn't know I took his work. As I saw this first time I felt kind of frustration. It seemed done by intermediate student though he wrote it very clearly,sincerely. Jesus Christ so I decided to show you this one in order to let you know what good writing is in Korean. I got a picture slightly out of focus so I copied it down on the web again and corrected its grammatical problem. 좋은 학생은 ......... 해야 해요 Good student should ..............공부 많이 해야 해요 study hardThat's right. If you want to be called a good student you must study hard. If you use ~야 해요 at the end of the sentence you can make it having meaning of " should, or ought " kind of things. Let's look at the other one.술 많이 마셔야 해요 drink a lotIt's actually half right half wrong. In fact i

  • Happy New Year Sparkling Korean starts again!


    Episode 38Worksheet HereHello Long time no see! Thank you guys waiting me for a long time. How's your Korean going on?I am really good these days in South Korea I set everything up I needed for recording for 2008. Also I got very handy small Camera as well so that I will try to put some pictures on here to show you.Visit here to see what's going on.Today we will talk about New Year's Day in South Korea. We call it 설 날 which is the most two important celebration days in Korea along with 추석.Look at this video first for warming upRain& Lee:"새해 복 많이 받으세요"Rain: "아 잠깐만! 이게 왼손이 윈가 오른손이 윈가?"Lee Na young: " 한복 사이로 숨겨 손 그냥 해 "Rain: "아니야 중요해. 아! Nate( mobile Internet service ) 에서 찾아보자"Lee Na young: "이게 검색이 되나?"Rain: " 그럼" " 이거봐 남자는 왼손! 여자는 오른손! 야 별게 다 찾아지네 "Lee: "근데 나 왜이렇게 늦게 찾아...ㅡ.,ㅡ"Rain: " 지금 찾았잖아"Rain: " 좋아 좋아"Rain & Lee: "새해 복 많이 받으세요"Rain& Lee:"Make lot of blessings New Year"Rain: " Hang on, Which hand is up? Left or Right? "Lee Na young:" Just hide your hands into your 한복( The clothing they wea

  • Practising Hangul with old story for kids


    Episode 41Worksheet hereNew episode have just arrived in February! This episode is about reading and listening Korean old story for kids. Try to pronounce Korean in your own as many as you can then play the episode and check your pronunciation.Good luck!

  • Basic Grammar ? + Noun ?/? ????


    Episode 40Worksheet HereA: How are you doing?B: I am fine and You?A: I am fine too Thank youI do remember when I started to be taught English teacher in English class had me to remember that short conversation in a book first. Fortunately I realised that there were so many greetings in English after I left high school when I was 19. Put it another way I had thought people who live with English would be so bored to say " Hello " to their neighbours with one greeting till I graduated High school.New government published new policy to fix up English education problem which has been messing up whole Korean students since South Korea was appeared on the world map. It is really controversial issue in Korea. I just hope new government's ambitious education policymakes a difference. So What I wanted to say is ...Let's study Korean!

  • Basic Grammar Noun ?? Noun ???


    Episode39 Worksheet HereToday we'll learn a basic grammar " Noun 이다" " Noun 아니다" I think you wouldn't be so excited to learn about this but it is very important lesson for you to move over to the next level.Also I put SK survey sheet on the what's on board on the right side of the page so you can download and join the SK survey.I am going to make a off-line meeting in Seoul for SK listeners. So we can communicate each other face to face and I can hear some hardship which Korean users are going through.If you live in Seoul please email me if you are interested. I think we probably meet on this Sunday somewhere.Thanks