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  • Reliving The Aviation Experience. Part One - In-Cockpit Audio Recording

    01/06/2023 Duração: 56min

    Like most people that love aviation, I find myself addicted to the experience.  Our community shares that passion regardless of all the other things that make us different.  And it's that love that drives our desire to share the experience with others.  Hence the reason for Simpleflight Radio.  It provided me the venue to share with all of you.  And not too many years ago, I started PF Flying, a YouTube channel that brings both in-cockpit audio and video to our followers. The experience has led to me learning about all the power of recording my flights and sharing them with all of you.  It also led to a new love tied to producing the output in a way that resonates with people.  Along the way, I have made a lot of mistakes that are relatively common across the pilot community.  So when Max Trescott ( approached me about producing a show or two on the ins, outs, gotchas, and best practices of recording aviation, I jumped at the chance.   I enjoy my discussions with Max, because there always

  • Situational Awareness with Max Trescott

    06/11/2022 Duração: 41min

    Apologies to our loyal listeners for the gap between shows.  Schedules, Family, Work, and Life are competing for time.  I love SimpleFlight and refuse to let it go.  Thanks for your patience, while we work it out.  In the meantime, I continue to have so many wonderful conversations with pilots across the country.  One of my pilot buddies is Max Trescott and we tend to have wonderful philosophical conversations at the end of our respective days.  The focus is always on being better, safer pilots, and imparting that knowledge to others.  Max commented on how we should record our impromptu conversations as we drive from point A to point B.  So let it be written, so let it be done!  Let's call it Pilots In Cars (PIC)! Lately, I have been diving deep into Situational Awareness, as it appears to be an opportunity for pilots to take their skills to the next level.  Max and I dug into that recently and we had the good sense to record the conversation.  Max posted it on his podcast ( and I did th

  • Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Engine Out 5/31/22 (S10E3)

    04/06/2022 Duração: 01h10min

    Yes, SimpleFlight Radio is still here.  We took an extended break, but not without missing all of you.  Some of you have found me with my YouTube channel, PF Flying.  If you checked it out, you saw that I had a catastrophic engine failure at about 1500 ft AGL.  When it happened, I was completely caught off guard, but the surprises didn't stop there. With over 2300 hours, I always feared an engine out.  I didn't think about it often, but if someone was to ask, it would've been in my top 3 list of things I didn't want to experience.  I wondered how I would handle it.  Would I be frozen by fear and panic?  That's when surprise #2 hit me.  I felt no fear, I had no indecision, and I had complete confidence I was going to be OK. So join us in our first episode for 2022,  with Brandon and myself doing a completely unscripted hangar talk session about what happened, how it happened, and what came after the dead stick landing.  I learned a lot about myself and more specifically, how my brain was the key to a success

  • Aviation Journey's (Part 2), Bob Reynolds, 12/29/21 (S10E2)

    30/12/2021 Duração: 01h08min

    As 2021 comes to a close, it's a good time to reflect on the year that was.  As we made progress against Covid, the battle rages on.  Still, 2021 was a great year for General Aviation.  Many people have decided now is the time to start their aviation journey.  Flight Schools are extremely active and plane inventory & availability is tight as people start to check off bucket list items at a fast pace.  That not only goes for new pilots, but existing ones that are reaching new heights. That is the case for Bob Reynolds.  As you may recall, Bob joined us in the summer of 2020 after taking advantage of the airline slowdown by landing at every Bravo airport in the lower 48 (except Regan).  And he didn't stop there.  Since then, Bob earned his Cirrus Vision Jet type rating and has been building time via some great adventures.   Join us on this week's episode as Bob talks about his new aviation journey, including the costs, challenges, and the joy of following his dream.  Our dreams may be a bit different, but

  • Navigating Insurance, Wendy Wenk, 9/15/21 (S10E1)

    21/09/2021 Duração: 01h11min

    As Oshkosh came and went in 2021, the Simpleflight Crew celebrated the completion of our 9th year.  During the time of Covid, we didn't get a complete season out, but are very excited for our 10th season.  So we wanted to start this season with something we've not talked about previously and that is a hot topic.  After all our shows, we thought it would be an impossible task.  And yet, it was right there in front of us.  Aviation Insurance. Join us on this week's episode as we are joined by Wendy Wenk, President of Wenk Aviation Insurance ( With almost 40 years in the business, Wendy and her staff help aviators navigate the often confusing landscape facing pilots and organizations.  Especially since the dynamics have been turned upside down over the last few years.  Brandon and Marc sought to understand the world of coverage, premiums, dynamics and best practices.  Wendy's long term perspective was eye opening and informative.  We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.    W

  • Aviation Dreams Can Still Happen. June 6,2021 (S9E10)

