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  • Mr. Mallon`s Helpmyphysics Podshow 12


    Mr.Mallon takes a look at the science of the Sun. Granny Physics is in her radioactive shed. Danny Boyle`s Sunshine movie is reviewed and it is 40 years since the moonlandings.

  • Mr. Mallon`s Helpmyphysics Podshow 11


    In this podshow Mr Mallon takes a look at heat and temperature. In the physics movie section we revue the film The Dish which tells the story of how we nearly missed the moon landings. Granny Physics shares some science facts along with Daniel Mcdade and Kallum Shields from St Andrew`s High school Coatbridge and finally there is an update from Mars.

  • Mr. Mallon`s Helpmyphysics Podshow 10


    In this podcast Mr Mallon tells the story of the atom. There is a special book review by Cassie McDonald & Chloe Selkirk from St Andrew`s High School Coatbridge and finally Mr Mallon asks about UFOs

  • Mr. Mallon`s Helpmyphysics Podshow 08


    In this SQA results podcast Mr Mallon gives some advice on what to do next session. In the spacezone it is Jupiter and the Parseid meteor shower. Summertime reading. Two cracking science books to read on the beach or in the rain!

  • Mr. Mallon`s Helpmyphysics Podshow 07


    Cells & batteries. Why they don’t always give the voltage written on the battery. Ultrasound: Images using echoes. Constellations. Images with the stars. Music in the show: Charge by Seven Thousand miles Stars by Bree Noble

  • Mr. Mallon`s Helpmyphysics Podshow 06


    Is a force necessary to keep objects moving? Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone. Meteors and shooting stars. Music in the show: No force by Red Planet Shooting stars by Reel

  • Mr Mallon's Helpmyphysics Podcast Show 04


    Mr Mallon takes a look at vectors and scalars in the Higher physics segment. How did people communicate into the distance and why is Pluto no longer a planet.

  • Mr Mallon's Helpmyphysics Podcast Show 03


    Mr Mallon takes a look at the the job that a fuse does in a plug. Granny Physics has received a package at Einstein Cottage. Mr Mallon visits Physics Land's Observatory and ends the show talking to some pupils who have sat Standard Grade Physics Exams.

  • Mr Mallon's Helpmyphysics Podcast Show 02


    Mr Mallon looks at specific heat capacity. Granny Physics talks weight and mass. Those mysterious lines on the sun's spectrum...what are they?

  • Mr Mallon's Helpmyphysics Podcast 01


    Mr Mallon discusses how to find the frequency of water waves.Granny Physics looks at diffraction and refraction and in space physics we find out what a light year is and where to find the planet Jupiter.