As a freshmen in high school Ive decided that I want to interview ALL of the rich and famous people of the near future. My mom says that I have an exquisite palate for all things cute (including people). I agree. My dad says since I like to talk so much (rude) that I should make it my job. So if this podcast thing goes bad... my parents made me do it. ; )


  • JHR:005 Interview with the talented Lilly Marino tune in to hear about slurpee's and ramen

    21/04/2016 Duração: 23min
  • JHR: 004 with Tyler Heydon We discuss Dyslexia, ADHD, Japan and more

    02/04/2016 Duração: 50min
  • JHR: 003 Philippino Time with Cristina

    21/03/2016 Duração: 36min
  • JHR: 002 Interview with Bri Marie on the Middle School to High School Transition and The Pains of Keeping Grades Up While Keeping a Social Life

    16/03/2016 Duração: 22min
  • JHR: 001 Interview and MUCH girl-talk with Juliana Trejo of Kennedy Catholic High School

    01/03/2016 Duração: 54min