    07/06/2021 Duração: 52min

    Once bitten by the Aviation "Bug", pilots dream about flying experiences to come.  It may be a particular mission or a specific make and model of aircraft that the pilot wants to fly.  Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. As a pilot gets a cadence going and becomes comfortable with their aviation life, a sense of contentment leads to a mental happy place and a zen-like experience.  Interestingly, new aviation experiences add to that feeling, but always seem centered on the same foundation of a love of aviation.  But then, when you least expect it, a new experience can come along that shatters the calm and replaces it with a high energy realization that there is more to achieve and now is the time to do something about it. That's what happened to Marc after getting a chance to sit up front in a M-600 with a flying buddy.  Marc has flown other "next level" aircraft, but for some reason, this time resulted in a life changing moment.  The feeling, the sound, the decisions, the experience felt like a new world th

  • Around The World - GA Style, Alex Gronberger, May 16, 2021 (S9E9)

    18/05/2021 Duração: 01h04min

    For many GA pilots, a cross country trip usually means several hundred miles, a hotel room, and a return trip.  But for a few people, a bigger calling exists.   Join us on this week's episode as we are joined by Alex Gronberger, who is about to join his wife and embark on an around the world trip in his 2009 Cirrus SR22.  His trip has already started, as he departed Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 4th, stopping in the Midwest to have his plane fitted with a brand new engine.   Just planning for a new engine provides a hint of the amount of preparation required to make the trip a reality.  Selling all of his belongings (including his house), having his wife earn her private ticket, asking for a one year sabbatical from his employer, and we can all start to feel the commitment and dedication that drove Alex to make this decision.  We may not be able to join Alex on his trip (checkout, but listen in and share in his excitement for this adventure of a lifetime.   ​ We'd love to hear about yo

  • Oshkosh! Our Community's Common Unity, with Dick Knapinski

    04/05/2021 Duração: 01h14min

    The word Community is made up of two root words... Common Unity.  That one thing that bonds people together.  To an Avgeek, we share a love of aviation... and it is EAA's Airventure that unites us all in a special way.  One of the signals of Airventure, is the release of the annual NOTAM.  As April came to a close, the NOTAM arrived making last year's disappointment a distant memory. For attendees, Airventure is an awesome event which brings excitement and smiles to all that participate.  Have you thought about what it takes to put an event together that hosts hundreds of thousands of people?  Add to that the unknowns (e.g. weather, etc.) and an extremely dynamic logistical puzzle that impacts thousands of stakeholders.  It is then you start to realize the requirements for multi-faceted planning, strong leadership, and excellent communication skills. Enter, Dick Knapinski, Director of Communications for EAA.  As a 29 year vete

  • Air Zoo @ KAZO, Fun To Say, Fun To See, March 7, 2021 (S9E7)

    08/03/2021 Duração: 01h12min

    As the world starts thinking about getting back to normal, the question comes up, "What is normal?"  For each of us, it's a different answer.  Among the community of avgeeks, it generally means joining with other pilots in getting back in the airplane and finding destinations. For many, an aviation museum is a special place, as it connects us with aviation across the generations.  There are many places of note across the United States, but one gem is found at the Kalamazoo Michigan airport (KAZO).  Never heard about it?  This is your chance to get up close and personal with what makes the AirZoo at KAZO ( a perfect destination for all those that love aviation and their friends and families.  Join Brandon and Marc as they sit down with President and CEO, Troy Thrash and the AirZoo's Restoration Manager, Greg Ward.  It's obvious both these gentlemen love what they do and take pride in being part of a special team.  You'll learn what makes the museum tick, how it operates, and how the team includes th

  • Taking Off In A New Direction, Jerry Meyer, January 31, 2021 (S9E6)

    01/02/2021 Duração: 01h10min

    With 2020 behind us and with high hopes for a great 2021, what better way to change our mindset, than sitting down and talking aviation.  During our last 9 seasons, the SimpleFlight crew has had the pleasure of hosting north of 200 guests., with a focus on finding amazing people doing amazing things in aviation.   And this week's show is no different.  In some people's opinion, the LSA market has not lived up to its expectations, but there are companies that saw the LSA as an opportunity to reach out to new customers and deliver on new missions.  One such company is Icon Aircraft (  With Brandon running into technical challenges, Marc went solo in talking with Jerry Meyer, Director of Marketing for Icon.  While not a household name to many of us in GA, Jerry brings a strong background in aviation (naval pilot) and brand management to his role at Icon.  There were a lot of questions for Jerry and we invite you to listen in and learn about Icon's aircraft, it's culture, its go to

  • Year End Hangar Talk, December 13, 2020 (S9E5)

