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A bi-weekly podcast about educational issues in Ontario, across Canada, and across borders.


  • SRR 0 - A New Hope


    Download Episode0.mp3 For all future podcasts (until further notice) source information for the image and theme is listed here: Base image for this episode (less the font) and our twitter avatar is from a photo by Branox on The license is available here. Radio dial static sound effect was ripped from here. Funnky bed music for the theme is the public domain track "Groovin" by Bryan Boyko.

  • SRR 01 - Who's in Charge?


    Download Episode01.mp3 Thanks to special guest Greg Pietersma, Chair of the Upper Canada District School Board, for talking about the evolution of boards and trustees over the past decade, up to Bill 115. We welcome your input and comments below.

  • SRR 02 - Civics PD


    Download Episode02.mp3 Our first PD episode consisting of audio that we were, largely, not responsible for. The recording consists of the majority of a panel discussion that was held on Friday, October 12th, 2012. The panel was held after a screening of We Are Wisconsin at the Workers' Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. The panel was moderated by Dr. Stephanie Ross of the Work and Labour Studies Program at York University and included the film's director Amie Williams, Wisconsin union activist Rachel Friedman, and local representatives Lisa Hammond, President of HWETL and Anthony Marco (me), Member of the HDLC Executive and OSSTF District 21. All panel members gave permission for this recording to be uploaded for this podcast. We hope you find it interesting, and we'll back next weekend with a more "traditional" episode.

  • SRR 03 - No Kidding!


    Download Episode03.mp3 This episode features an interview with Annie Kidder, Executive Director of People for Education. We welcome your input and comments below.

  • SRR 04 - Epistemological Potpourri


    Download Episode04.mp3 Andrew and Anthony talk about how education handles Remembrance Day, Andrew's visit to the P4E Conference last week, the ongoing messaging around Bill 115, and a quick back and forth about the future of digital "textbooks". Andrew's recent article on the evolution of digital textbooks can be found here. My article on moving to open source eTextbooks can be found here.

  • SRR 05 - Grass Roots, Grass Stains, Grass Cuttings


    Download Episode05.mp3 Somehow Andrew and Anthony end up back on Bill 115 for an entire episode. We talk to Greg Synowicki of about their plan to gain support in repealing Bill 115 and using a focus of seniority v. performance-based hiring to do it. We also have clips about Bill 115 from a Gerrard Kennedy telephone town hall and Panel Discussion with Peter Tabuns, MPP Toronto-Danforth and ONDP Education Critic. Feel free to get in touch and let us know how we're doing.

  • SRR 06 - Just How Extra is Extra?


    Download Episode06.mp3 This week Andrew and Anth deconstruct some politicians with agendas talking about Bill 115, followed by an interview with Koroush Houshmand, Student Trustee with the Toronto District School Board on student walkouts, wrapping up with our regular weekly education grab bag newly-titled "What's Andrew Been Thinking?" We plan on an episode to be posted over the holidays, so keep your feedreaders open!