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  • Low Vision Focus @ Hadley Presents: Retinal Implants: A Patient's Perspective


    Join Low Vision Focus @ Hadley as Carmen Torres, Hadley student and the first person in the State of Florida to receive the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System, discusses her personal experience with a retinal implant. Duane Tsutsui, Head of Marketing for Second Sight Medical Products Inc., the manufacturer of the Argus II, will also be present to discuss the technical aspects of the device.

  • Eat Your Veggies!


    Join Seminars@Hadley as we talk about everything vegetable-related: growing them in containers, raw vs. cooked, how to prepare and cook them, fun facts and more. Did you know there is an annual Eat Your Veggies Day? Hadley instructors Ed Haines, Jennifer Ottowitz and Vileen Shah will present, joined by Dawn Turco, Senior Vice President and moderator, for this 60-minute seminar. A question and answer session will be included as part of the seminar.

  • Elements of Good Health


    Join Seminars@Hadley as Mel Scott, founder of BlindAlive, and her associate Lisa Salinger offer their vast knowledge and experience in this subject. Larry Muffett, a member of Hadley's Seminars team, will moderate this 60-minute seminar.

  • Accessible Prescription Labeling


    Join Seminars@Hadley as Amanda Tolson, Pharmacy Relations Manager for En-Vision America, discusses the current state of affairs in accessible labeling. Larry Muffett, a member of Hadley's Seminars team, will moderate this 60-minute seminar. A question and answer session will be included as part of the seminar.

  • Diabetes and Your Vision


    Join Seminars@Hadley as Dr. Cynthia Heard, doctor of optometry, talks about diabetes and the progressive effect it can have on vision.

  • Non-24-Hour Disorder: From the Lab to Real Life


    Non-24 Hour Disorder (Non-24) is a circadian rhythm disorder affecting the majority of people with no light perception. It results in cycles of difficulty sleeping at night and strong desire for sleep during the day. Join Seminars@Hadley as Dewey McLinn III, PhD, director of Medical Science Liaisons at Vanda Pharmaceuticals, reviews the aspects of Non-24, and discusses the disorder with a person living with this condition.

  • An Overview of Deaf-Blindness


    Join Seminars@Hadley as Illinois Project Reach presenters Karen Windy and Carla Beck provide an overview on deaf-blindness.

  • Stress Management


    Join Seminars@Hadley as Sylvia Perez, an experienced vision rehabilitation and social work professional, shares practical techniques for not only reducing stress, but also maximizing its positive effects.

  • Reducing Risk of Diabetes Complications


    Lisa Golden, Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Division for Blind Services Diabetes Field Specialist and Genie Benavides, RN, DARS/DBS Diabetes Vendor will discuss important steps that may help reduce risk of diabetes complications. Join Seminar@Hadley as Lisa and Genie provide valuable information about managing diabetes.

  • How Diabetes Saved My Life


    While the diagnosis of diabetes can be daunting at first, noted entrepreneur and speaker Urban Miyares will explain his positive spin on the disease and describe how, if not for diabetes, he probably wouldn't be alive today. Join Seminars@Hadley as Urban presents his fascinating story of success while dealing daily with diabetes.

  • PTSD, Depression and Success


    PTSD and depression are among the so-called "hidden disabilities" that can hold people back from realizing their potential. Join Seminars@Hadley as Urban Miyares, a successful entrepreneur and blinded Vietnam veteran, shares his personal experiences and how he manages and copes with both. Learn how Urban credits his coping skills with his many business successes.

  • Understanding Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)


    Cortical visual impairment (CVI) is a complex neurological disorder wherein the eyes and optic nerves appear healthy but the part of the brain that interprets visual signals is not working properly. It is a brain condition, not an eye condition. Join Seminars@Hadley as Dr. Kia Eldred talks about CVI, including information on causes, symptoms, diagnosis and current thought about treatment and intervention.

  • Sleep, Light and Your Body Clock


    Do you ever feel like your sleep patterns are different from those of others around you? Do you sometimes feel the unwanted urge or need to fall asleep during the day time when you need to be awake? This could be due to a real sleep problem related to the lack of light needed to keep your body's internal clock in sync. Dr. Steven Lockley from Harvard Medical School will be presenting the story of a sleep problem affecting over 50% of individuals who are totally blind. Topics covered include background on the cause and state of scientific knowledge about this sleep disorder, common symptoms of the sleep problems and current research for diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Steven Lockley is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Neuroscientist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He has been studying the effects of light and blindness on sleep and circadian rhythms for 18 years.