    15/12/2020 Duração: 58min

    2020 has been a notable year.  How is that for an understatement.  For many of us, aviation serves as an escape from the pressures of daily life.  It can be relaxing, energizing, and fulfilling, with an added benefit of providing an attitude reset.  How ironic that various "shelter-in-place" or other constraints, served to limit aviation's accessibility just when it was needed most. But with all that, there was plenty of positives and aviation did contribute many happy moments.  This week's episode gives Marc and Brandon an opportunity to look back and take note of the ups and downs that characterize 2020. Like a relaxing Sunday flight, the guys just let the topics come to them and let the stress of 2020 melt away.  The conversation spanned a lot of topics, including training, maintenance, aircraft systems, pilot attitudes, etc.  We're interested in hearing how you spent the year of Covid, and if you found positive moments you can hold on to.  Please share them with the rest of the SimpleFlight Facebook and I

  • Pacific On The Right, Curtis Pierce, Nov 1, 2020 (S9E4)

    03/11/2020 Duração: 01h06min

    After the last three shows on airplane ownership, it's only natural to talk about what comes next.  And of course the answer is, TAKE A TRIP.  But where?  I suspect if I asked all of you, the answer wouldn't be to take a 5,000 mile, 63 hour international flight over 2 1/2 weeks.     But that's exactly what tonight's guest did.  Join us as we "sit down" with Curtis Pierce, a Phoenix-based airline pilot, proud Mooney owner, and now an author.  His memoir, "Pacific On The Right", takes us back 20 years as a young CFI, Curtis joined with a freshly minted private pilot, who bought a new 172 and decided to reposition it to Santiago, Chile.   Listen as Brandon and Marc discuss, the planning, the language and culture challenges, weather, and even landing at an airport that hadn't seen an airplane in over 5 years.  Talk about a challenging first flight!!!  How about you?  What was your longest flight?  Anything international?  What did you put in the log book.  We'd love to hear your story.  Please share it with the r

  • Ownership Part 3 - Leaseback, September 20, 2020 (S9E3)

    13/10/2020 Duração: 01h04min

    The last two shows have focused on airplane ownership from both a sole owner and a partnership perspective.  As we close out our trilogy, Brandon and Marc are joined by Steve Rogers, owner of a beautiful 2004 Glass Panel Archer.  Steve bought the plane off the manufacturing floor in 2005 after making the decision to pay for it by "leasing it back" to a flight school or flying club.  A lot has happened over the last 15 years with technology, the economy, costs, etc.  Yet through it all, the Archer continues to look and fly like a new airplane.  That is due to a flying club that treats it like they own it, and even more important, to an owner that is committed to the safety and pride factor of anyone that flies her.  Steve is often called the best leaseback owner that any flying organization could have.  He loves owning the plane and loves helping people achieve their aviation dreams in his plane.  We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as Brandon and Marc did.  Not only was it educational, but we enjoyed t

  • Plane Ownership - Part 2, Edward Forman, September 6, 2020 (S9E2)

    15/09/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    As a follow up to our last episode, the SimpleFlight crew reached out to Edward Forman, a pilot that embarked on a mission to find a plane and some partners to help him build proficiency and get more utility out of general aviation.  The big questions revolved around number of partners, type of partners, how much to spend, and what make and model of plane would best meet the mission.     While each purchase process stands on its own, the conversation with Edward highlights key factors that have to be considered, including the equipment, where to source the plane, where to hangar the plane, finding a maintenance shop, and discovering that a 9 year old plane won't be perfect.  If an unfamiliar model is purchased, the transition to a different platform also needs to be considered. All in all, Brandon and Marc touched on a lot of aspects of the plane purchase and ownership process.  But we're sure there are other perspectives.  And we'd like to hear yours.   As always, please share your views with the rest of the

  • Stay The Course, Andy Thome, August 23, 2020 (S9E1)

    25/08/2020 Duração: 01h06min

    As SimpleFlight Radio starts its 9th season, we decided to sit down and revisit with Andy Thome, who was our guest twice in the last three months of 2019.  At that time, Andy was going through an airplane purchase process and shared his experience from start to finish.  His purchase of a 1959 Piper Comanche 180 in December, was not the end of the story.  Quite the opposite.  Similar to a TV newscast that warns its viewers that the following story could be quite disturbing, we must warn you the journey Andy has been on will probably make you cringe.  The good news is there is much to be learned from the story, including how Andy is dealing with the less than perfect experience he continues to face.   As a pilot, we are taught how to deal with adversity and stay focused on taking our journey to a safe and successful conclusion.  That is exactly what Andy has done for the last several months.  So sit back, relax, and listen and learn from Andy as he shares the story of his journey since buying his plane in Decem

  • Bravo! Bravo! Bob Reynolds, July 12, 2020 (S8E18)

    28/07/2020 Duração: 01h14min

    Covid-19 has impacted so many people across the globe in some physical or emotional way.  The specifics are tough to recount.  To say we need to find a way to "de-stress" is an understatement.  For many of us, we find our escape in flying.  And tonight's guest, takes that to an extreme.  Meet Bob Reynolds, a Chicago pilot that uses his SR22 to see the USA at safe, but low altitudes.  His last minute trips to points of interest from coast to coast will probably leave you green with envy.  Despite the distraction and impact of the Corona virus, Bob saw an opportunity to take his mission to the next level.  Bob heard about pilots taking advantage of the reduction in air carrier flights, by adding their local Bravo airport to their logbook.  That included many Chicago private pilots who landed at O'Hare.  Bob said, "why stay local?", as he set out to land at every Bravo airport in the US.  It's an incredible story and we're honored that Bob was willing to share it with all of us.  Please join us for a ride of a l

  • An Electrifying Career, Wayne Temple, May 24, 2020 (S8E17)

    09/06/2020 Duração: 01h04min

    There are a lot of paths to a job in aviation.  Some are unconventional.  And sometimes the job itself is unconventional.  Welcome to this week's episode of SimpleFlight radio.  Join us as Marc and Brandon spend time with Wayne Temple, a Helicopter Line Pilot and COO of Wake Aviation (  His story about how he became the only active Journeyman Lineman/Wire pilot in the country is interesting by itself.  But to learn about what the job entails and what a day in the life is like, is compelling.    You might assume that a job flying helicopters carrying people and equipment that hang below the aircraft, while operating within feet of structures and high power lines is not a career that elicits comfort for most people.  Yet, you'll hear Wayne talk about how he essentially earned his license on the job and has accumulated 9,000 hours doing what he loves.  Of note is the fact that he has zero time flying fixed wing aircraft.  This is someone that found his dream job at an early age.  It's a great s

  • Ladies Love Taildraggers, May 10, 2020 (S8E16)

    15/05/2020 Duração: 01h08min

    All pilots are passionate about aviation.  It's the one thing that creates a bond.  As Marc likes to say, it's our Common Unity.  And that's what makes us a COMMUNITY.  But it doesn't stop there.  There are families within the family.  Some are based on aircraft types (there are more than 100 aircraft type clubs), while others are pilot segmented groups (e.g. 99's, NAFI, AbleFlight).  And there are even a few organizations that bring both together.    And that brings us to Ladies Love Taildraggers (  Marc and Brandon talked with Judy Birchler and Kelly Jeffries, who started the organization in 2009 and now have over 2500 members.  Listen in and catch their contagious enthusiasm as they share not only what they put into the group, but what the members come away with.   Spoiler alert... it starts with FUN! We're interested to have you join the discussion with your opinion and any questions you have of the SimpleFlight crew.  And at the same time, share your thoughts with the rest of

  • Build A Plane; Build A Life, Mike Ojo, April 12, 2020 (S8E15)

    21/04/2020 Duração: 01h13min

    Marc commonly says that YouTube is his favorite app.  The main reason comes down to access to education and people doing really cool things.  And as no surprise, Marc spends a lot of time watching aviation videos.  One of the "Tubers", Mike Ojo ( became a favorite of Marc's, due to his love of aviation and diversity of topics he covered. With Brandon out of pocket, earning his VisionJet Type rating, Marc went solo in talking with Mike about the genesis of his channel and the back story of how it came to be and where he's taking it.  Then recently, he made a major shift, with the decision to purchase and build a Sling TSI.  And he's bringing all his listeners along for the ride.   Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio and learn what it takes and the surprises that come along with purchasing a kit plane.  You'll also hear Mike talk about not building a plane, but rather building a life around flying.  Now that's a concept we can all get behind. We're interested to have you join the discus

  • Beyond Pilot Error, Karlene Petitt, March 29, 2020 (S8E14)

    07/04/2020 Duração: 58min

    With Covid-19 being so front and center in everyone's mind, it's very common and appropriate to hear people sending wishes for safety and good health.  Certainly, SimpleFlight wishes the same for you and yours.  The path to getting to a healthier state, starts with a cultural change that now requires us to stand apart physically.  Ironically, the desire to be safer, may also require a cultural shift.   Brandon and Marc welcome back Karlene Petitt to SimpleFlight Radio.  As an international airline pilot, author, pilot advocate and aviation safety subject matter expert, Karlene spoke to the crew about her doctoral research into the relationships between safety culture, pilot training, aircraft knowledge, aviation passion, and the impact of automation usage.  The goal was to determine the root cause of performance issues.  And unlike what we are used to hearing, it goes far beyond "pilot error". Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio, and hear first hand, the surprising results of her research.  We enj

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