  • Living Well With Diabetes & Visual Impairment


    This open discusssion-style seminar discusses diabetetes and strategies for living well with the condition and visual impairment. Join Seminars@Hadley as Rehabilitation Nurse Consultant and MS, RN, CHE, CVRT Margaret Cleary; Instructor at the Hadley School for the Blind Naomi Tuttle; and Vice President of Business and Development at Prodigy Diabetes Jerry Munden talk about living well with diabetes and visual impairment.

  • Dog Guides for Multiply Disabled People


    Several dog guide schools have programs which train dogs specifically for users with multiple disabilities. To find out if you'd be a good candidate or if one of your consumers might benefit, join Seminars@Hadley as Ellin Purcell, Director of Special Needs, Guiding Eyes for the Blind; Michelle Pouliot, Director of Research and Devopment, Guide Dogs for the Blind; and Keith McGregor, Director of Canine Training and Deaf-Blind Services, Leader Dogs for the Blind discuss programs at their schools designed for multiply disabled users.

  • SSDI, SSI, & You


    Social Security is responsible for two major programs that provide benefits based on disability: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is based on prior work under Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) where payments are made on the basis of financial need. Some times there is confusion about which program is more appropriate for an individual or what benefits are available from each. Valerie Williams, Project Director/Community Work Incentive Coordinator, with Austin Resource Center for Independent Living and Mandy Lomax, Area Work Incentive Coordinator, with the Social Security Administration discuss the basics of both programs and clarify the benefits of each. This 60 minute seminar will be moderated by Hadley Outreach Coordinator Billy Brookshire.

  • All About Albinism


    Senior Vice President Dawn Turco will question a panel of experts on several aspects of the condition including the genetics of albinism, the low vision associated with albinism, prominent psycho-social issues people with albinism and parents of children with albinism face and educating a child with albinism. The panel will also address the myths and misconceptions about albinism and talk about NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation). Panelists include Sheila Adamo, Chair of the NOAH Board of Directors (mother of four, 11 year old son Joey has albinism), Murray Brilliant PhD, Director at the Center for Human Genetics at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Susan Dalton, M.S.Ed., CVRT, Transition Specialist (mother of two grown children with albinism), Kelsey Thompson, immediate past Chair of the NOAH Board of Directors (a person with albinism) and Michael McGowan, NOAH Executive Director (a person with albinism).

  • Hope: The Perfect Gift for the Holidays


    Most of us, at some time in our lives, have felt depressed around the holidays. Even though the holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, sometimes it comes with the unwelcome guests: anxiety, stress and depression. The Rev. James W. Warnke, LCSW, talks about how to recognize and deal with holiday depression. You may just end up enjoying the holidays (or helping someone else enjoy them) more than you thought possible.

  • Age Related Macular Degeneration: Current Research and Treatments


    Join Seminars@Hadley as we discuss research and treatment of age related macular degeneration with Lylas Mogk, MD, a well known author and ophthalmologist. She has an acute interest in the nutritional aspects of eye health and is a frequent speaker to professional audiences. This live presentation will cover basic eye concerns, nutrition, current research and treatments. Participants will have an opportunity to ask real time questions of Dr. Mogk. As always, listening to the seminar remains free of charge. Professionals interested in receiving continuing education credit will be required to successfully complete a quiz and brief survey before a certificate is issued.

  • Getting Healthy With Yoga


    Do you want to be healthier, feel better and sustain a strong, flexible body? Do you want to raise your consciousness and enjoy a happier life? Has a visual impairment kept you from considering yoga or other forms of exercise? Are you a yoga instructor unsure of how best to instruct a blind or visually impaired student? Join us as we explore many questions about yoga postures and the ways to improve your health. Gretchen Hein is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and her husband, Marty Klein, is an author and workshop facilitator who is blind. Together they have taught many blind and visually impaired people the beginning steps of yoga to improve health. Please join us for an hour-long seminar on yoga for people who are blind or visually impaired. Time for questions and answers will be provided

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